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Dots Free

FREE 4+ iphone & ipad
Optime Software LLC
Overall Satisfaction click me 81
My kids love playing this game when we go out to eat.
Can we have a harder level.
Even on harder levels the computer makes stupid mistakes.
I would recommend this game a soon as the glitches are fixed.
It was always an amazing game as a child.
I can't stop playing this game my new favorite game FUN.
Keeps my kids entertained while waiting in a restaurant.
Option for online play against random people.
Fun & Engaging click me 77
it's a fun game to play in the car to pass the time.
I love this app me and my family play it all the time.
My daughter n i think this game is super entertaining n fun.
This game is really boring.
This game is awesome to play during school.
I can already tell I'm going to be very addicted to this game.
I really like this game it's so fun.
This game is so fun it Is so fun to play.
Usefulness click me 97
Awesome I love it play it every day soooooo addicting :.
This is a fun game I play it every day :.
This is like my favorite game I play it everyday.
It's awesome I play it everyday.
Family Friendly click me 82
My kids love playing this game when we go out to eat.
Great family fun especially when waiting for food.
Keeps my kids entertained while waiting in a restaurant.
My family loves this game.
Replay Value click me 58
Can we have a harder level.
Even on harder levels the computer makes stupid mistakes.
still it could be a little more challenging.
I play it when I'm bored an the game never gets old.
--and it has two difficulty settings for the computer.
One player needs harder difficulty settings.
Social Aspects click me 81
And can you have online multiplayer.
When i was younger i used to play this game with friends.
Ease of Use click me 64
the current opponents are way to easy to beat.
and the computer is impossible to beat.
Medium is still easy.
Simple yet entertaining classic.
It's a fairly simple concept.
Reliability click me 48
Last update fixed a lot of bugs.
Ads not Intrusive click me 54
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Put away your pencil and paper, now you can play the classic Dot Game right on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Dots Free is the highest quality Dots and Boxes game available for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and we're giving it away for free.

Dots and Boxes is a very simple game. Two players take turns drawing lines between dots on the game board. When a player draws a line that completes a box, the player "owns" that box. Whoever owns more boxes when the game board is full is the winner.
Dots Free supports one player and two player gameplay, so you can play against another human or against your iPhone. If you're really bored, you can even put the game in demo mode and watch your iPhone play itself.
Dots Free offers a host of exciting features, including:
* Killer graphics and awesome sound effects
* Configurable player names and score tracking
* Configurable 1 player difficulty level
* Undo function
* Automatic save when you exit the app or receive a phone call
Dots Free is supported by unobtrusive banner advertising.

dots free offers a host of exciting features including. found in 154 reviews
A great way to play this classic game on the go. found in 22 reviews
Great game to pass the time when u have nothin to do. found in 84 reviews
It brings back memories of playing it in elementary school. found in 12 reviews
Gives me something to do when I'm bored like now. found in 3 reviews
It is an awesome and addictive game. found in 5 reviews
I love the game but it needs harder levels. found in 21 reviews
Perfect game to waste a short amount of time with. found in 20 reviews
An entertaining way to waste your time. found in 20 reviews
Great way to waste time lol. found in 20 reviews
A hard setting for the computer would be nice. found in 5 reviews
This game gets boring after awhile but is an okay app. found in 4 reviews
Fun but little boring and is a to long of game. found in 3 reviews
Also the lines don't go in the right spot. found in 10 reviews
but needs more colors to choose from. found in 3 reviews
It's a good game for family but ok kinda boring. found in 2 reviews
Awesome game but still crashes. found in 2 reviews
It was fun until it started lagging. found in 2 reviews
The computer doesn't play competitively enough. found in 4 reviews
Those who say that the game cheats probably don't know how to play. found in 7 reviews
It's ok but there should be more colors to choose from. found in 6 reviews
Good but sometimes puts line where you don't want it. found in 4 reviews
the line doesn't appear where you intended to put it. found in 7 reviews
I just wish the AI had a more difficult setting. found in 2 reviews
It takes about ten tries just to draw 1 line. found in 21 reviews
The stupid game doesn't put the lines where I want them. found in 6 reviews
Puts line in wrong place and the computer doesn't play strategically. found in 4 reviews
It needs better improvement this game is TERRIBLE. found in 4 reviews
I have deleted it & don't play it anymore. found in 4 reviews
It is hard to play but annoying and weird. found in 4 reviews
Single player easy is nearly impossible. found in 4 reviews
I don't have big fingers. found in 3 reviews
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rated better for outstanding game.  
"fantastic reincarnation of one of my favorite childhood games."
"Also harry potter series and the chronicles of narnia."
"There's still Harry potter books 2-4 for me."
"I love Harry potter it is awesome I also love butter bear."
"Harry Potter is awesome and so is this game."
"I love Harry potter I love this game I'm so happy."
"strategy game or action game whatever you call it."
"Awesome puzzle strategy."
"This is THE best handheld puzzle strategy game ever."
"One of the best puzzle strategy games I've ever played."
"A great fun puzzle strategy game that challenges moves and structure."
173,608 total

This app is popular with:
  • A favorite childhood game.
  • Great family fun especially when waiting for food.
  • this game is a great time passer.
  • I like playing this game it's fun and very addicting.
  • This is a great game to play while waiting in line.
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