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Cookie Doodle

$0.99 4+ iphone & ipad
Shoe the Goose
Overall Satisfaction click me 93
So over all I LOVE Cookie Doodle and I think it's great.
I can't find the lady bug cookie doodle.
My 4 year old granddaughter seriously loves this game.
My 4 year old loves this app as much as I do.
Kids love this app while working on following directions.
I want to see more recipes and different cookie shapes.
You get to bake yummy cookies without any messes or calories.
My 3- 4 year olds absolutely love this app.
Both my 2 and 4 year olds love this app.
Fun & Engaging click me 92
I want to see more recipes and different cookie shapes.
It's so cute and fun to make these cookies.
I love this game I play it all the time.
thx for making this app it's so much fun.
They update for all of the holidays so you never get bored :.
My 3 yr old loves making cookies.
This is the most addicting and fun game ever.
Soo much fun your gonna wanna 24-7.
Family Friendly click me 91
Kids love this app while working on following directions.
it's really cute and great for kid.
I strongly recommend this game for entertaining little ones.
Everyone in our family loves it.
Replay Value click me 100
A good game and it never gets old.
cookie doodle is a great value with hours of entertainment and learning.
This app provides hours of entertainment.
Production Values click me 90
Love the special effects of cracking the egss.
Ease of Use click me 100
Simple and fun.
Reliability click me 66
Updates & Support click me 100
There are always new updates.
I really like the new update with the smiley face icon.
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***** 2011 Parents’ Choice Recommended Award winner - Parents’ Choice Foundation *****

----------------- Reviews ----------------------
One of "Our Favorite iPhone Apps for Kids" - 08/20/2010
"Cookie Doodle is a great value, with hours of entertainment and learning" - 10/20/2010
"The App is intuitive to use the moment you launch it and it won’t be long before you create your first cookie master piece."
Crowdedbrain - Tech News & Reviews - 05/21/2010
"Cookie Doodle is an app for iPhone and iPad which allows kids to recreate the cookie making process in a fun, innovative way. " - 11/05/2010
If you enjoy making cookies but hate the mess, this is the app for you. We provide the dough, a rolling pin, cookie cutters, your choice of frostings, sprinkles, and candies all in one easy to use package.
Package includes:
* 204 Cookie Cutters
* 24 Make your own cookie dough recipes
* 21 Instant cookie dough flavors
* Photo cookie dough
* 60 different sprinkles
* 85 candy toppings
Comes complete with a super-deluxe rolling pin that allows you to roll out the perfect dough every time. Our vintage oven bakes flawlessly, never burning a single cookie. After baking, choose a frosting to spread or pipe on and then add sprinkles to finish.
When your creation is complete, devour it, send it to your friends and family, or save it to your photo album.
Can’t you almost taste the cookies now?
Nutrition Facts:
Calories ------------------ 0
Total Fat ----------------- 0 g
Cholesterol --------------- 0 g
Carbohydrates ------------- 0 g
Protein ------------------- 0 g
Fun and educational. Helps develop:
* Fine Motor Skills: Making the dough includes activities that help develop fine motor skills: tapping, pinching, tilting, twisting, shaking, and stirring.
* Sequencing: Each recipe has a variety of sequential steps required to make a cookie.  Each recipe is slightly different, with some more complex than others.
* Reading and pre-reading: The ingredients text and images are on the same screen. As ingredients are added, they are checked off to assist with word-picture association.
* Artistic Creativity: Explore color, shape, and  design. 
SUPPORT: For any technical issues, please visit We will respond as quickly as possible. Thank you!

So over all I LOVE Cookie Doodle and I think it's great. found in 112 reviews
I wish you could make all the batters in the ready section. found in 4 reviews
Its pretty cool but it needs a couple things 1 2 But. found in 2 reviews
Don't buy if you think it's like " More Toast ". found in 7 reviews
Please fix bug. found in 1 reviews
but now it keeps crashing on me. found in 2 reviews
Thanks so much for this awsome app please consider my idea :-. found in 2 reviews
but I wish they had more flavors and varieties in candies. found in 8 reviews
But I wish you could make more. found in 2 reviews
Love but don't love. found in 1 reviews
Update stinks. found in 2 reviews
Great game but needs more recipies. found in 3 reviews
It shuts down every time I try to play it. found in 2 reviews
Fun but crashes. found in 1 reviews
But it's pretty unrealistic. found in 2 reviews
Needs stuff. found in 1 reviews
But after the update it's slowed my iPod down to a crawl. found in 1 reviews
The app crashes every time I start it plz fix. found in 1 reviews
Fix the crash and you'll get more stars. found in 1 reviews
Please make look more realistic. found in 3 reviews
but now it keeps crashing right after a click on it. found in 2 reviews
the update stinks. found in 2 reviews
i don't even know what to rate because I CANT PLAY. found in 2 reviews
Awful please read. found in 1 reviews
Worst game ever. found in 1 reviews
rated better for young kids.   rated better for boys.  
"Definitely a way to entertain yourself and a friend."
"Great way to entertain kids and older people alike."
"I downloaded this app to entertain a toddler."
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