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Errands To-Do List

FREE 4+ iphone & ipad In-app purchase
Overall Satisfaction click me 95
I think this is the best to do list app out there right now.
Love being able to check things off and see the percentage that's complete.
Easy to use love the checklist feature I'm really impressed at this app.
This is the Best task app of its kind out there.
This app is great - super customizable and I LOVE the notes as checklist feature.
Thank you to the developer for the best app that I have found.
I finally found a task organizer that works for me.
Better than reminders as the repeating tasks are more configurable.
Fun & Engaging click me 92
Finally a To Do ap that works.
Awesome To Do App.
I'm a list person & Errands is awesome.
Errands is awesome.
Usefulness click me 92
This works perfectly for me - it's very intuitive and really helps keep me organized.
Great app for keeping track of everything you need to do.
Great way to keep track of everything I need to do within categories.
Helps me remember and prioritize everything I need to do.
I'm very grateful to the developer for making such a useful app.
This is the easiest and most useful To Do list that I've tried.
Very helpful and user friendly for keeping track of my very busy lifestyle.
I love this app and use it many times every day.
Family Friendly click me 100
Mother of 3 kids under 3 years old.
I have 3 kids and a business.
Repeat Value click me 100
It allows the user to set priority level of each task.
I can assign priority levels to the tasks.
Production Values click me 97
Easy interface and simple to use.
Easy interface to understand.
Ease of Use click me 90
It is flexible yet easy to learn and use.
It's also easy to edit and add tasks to existing lists.
Great simple app with just the options you need.
Easy to input tasks and update them as i complete.
Quick and easy to add tasks while in meetings/conference calls.
It's intuitive and has all the tools for reminders.
It have a lot of functions and it's so easy to use and customize.
Easy interface and simple to use.
Reliability click me 53
Updates & Support click me 100
Of special importance to note is the customer service is excellent.
Customer service is bar none the best I have received.
so upgraded to the premium version to keep large and small iOS devices synced.
I upgraded to the premium version in hopes that this feature will be added.
What a shame that I spent money upgrading to the premium version.
I'm thinking of upgrading to premium version to support developer.
Upgraded to the Premium version to support the efforts of the dev.
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Errands is a task manager with a pleasing design and is easy to learn and use. Crafted with a blend of basic and advanced features: Folders, Checklists, Task Images, Scheduling & Repeating, Alerts (alarms), Automatic Badge Updating, Calendar View, Mail Tasks, Multiple View Modes, Search and more!

• The overall user interface is tastefully designed with careful attention to detail and functionality.
• A universal app with full support for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
• Full support for iCloud Sync (Premium). This allows you to keep Errands in sync on multiple iOS devices (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad).
• Supports Background App Refresh, a new feature of iOS 7 which helps to keep your devices in sync with each other.
• Alerts (reminders) for tasks, with choice of sound and several repeat options. Plus automatic updating of the app icon badge. Both of these work even when Errands is not actively running.
• Customizable folders, so you can organize your tasks to best suit your needs (for example, Work, Home, Errands). You can have as many folders as you wish and folder attributes (name, icon, checkbox) are fully customizable.
• A Focus Folder which is based on a "star" system. You can toggle the "star" state for any task by tapping on the star icon. When a task comes due it will be auto-starred. This makes the Focus Folder very useful for quickly glancing at what you need to do NOW. The badge icon will reflect the number of tasks in the Focus Folder, keeping you up-to-date on what tasks need attention.
• A monthly calendar view for tasks with due dates. To access it, tap on the calendar icon on the bottom toolbar. The calendar displays items based on the current folder you are in. To see all tasks, choose the calendar from the All Tasks folder.
• View options allows you to switch between normal view (4 tasks per screen) and condensed view (8 tasks per screen).
• Mail tasks (single tasks as well as entire folders).
• You can select from a built-in collection of image icons, choose a photo from your library, or take a new photo to customize your tasks.
• A unique feature allows notes to be viewed as a checklist. This is particularly handy for small shopping lists, multi-step tasks, etc.
• Tasks can be scheduled with a due date / time. There is a full range of repeating options.
• A convenient Recycle Bin allows you to easily create new tasks from previously completed entries. This is a big time-saver given that many tasks are things that are done again (and again). And saving data-bits from the virtual landfill makes you feel good!
• Tasks can be sorted by various schemes as well as arranged manually.
• Each task has a title along with separate detail and notes fields.
• Customize Errands to fit your tastes using the in-app Settings.
Errands is NOT a lite version or crippled in any way. It is the complete app! If you enjoy it, please consider purchasing the Premium Upgrade. It will provide food for me and my dog as well as support continued development. Thanks for your support!
• Explore the app, play around with its features and settings.
• There is a Mini User's Guide in the Settings.
• Please visit for some answers to Frequently Asked Questions and to get personalized support if needed.
I take pride in the software I write. Please use the contact form at to contact me regarding praise, suggestions, problems, etc. I look forward to helping you get the most out of Errands.
Errands is in active development and frequent updates are in the pipeline.

Easy to use love the checklist feature I'm really impressed at this app. found in 249 reviews
I tried several to do / reminder apps before settling with errands. found in 180 reviews
I love the checklist option and feeling the satisfaction of tracking my progress. found in 196 reviews
I use it for grocery shopping and love it. found in 315 reviews
This app is great - super customizable and I LOVE the notes as checklist feature. found in 225 reviews
By far the best todo list app I have ever downloaded. found in 169 reviews
Must have-life saver with important " to do's ". found in 209 reviews
This works perfectly for me - it's very intuitive and really helps keep me organized. found in 214 reviews
This calendar/ organizer app is a lifesaver. found in 73 reviews
Highly recommended for all the list makers out there. found in 170 reviews
Great way to keep track of everything I need to do within categories. found in 63 reviews
Can organize tasks into categories with unique identifying icons. found in 45 reviews
For example I use the checklist function for shopping & grocery lists. found in 37 reviews
Easy to keep tasks organized by category and priority. found in 40 reviews
Really well thought out organizing tool for a great price. found in 45 reviews
Very easy to set up recurring tasks with tons of options. found in 99 reviews
Quick and easy to add tasks while in meetings/conference calls. found in 33 reviews
I especially love the notes as checklist feature for groceries. found in 33 reviews
It allows the user to set priority level of each task. found in 40 reviews
It's my free personal assistant reminding me about my tasks. found in 34 reviews
With multiple devices the sync doesn't work consistently. found in 19 reviews
Is there anyway I can connect errands with iPad calendar. found in 12 reviews
PLEASE add a calendar sync option to this app. found in 11 reviews
It meets my needs better than others I have used. found in 15 reviews
just wish that the task would SYNC with my iPhone calendar too. found in 14 reviews
I do wish it would sync with my calendar. found in 12 reviews
Seems to fit my needs so far. found in 21 reviews
I can't believe this app is free. found in 9 reviews
but it needs a desktop version to make not complete. found in 22 reviews
I would love it if it had location based reminders. found in 14 reviews
Wish I could manually sort within my due dates. found in 10 reviews
If I enter a task. found in 10 reviews
The only thing it's missing is an alarm or reminder function. found in 12 reviews
it erases the check marks. found in 12 reviews
Great app but does not sync with iCloud. found in 12 reviews
Until a sync feature is available for non i-Cloud users. found in 26 reviews
Loved this until it lost all my action items. found in 18 reviews
Drag and drop arrangement would be awesome too. found in 11 reviews
I am no longer using it because the sync doesn't work. found in 19 reviews
rated better for number of tasks.   rated better for sub tasks.  
rated better for gift ideas.  
"This allows me to better manage my time and reallocate as necessary."
"I have been trying to use various techniques to manage my time."
"This app is great for managing time between several different projects."
"This app is incredibly useful as a way to manage your time."
"This app helps me stay organized and manage my time better."
"just imagine your life when you manage your time effectively x2026."
"Evernote has changes the way I organize my life."
"Fantastic tool used every day to organize my life."
"One quick glance helps me organize my day/week/month."
"This app makes my life so much easier to organize my life."
"This is a powerful and useful app to organize my life."
"This app has definitely helped me organize my life and is easy to use :."
"I like to keep my tasks /to do's as a list."
"Very good app for keeping tasks."
39,035 total

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  • This is simply the best life organizer app ever.
  • Love it Great planning tool.
  • Love this app helps me remember to pay bills.
  • Such a time saver and easy to navigate.
  • It really helps a scattered person like me stay focused.
  • I used tech support once & received a prompt & accurate response.
  • I finally found a task organizer that works for me.
  • It's easy to use and highly customizable.
  • I have never written a review for an app before.
  • Looks like I'm actually going to ditch all the sticky notes.
  • It's helped keep me very organized & able to manage my time better.
  • The best task mgr package out for the iPad.
  • Helps me greatly to remember everything I have to do.
  • phone calls and small fires detract from your ERRANDS.
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