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Color Bible

Colors Bible is RGB and HEX Color Code Reference Application. Require iPhone OS 3.0 or later. This a wonderful app suitable for anyone who deals with colors,including web designers,bloggers,print designers and virtually anyone who uses colors to publish. Features: 1, In Home page, you can search colors by RGB,HEX or color name from 1500 colors. 2 , In Home page ,you can use [Hue Index] to display whatever color you want . 3,Include 722 named colors ,216 web safe colors,300 vivid colors ,300 pastel colors. 4, In the color detail screen, you can see the RGB values,HSB values, and the CMYK values of the color. 4, In the color detail screen, the color can added to favourite by moving the switch. 5,In Favourite page, display all your favourite colors 6,In [Web216],[Vivid],[Pastel] and [Favourite] page, you can choose sort by r,g,b or sort by h,s,b or sort by c,m,y,k. R:Red G:Green B:Blue C:Cyan M:Magenta Y:Yellow K:Key plate H:Hue S:Saturation B:Brightness ★★★★★ ALSO AVAILABLE ★★★★★ Color Bible Color Chart Color Chart2 Color Chart3 Color Chart4 Random Color Chart Color Converter Color Dictionary

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