English Grammar: Explanation & Tests


English Grammar: Explanation & Tests

English Grammar: Explanation & Tests is a great education app for English learners. With this app, learner can study English grammar at any time and any places. English Grammar: Explanation & Tests helps you learn Grammar structures and regulations for good preparation for the TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, and GMAT test by practicing interactive grammar exercise on your smartphone and tablet (from beginner, to intermediate, to advanced English learners). With more than 15 Grammar topics, and thousands of questions on the exercise, you can improve your English grammar right now =================== BE DIVERSIFIED *GRAMMAR BY TOPICS: You can study the grammar rules by topics. English grammar structure and regulations are organized and ranged by grammar topics as follow: 1. Adjective 2. Adjective clauses 3. Adverbs 4. Conditional sentences 5. Conjunctions 6. Direct/indirect speech 7. Gerunds & Infinitives 8. Idioms 9. Modal verbs 10. Noun phrase 11. Passive voice 12. Preposition 13. Pronouns 14. Punctuation 15. Questions 16. Relative clause 17. Verb phrase ======================= BE EASY With many options, English learners can improve their Grammar skill by selecting the right question and topics covered. Features below describe how this English Grammar app can help learners on their English development process. * FEATURES: - Within each Grammar topic, there are 5 free questions for users to test every day. - There are 15,000 points will be given for the first time installation for the testing process. - Statistics to monitor your progress. - Different questions categories: multiple choice or fill in question. - Different selections on topics covered on the test. ====================== BE OBJECTIVE Our mission is to improve your English learning experience. Therefore, we always welcome and appreciate your feedback! Let us know your questions and suggestions to improve this app by writing reviews on the app store. If you love this app, please take a little time to rate it on the App Store. Then share this with your friends, and other English learners via Facebook, Twitter, and email. Have a nice day and enjoy learning English Grammar anytime, anywhere!

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