EIV - English Irregular Verbs


EIV - English Irregular Verbs

Do you want to learn English Irregular Verbs? Do you want to know not only pronunciation but spelling too? This app is a great opportunity to learn EIVs through the game process. It is easy to study when you do it step-by-step. In this app you will find a full list of EIVs (more than 290 verbs). You will study it step-by-step and you can keep your eye on progress. All irregular verbs are ranged by popularity of usage in English language, from most popular to less. Or if you already know some verbs you can just check your memory. Simply mark which verbs do you want to check, or to study on My List page and you will study these verbs. Features: - 295 irregular verbs - Step-by-step learning - "My List” on your choice - verbs are ranged by popularity - self studying and possibility to monitor your progress

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