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Overall Satisfaction click me 82
I think this is the best note taking app out there.
by far the best note taking app - until they updated it.
Love Evernote for its usability across computing platforms.
Love Evernote but now iPad version is crashing constantly.
I love being able to access my notes from any device any where.
I'm very frustrated by not being able to access Evernote on my iPhone.
Thanks Evernote for your tireless efforts and an outstanding product.
No thanks Evernote.
Evernote is one of my favorite app of all app in the App Store.
Best cross platform note taking software available today.
Amazing product great for class notes.
love the service - I'm happily a paying premium user.
Im a premium subscriber & love the service - but hate the mobile experience.
Fun & Engaging click me 82
evernote is awesome and it has simified my life.
Evernote is an awesome note taking application.
Use Evernote all the time to keep track of my life.
Usefulness click me 87
Couldn't do without Evernote and it just keeps getting better.
Please sort it out Evernote.
I use it for everything from grocery lists to picture storage to schoolwork.
doesn't decide to forget my grocery list week after week.
Evernote helps me organize my life and work and is always reliable.
This app is an extension of my brain and helps keep me organized.
Evernote is an absolutely indispensable app for anyone on the go.
Indispensable tool for someone like myself with a terrible memory.
even indispensable tool until the last few updates.
Evernote has become my essential tool for work and home.
Evernote is an essential part of my daily business routine.
Production Values click me 47
Updated: Absolutely love the new user interface.
but not 5 stars due to the new user interface.
its just so much more useful then the old interface was.
really loved the old interface for adding a new note.
Ease of Use click me 51
Well executed and great for work research and simple notes.
Great app for what it does - simple notes across platform.
Frustrating for simple note taking.
Reliability click me 33
If Evernote at least incorporates font settings and fixes formatting issues.
I hit the password reset button in the e-mail.
Security & Privacy click me 63
Having access to my notes from anywhere is absolutely indispensable.
Latest update crashes on startup and I have no access to my notes.
This capability alone is more than worth the premium account price.
The frequent " premium account upgrade" solicitation pop-ups are incredibly annoying.
I use Egretlist which makes my Evernote account even more useful.
It's just need a native password protection to be perfect.
there is no password protection to protect your private notes.
I hit the password reset button in the e-mail.
Updates & Support click me 57
I use the free version almost daily and couldn't live without it.
I use the free version and it does everything I could want.
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Evernote is the modern workspace that helps you be your most productive self. You’re on the path to something big — Evernote is where you do the work to achieve it.

- Write notes of all types, from short lists to lengthy research, and access them on any device.
- Collect web articles, handwritten notes, and photos to keep all the details in one place.
- Find your work quickly with Evernote’s powerful search.
- Present your work as it takes shape for better collaboration in meetings.
Move projects forward with Evernote:
- Take notes: write in a clean, distraction-free workspace.
- Get organized: create notebooks and add tags to wrangle projects.
- Access anywhere: keep your work in sync across devices.
- Find anything fast: text in notes, photos, and PDFs is searchable.
- Share ideas and resources: create a workspace for collaboration with shared notebooks.
- Keep up with to-do’s: make to-do lists and check items off as you go.
- Harness creativity: capture ideas while they’re fresh, wherever you are.
- Prepare for meetings: draft agendas and to-do’s for next time.
- Manage expenses: organize receipts, bills, and invoices to keep expense reports in check.
- Plan business travel: save reservations and tickets for simple trip planning.
- Make connections: turn business cards into rich digital contacts.
Accomplish even more with Evernote Premium:
- Take notebooks offline to access them anytime
- Annotate PDFs and notes to focus attention on key points
- Create rich contacts from photos of business cards
- Present your work on a big screen in a single tap with AirPlay
- Lock the app when not in use and unlock with Touch ID or a passcode
- Rediscover content from your account in the related notes section
Evernote is available for all your computers, phones, tablets, and on the web! Find your notes anywhere you’ve installed the app.
New York Times ‘Top 10 Must-Have App’, Winner: TechCrunch Crunchies, Mashable Awards and the Webbys.
Want to use Evernote with your team at work? Learn more about Evernote Business at:
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Evernote helps me organize my life and work and is always reliable. found in 118 reviews
I use it for everything from shopping lists to presentation outlines. found in 205 reviews
Finally a productivity tool that actually improves productivity. found in 118 reviews
I think this is the best note taking app out there. found in 1525 reviews
Great way to organize many thoughts easily and on the go. found in 45 reviews
The ability to organize everything with different notebooks is wonderful. found in 63 reviews
I use Evernote everyday for private and work related task. found in 81 reviews
The ability to share notes is one of my favorite aspects. found in 69 reviews
This app is an extension of my brain and helps keep me organized. found in 51 reviews
I use it for recipes and remembering which wines I liked. found in 51 reviews
I love my second brain - and it came in green. found in 69 reviews
Evernote is my digital memory and a fantastic organization tool. found in 42 reviews
Evernote is very useful and works well with the desktop app. found in 43 reviews
Evernote has become the much more organized extension of my brain. found in 30 reviews
This is the most versatile app I've found for getting organize. found in 29 reviews
An excellent tool to capture thoughts and ideas whenever and wherever. found in 47 reviews
I use it all the time to organize my small business. found in 37 reviews
It tracks and categorizes so many aspects of my life. found in 30 reviews
Really a Swiss army knife of information storage and organization. found in 22 reviews
Critical organizing tool usable on all the my devices. found in 36 reviews
Unfortunately Evernote still continues to crash too often creating great frustration. found in 71 reviews
However the past two versions have been full of sync errors. found in 56 reviews
Rich text editing and video capture would be a great added function. found in 300 reviews
Deducted 1 star because sometimes experienced sync issues. found in 48 reviews
the recent update to rich text formatting has downgraded that capability. found in 102 reviews
Evernote has numerous formatting issues that are all bizarre and maddening. found in 34 reviews
Been using Evernote as a premium subscriber for years. found in 70 reviews
I've tried deleting and reinstalling but still have same issue. found in 23 reviews
There are numerous problems with the rich text editor in 4. found in 53 reviews
When I type the note scroll down and I can't see what I'm typing. found in 28 reviews
My only complaint is the lag when I open/ edit notes. found in 83 reviews
I'm canceling my premium subscription until this gets fixed. found in 50 reviews
Evernote needs to fire their UI team and just start over. found in 33 reviews
Current version crashes when I try to delete a notebook. found in 39 reviews
but there are occasions when notes don't sync quite properly. found in 30 reviews
Sometimes uploads from iPhone don't sync properly onto other platforms. found in 24 reviews
this latest version of Evernote doesn't seem to work at all. found in 32 reviews
The inability to change font size or color is frustrating. found in 16 reviews
No rich text editing = huge missing feature. found in 300 reviews
It still crashes especially when loading new notes from server. found in 271 reviews
It's really frustrating i can't add new notebooks from my iPad. found in 266 reviews
Synchronization constantly fails when I update or create a new note. found in 240 reviews
Certain rich text notes become unsyncable - reporting Unknown Error u11. found in 136 reviews
The current version of Evernote is continually crashing on my iPad. found in 128 reviews
I'm trying another app and canceling my premium membership. found in 95 reviews
You can not edit notes once you have saved them2. found in 83 reviews
it asks you to convert to plain text. found in 72 reviews
it continues to crash immediately after opening. found in 71 reviews
I am a Premium subscriber and find this frustrating. found in 70 reviews
I guess I'm just out the wasted $$& for premium service. found in 69 reviews
There seems to be no obvious way to edit existing notes. found in 67 reviews
The iPhone app does not keep notes offline. found in 62 reviews
Very disappointed with latest iOS 7 update. found in 57 reviews
I've had multiple sync errors in this and previous versions. found in 56 reviews
there is no password protection to protect your private notes. found in 56 reviews
It's a nightmare to edit old notes and make new ones. found in 54 reviews
rated better for work life.   rated better for project management.  
rated better for notes and reminders.   rated better for voice to text.  
rated better for multiple projects.   rated better for cloud based.  
rated better for text editor.   rated better for evernote user.  
rated better for multiple tags.   rated better for productivity tool.  
rated better for create a new note.   rated better for sort notes.  
"This app changed my life style."
"Has the potential to totally change your life."
"Slowly change your daily choices and you can change your life."
"I highly recommend this app it will change your life."
"I recommend this app because it will change your life forever."
"Get it and go change your life one day at a time."
"Great way to organize important notes & info into files."
"Contrary to other reviews it is actually easy to organize notes."
"I use this app to organize my prayer lists and scriptures."
"It's a great way to organize your daily plans in a fun way."
"I am a very busy mom and it helps remember everything."
"Helps me remember everything and be on time."
"It's so hard to remember everything to tell the dr during an appointment."
"there is never enough mental memory to remember everything."
"Hard to remember everything so this app does it for u."
148,578 total

This app is popular with:
  • Does everything-- a MUST HAVE for college students.
  • Great for teachers - take a picture of your notes sent home.
  • smooth seamless integration from computer to iPhone and vice-versa.
  • A life changing app with thousands of features.
  • During the holidays I used it heavily to organize gift ideas.
  • My ability to capture ideas and thoughts immediately.
  • The Secret weapon Tech docs easier to search White board snapshot.
  • Like having a personal assistant to find those sticky notes.
  • Evernote allows me to keep track of everything in my business.
  • Great project management tool and collection system for GTD.
  • Extremely useful productivity tool to help you remember things & keep organized.
  • I use Evernote to add sermon notes during Bible study.
  • Great for writers who just want something to write in.
  • "Lack of auto save is driving me insane."
  • "the undo button doesn't actually undo this action when it occurs."
  • "Lack of time-saving text editing features."
  • "REALLY need to fix camera roll issue."
  • "Pass code UI is not working with new iOS update 7."
  • "But charging to password protect access Offline access is also ridiculous."
  • "Thankfully they fix the buggy windows version recently."
  • "and can't be changed Can't change font size."
  • "the unreliable syncing between devices."
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