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Connor Zwick
Overall Satisfaction click me 86
Love the app probably the simplest and best flashcard app out there.
It's the only free flashcard app that I can find.
I don't like any of the free flash cards apps.
This app is amazing for studying and has helped me a lot.
This is an amazing study tool.
Great learning tool and the best free one on the market.
Way better than buying flash cards.
Needs to sync with Drop box or some other service.
Fun & Engaging click me 94
I loved this app because it makes studying fun.
Awesome for studying on the go as a busy grad student.
Makes learning a new language so much more convenient.
Awesome flash cards AND it's FREE.
I use it all the time for school courses.
Usefulness click me 93
This app really helps me study for the harder level classes I'm in.
Very useful for studying foreign languages and so on.
It's super useful and really helps so much with studying.
This app is so helpful when it comes to studying for your tests.
I think this app is extremely helpful and convenient.
this app is great and I use it for everything.
Useful and free definitely a must have.
Family Friendly click me 92
Great for kids and students of all ages.
Great for kids and adults to use.
I study my medical terms and help kids study spelling.
Great for helping kids study.
Social Aspects click me 100
My social studies teacher recommended this app to our class.
This app is really surprising I had a Social Studies.
Ease of Use click me 80
Since you always have your phone makes it easy to study anytime anywhere.
Easy to organize and helps me get A+ on test.
no way to organize.
Just easy to make cards and study and finding cards is easy too.
A simple flashcard application that really helps with memorization.
I think this app is extremely helpful and convenient.
This app is super easy to use and convenient.
The Best simple effective app you can use for flash cards.
This app is so easy to use and great for my kids.
Reliability click me 49
and fix bugs - freezing and crashing.
Freezes alot and very sensitive when flipping cards.
Security & Privacy click me 64
Is there any way to sync this with your quizlet account.
It connects with my quizlet account.
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Flashcards+ is a fast, fun, and free way to review your flashcards, or access millions of existing flashcard decks.

Optimize your study time with Flashcards+, designed to help you learn and retain new information faster. Who needs paper notecards?!? Create & study flashcards without the hassle of writing them out by hand. No time to make your own deck? Save time by using one of the millions of decks made by other students. Plus, Flashcards+ can talk in dozens of languages if you want to hear your cards aloud.
- Backup and access your flashcards for free across your iOS devices
- Pronunciation help in 22 languages with support for dialect
- Access millions of pre-existing decks created by students on Quizlet
- Keep track of the cards you've already learned + save time by only studying the cards you haven’t mastered
- Filter & search decks to find a specific card
- Shuffle your decks to stay on your toes
... and much more!

Perfect for vocabulary and so quick and easy. found in 95 reviews
Love the app probably the simplest and best flashcard app out there. found in 413 reviews
This app is easy to use and great for studying vocab. found in 66 reviews
My newest best friend when it comes to studying for exams. found in 52 reviews
Good for study for upcoming test and quizes. found in 57 reviews
This app really helps me study for the harder level classes I'm in. found in 263 reviews
Wide variety of pre made flash cards for studying courses. found in 145 reviews
So many card options this will be great for school. found in 65 reviews
Anyways a must for study guides and portable/organized flashcards. found in 40 reviews
The flash card app is an excellent study aid. found in 60 reviews
The quizlet decks were also good for memorizing trig calculations. found in 28 reviews
It works perfectly and is an awesome study tool for anyone. found in 41 reviews
I'm a nursing student and this ap is convenient and easy to operate. found in 44 reviews
this app works great for a study helper. found in 24 reviews
Great way to learn at your own pace and do it yourself. found in 19 reviews
This is honestly the BEST educational app I have found online. found in 23 reviews
Makes learning a new language so much more convenient. found in 27 reviews
Great study aid that helps me pass my test every single time. found in 375 reviews
Life saver in a pinch as well is being Eco Friendly. found in 23 reviews
A big help for my language learning and memorizing Bible verses. found in 16 reviews
Use it for Language but the voice packs don't really work. found in 111 reviews
Freezes alot and very sensitive when flipping cards. found in 7 reviews
Seems like a great product but it keeps freezing and crashing. found in 8 reviews
Only thing is that it doesn't really shuffle the cards. found in 25 reviews
the fronts and backs of cards don't match up. found in 18 reviews
Awesome app needs a return key while creating your notes though. found in 7 reviews
This would definitely be my favorite if it didn't crash so much. found in 6 reviews
Freshman but I wish it had iPhone/iPod 5 support :. found in 12 reviews
Wish you could enter multiple lines for the flip side. found in 17 reviews
but I commonly have cards with long definitions. found in 14 reviews
Difficult to figure out how to add own custom cards. found in 7 reviews
The option to change font size would be nice. found in 11 reviews
It crashes every time I try to select a language for audio. found in 27 reviews
My only problem is that I have a Quizlet account. found in 33 reviews
The app crashes way too much it annoys me to death. found in 6 reviews
Good app but crashes often. found in 6 reviews
Whenever I try to open a deck or edit a card. found in 12 reviews
This would be extra awesome if it quit crashing on me. found in 7 reviews
should fix voice packs and flashcloud. found in 4 reviews
App crashes when purchasing voice packs. found in 111 reviews
Unable to create my own custom decks. found in 97 reviews
Unable to make new decks and old ones won't load. found in 86 reviews
I can't seem to add a " custom deck " for some reason. found in 56 reviews
I spent the $2 for the voice package and it doesn't work. found in 56 reviews
Cloud and Italian Language Pack Are Not Working Properly. found in 52 reviews
now it doesn't want to flip the cards over for the answers. found in 44 reviews
Problem 3: When trying to flip the card over. found in 44 reviews
the Course Hero - Flash Cloud lash up is faulty. found in 35 reviews
I can barely open one card before it crashes on me. found in 33 reviews
The app just crashes after flipping the first card completely worthless. found in 32 reviews
newly added decks on the course hero websites wont sync. found in 30 reviews
I also have trouble tapping the Voice option. found in 30 reviews
I wish the was an return key to easily make lists. found in 29 reviews
making trying to study using this app largely pointless when that happens. found in 29 reviews
Then it won’t let you add cards to an existing deck. found in 28 reviews
rated better for art history.   rated better for custom cards.  
rated better for quizlet account.   rated better for simple flash.  
rated better for card creation.   rated better for study mode.  
rated better for move cards.  
rated better for get fit.  
rated better for flashcard program.  
"By far the best flash card app out there."
"StudyBlue is one of the best flash card apps for iOS."
"the best notecard app on the app store."
"Best notecard app out there and it's free."
"Notecard app there is out there."
"I paid for several different flashcard apps before buying this one."
"This is absolutely the best flashcard app out there."
"Other flashcard apps charge money and aren't as comprehensive or streamlined."
"Definitely the best flashcard app I've ever come across."
"I've tried several flashcard apps and this is the best I've found."
"Absolutely the best flashcard app I've found so far."
"perfect layout and testing style for studying GRE vocab words."
"This app is by far the best for learning GRE vocab words."
"Gre Vocab genius audio and pictures."
"this us one of my favorite gre vocab apps."
"Get it for your gre vocab."
"why gre vocab master is better than other gre vocab apps."
46,566 total

  • As a med student this is a great tool.
  • lots of great shared flash cards for medical nursing test prep.
  • My Spanish teacher recommended this app to the class.
  • I like using this for last minute studying in class.
  • Great for kids and students of all ages.
  • Its like having a study buddy.
  • : it helps me stay organized and it's really helpful for school.
  • Helps me study without the hassle of carrying stacks of cards everywhere.
  • Love the ability to choose a preset group of flash cards for studying.
  • Texting out flash cards is better than hand writing them.
  • This app is a life saver especially for college students.
  • "Voice Recognition is A Joke."
  • "Long definitions or entries dont all fit on the card."
  • "Hard to maneuver through poor cloud feature."
  • "Do not use the voice part until they have fixed it."
  • "Don't purchase the voice over."
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