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CleanTelligent Mobile

Still doing inspections with paper and pencil and relying on a call or email for updates on projects? Such makeshift processes should be a thing of the past, and CleanTelligent Software is here to help. CT Mobile provides the flexibility to perform inspections from anywhere, even without an internet connection. Once the app is downloaded onto the device, inspections are performed with a few simple clicks. The data is then uploaded and stored to an online database. Inspection scores are emailed immediately to any pre-selected individuals. You can also view reports from the device, or clients can login to the online database to run the same inspection reports. CT Mobile also allows managers to create and send work orders directly to the right people in a quick and efficient manner. CleanTelligent also automatically escalates work orders as needed, so everyone involved is on the same page. Unleash the Power of Quality and start using CT Mobile today. **CleanTelligent account required for use.**

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