Foreceipt Receipt Manager for Google Drive - Scan Receipts,Track Expense & Incomes, Financial Budget Planning


Foreceipt Receipt Manager for Google Drive - Scan Receipts,Track Expense & Incomes, Financial Budget Planning

Tired of managing your paper receipts? Foreceipt is the easiest way to manage receipts and track your incomes and daily expenses on Google Drive, directly from your iPhone. It's FREE and SECURE. Key features: * Easy to Use Foreceipt makes it super easy to enter your receipts on the go. Just take the pictures, enter the amount and merchant, save and you're done. * Cloud-Based Receipts are stored on Google Drive and accessible anytime, anywhere on multiple devices. * Offline Access Foreceipt works offline too. Receipts will be auto-synced when the internet connection is available. * Secure Your data is secured on Google Drive. No ads and no data mining, No one else could access your your data except yourself. * Helpful Budgets Setup budgets by categories so that you could know where your money goes and how much you could spend. * Beautiful Charts Beautiful pie charts to track your expenses by categories and accounts. Monthly expenses and budgets will be displayed in beautiful colored grid. *Any Currency Expenses can be entered in any currency with live exchange rate. It will be your best travel companion where you go. *Synchronized Receipts will be synchronized within multiple devices. Modifying on one device will be appearing on all the other devices automatically. Perfect for family members accessing one same account. *Reminders Utility bills, credit card payments...They come around every month, but it's easy to forget to pay. Set a repeating reminder and you will never miss a payment again. *Expense Report Your expense reports are at your finger tip. Simply just filter your receipts by date,categories, account...and then send the expense report CSV file by Email. And many many more great features, why not give it a try today? It is FREE and SECURE. Your privacy is greatly protected and your data is secured in Google Drive. Download Today Its Free but offer is Limited so Hurry!!! Checkout !! What our users' opinion & feedback about the app: 5 Stars:- "Lifesaver!" This app is easy to use and organize your receipts. As a small business owner, I've been perpetually losing receipts and missing opportunities to track my spending and tracking potential tax write-offs. This simple interface and picture feature integrated into the entry makes tracking receipts easy and (dare I say) fun! Looking forward to future upgrades and thanks for helping save me from my receipt mess. 5 Stars:- “Organized" Receipts are always a problem to locate, both in terms of warranty issues, and at tax time. This app solves that in spades for us in keeping everything organized and handy. I really like the interface as well. 5 Stars:- “Pretty awesome" Thank you for this app. We've been using an envelope system for years. Stuffing in receipts after we spent the money. It worked pretty well. Except... Now I don't have to keep those dang receipts in an envelope anymore. I can track all aspects of my budget, including one time bills. Just create a category and tell the app when it got paid. My wife and I barely have to even talk about the budget (we share responsibilities). Update the app with a picture of the bill and even the check you paid with, and you're good to go (works with screenshots too). Thanks, We are working hard to bring you the Best Money Management App . With that said, we are very receptive in obtaining feedback from our most valuable asset - YOU! Feel free to send us your feedback about how we can improve things even more. For questions or concerns, please drop us a message at!

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