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Overall Satisfaction click me 88
I love puzzle games and this one is great and interesting.
This is so addicting it's an amazing game.
I love games that make me think -- and this one does just that.
Would definitely recommend this game to those who enjoy puzzle games.
Waaayyyy better than 100 floors and quite frankly harder.
This is a wonderful game that keeps me well entertained.
I'm always looking for puzzle type games that are interesting.
Fun & Engaging click me 85
Very fun and challenging its a good fun innocent game i enjoy playing.
Fun and addicting game that challenges the mind.
This game is awesome fun fun fun and challenging.
It's not half bad for a free game.
This game is tons of fun and challenging.
Great game to play when you're bored & wanna pass the time.
It's very interesting to try to unravel the clues.
Usefulness click me 93
The game is very challenging you have to pay attention to everything.
Just have to make sure you're paying attention to EVERYTHING.
You have to remember everything you do in this game.
Remember everything you do in past levels.
Family Friendly click me 96
Great brain workout for kids and adults.
Excellent game for kids and adults.
Family fun all around.
Family fun.
Value for Money click me 70
I am not buying their stuff spending real money.
other than buying them for real money.
Replay Value click me 83
Very fun and challenging its a good fun innocent game i enjoy playing.
Great brain teasers and keeps the wheels spinning.
Fun looking game a little more challenging than 100doors.
Interesting but needs to be more challenging.
This is a mind boggling yet intriguing game.
Provide easier opportunity for hints as "specials" occasionally.
mind bending game that keeps me thinking.
The puzzles really make you think & is very addictive ^_^ so much fun.
Production Values click me 76
So far so good graphics could be better though.
Well thought out with cool graphics and intuitive design.
Ease of Use click me 77
It works it's way from being to easy to a challenge.
Starts out easy and then progresses in its difficulty.
A little too easy in the beginning however.
Simple puzzle game that entertains me.
Puzzles are fairly easy to solve.
Starts off ridiculously easy.
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※ Delve into the All New Escape Game ※

Don't question why. Just open the doors and escape!
Simple yet fatally addictive
See through the tricks and find hints for your escape!
Never-ending battle of wits against the developers
Be careful, though: one mistake can cost you everything.
※※ Features ※※
- Various themed backgrounds
- Evolving difficulty levels
- Stage expansion through constant updates
- Superior graphic quality never before seen in the Escape genre
- Free Game Coins are given away at certain intervals
- Intuitive UI and inventory
- Absolutely free to play!
※※※ Tips ※※※
- Don't miss even the slightest detail! Even a scrap of paper can be a hint.
- Obtained items can be examined, dismantled, and compounded for new hints.
- Think outside the box. Sometimes, it pays to follow your gut instinct.
- Use common sense.
- Stay alert and listen. Sometimes, sounds can help you successfully escape.
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A great puzzle game basically that keeps the mind working. found in 480 reviews
Fun game really makes you think great for plane rides and long trips. found in 227 reviews
Great time waster and great workout for your brain. found in 40 reviews
Very fun and challenging its a good fun innocent game i enjoy playing. found in 556 reviews
I'm always looking for puzzle type games that are interesting. found in 25 reviews
It's a great game that keeps you entertained for hours on end. found in 18 reviews
A good challenge and brain exercise. found in 32 reviews
Probably the best doors game I've played. found in 28 reviews
Great brain workout for kids and adults. found in 11 reviews
Good game for killing time and some levels are challenging. found in 14 reviews
Loads of fun and filled with thought provoking puzzles. found in 27 reviews
Very simple in the beginning with a very gradual increase in difficulty. found in 10 reviews
mind bending game that keeps me thinking. found in 25 reviews
Great brain training must have game. found in 13 reviews
Very nice game that keeps you interested. found in 33 reviews
This game is great for passing time and a brain challenger. found in 10 reviews
Fun for all ages and easy to learn how to play. found in 8 reviews
I enjoy the mental challenge as the game progresses. found in 7 reviews
I live this game it is so much fun. found in 12 reviews
sometimes frustrating so you need to put your thinking cap on. found in 10 reviews
Makes you use problem solving skills to finish open the door. found in 90 reviews
It's a good game and a great way to waste time love it. found in 69 reviews
A game to waste time playing when waiting for something. found in 69 reviews
A great way to waste a day stabbing wildly at a touchscreen. found in 69 reviews
Nice way to waste time but it lags a little. found in 69 reviews
A good time to waste and a good problem solving game. found in 95 reviews
Good way to waste time while u r bored with ur family on thanksgiving. found in 69 reviews
It's addicting trying to figure out how to open the door. found in 72 reviews
This is a good game to waste some time with. found in 69 reviews
A really great way to waste some time and not think too hard. found in 69 reviews
The game is very challenging in that it's frustrating at times. found in 26 reviews
The levels are not to hard but some don't make sense. found in 15 reviews
Not a bad game while in waiting room or something. found in 38 reviews
Just wish the hints and helpers weren't only in Japanese. found in 11 reviews
Don't like having to buy coins to buy rooms to complete a level. found in 9 reviews
Entertaining but I don't like that you have to buy coins they should be earned. found in 9 reviews
Interesting but needs to be more challenging. found in 18 reviews
I don't know if its the start screen or part of the game. found in 14 reviews
but it gets kind of boring after some time. found in 12 reviews
Game is a little boring. found in 11 reviews
So easy it gets boring fast. found in 11 reviews
but didn't know you had to purchase coins to play. found in 10 reviews
It's is kinda boring. found in 6 reviews
Also the hints are useless. found in 5 reviews
This is the worst game in history of worst games. found in 5 reviews
do not buy this unless you can read music. found in 5 reviews
Fun game but don't like having to buy stuff. found in 5 reviews
rated better for enjoy puzzle.   rated better for wasting time.  
rated better for brain buster.   rated better for interesting puzzles.  
rated better for use ur brain.   rated better for change of pace.  
rated better for mind stimulator.   rated better for quick game.  
rated better for game definitely.  
"This game is addictive and down right mind boggling and times."
"Awesome game it's really good and mind boggling I recommend it."
"Very addicting and becomes mind boggling."
"challenging and mind boggling at times."
"This game makes you want to pay attention to logos everywhere you go."
"I'm willing to pay for the upgraded version."
"You really have to pay attention and think cleverly to master this."
"You really have to pay attention to catch everything."
"Continually test your puzzle solving skills."
"This game will work your puzzle solving skills AND your patience."
"Good for kids to work there solving skills."
"Easy on the eyes graphics and excellent puzzle solving skills."
"This puzzle solving game is AMAZING."
"Great game requiring quick reflexes and puzzle solving skills."
230,797 total

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  • Awesome brain stimulating game.
  • Strategic game that is entertaining and helps pass the time.
  • This is so addicting it's an amazing game.
  • Its a different adventure game.
  • Super fun game that makes you use your head.
  • This is a mind boggling yet intriguing game.
  • You have to remember everything you do in this game.
  • Nice to play a simple game using brain power.
  • Family fun all around.
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