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Charter Mobile App

FREE 4+ iphone & ipad
Charter Communications
Overall Satisfaction click me 10
Thanks Charter.
this amazing app lets you do all kinds of amazing things.
Usefulness click me 13
Ease of Use click me 10
s more intuitive more convenient and easier to use.
This was easy to use.
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Welcome to Your Home for All Things Charter!

You’ve been talking, and we’ve been listening. And now we’re rolling out an improved version of the Charter Mobile App that’s more intuitive, more convenient and easier to use.
The new Charter Mobile App brings the world of Charter right to your iPhone or iPod Touch – for FREE! This amazing app lets you do all kinds of amazing things.
To get a truly localized experience, the Charter Mobile App will update your location automatically. You can also enter a new zip code or use the most recent location to find your channel lineup, your local news and weather – even directions to the nearest Charter Service Center.
And that’s not all. Soon you’ll be able to order or upgrade your Charter services and more!
TV listings - Your TV Programming
· New: Search by genre – Scroll for faster, easier searching
· New: Filter programming by time and date, with additional show details
· On Demand - Discover new On Demand content
· Watch trailers for the latest movies available On Demand
· The On Demand content library is now searchable by cover art!
· Browse through the latest listings of movies or pick your favorite category of movies - Action, Comedy, Drama, Family & Kids
New Release Movie Reminders –SMS and Email
· Don’t miss your favorite movie when it is released to On Demand
· Sign up for an email and/or SMS alert
· Selected by genre or specific movie title
Social Media
· Become a friend of Charter and keep up on all the latest news and offers from Charter via Facebook
· Follow Charter on Twitter regarding all the latest promotions
· Get turn-by-turn directions to a Charter Service Center, based on your current location
· Learn about the type of services available at a Charter Service Center
Charter Products and Services
· Learn about Charter's products and services
· Check out specific offers for TV, Phone or Internet
· Learn about the value in bundling your services
News and Weather
· Check out your local or national weather forecast
· Read up on all the local, national and world news
· Get up to speed on the latest sports, entertainment and financial news
· View specific instructions on how to configure your device and pull in and view your emails
All the information you need, all in one place. The Charter Mobile App is where it’s at! Not a customer? Not a problem. The Mobile App is FREE for everyone!

Like the addition of news and weather. found in 4 reviews
Watching tv on iPod / iPhone and iPad. found in 3 reviews
the on demand content library is now searchable by cover art. found in 3 reviews
read up on all the local national and world news. found in 1 reviews
I like the On Demand section. found in 2 reviews
Love the Internet speeds Love the service. found in 2 reviews
There were complaints about not being able to pay your bill online. found in 31 reviews
Needs bill pay integrated into the app though. found in 37 reviews
Only down side is that there isn't no live streaming. found in 3 reviews
No streaming video. found in 2 reviews
Does not recognize service area. found in 23 reviews
Potential but needs work. found in 1 reviews
The channel listing doesn't work though. found in 11 reviews
The TV listings don't match the guide on my tv. found in 4 reviews
Slow and better info avail in other apps. found in 1 reviews
Needs a search feature. found in 1 reviews
Works for me but isn't useful. found in 1 reviews
It doesn't really do anything. found in 2 reviews
Guide search please. found in 1 reviews
Needs much improvement. found in 1 reviews
Doesn't quite work for me. found in 1 reviews
Does not have anything more than a tv listing. found in 3 reviews
Charter needs to add all "On Demand" content. found in 4 reviews
This cant find my location nor will the zip code take. found in 2 reviews
And takers foorreevveerr for the tv listings to load. found in 75 reviews
Nothing like the other bill pay apps out there. found in 37 reviews
What is an app where I can't pay my bill from it. found in 37 reviews
This app is nothing more than a TV guide. found in 33 reviews
You can't even pay your bill from the app. found in 31 reviews
The app won't even let you pay your bill through it. found in 31 reviews
Charter seriously has the worst customer service out there. found in 27 reviews
Somehow my zip code is not in a valid service area. found in 23 reviews
It was just as annoying to use and navigate. found in 22 reviews
Please add live streaming and ability to watch on mobile devices. found in 21 reviews
I'm a charter customer yet this app does not recognize my ZIP Code. found in 20 reviews
Lame app won't recognize my zip so it won't load the guide. found in 20 reviews
Will not accept my zip code so can't get TV schedule. found in 17 reviews
If I want to know what's on tv I can go to guide on the. found in 14 reviews
I thought it would let you watch tv on your phone. found in 13 reviews
But the mobile site for charter doesnt display TV listings. found in 13 reviews
Can't pay bill OR watch the free on demand videos. found in 12 reviews
I cancelled your cable service and am now much more serene. found in 11 reviews
Will not load a provider for channel listings. found in 11 reviews
rated better for watching tv.   rated better for cable box.  
rated better for watching shows.  
rated better for watch live tv.  
rated better for demand content.   rated better for view tv.  
"push notifications tv listings and doubles as a remote."
"This is definitely my favorite app for TV listings."
"I like the quick access to TV Listings or Watchlist."
"I haven't had any problems and the tv listings are accurate."
"Best and most convenient basic TV listings service there is."
"Love being able to watch my shows anytime Keep up the good work."
"You earn points for watching shows you would have watched anyway."
"It's nice to watch my shows when it is convenient for me."
"Love being able to watch shows I miss faster than On Demand."
"It works perfectly and I can watch my shows anywhere."
"I love being able to watch my shows when I'm away from home babysitting the grandkids."
"Has really helped me pay my bills on time - a true life changer."
"Easy to pay bills and transfer money between accounts."
"Helps me pay my bills on time and manage a tight budget."
"I've been using this app to pay my bill and it works great."
"this app makes it soooooooo easy to pay my bill thanks."
"It's easy to navigate around to pay bills and etc."
3,187 total
  • No problems logging in or with the TV guide.
  • In-app bill pay will definitely be great.
  • "I don't even wanna rate this because there's no live tv."
  • "No search capability."
  • "your app is as useless as you tech support team."
  • "I can't open it and add remote control for it."
  • "This was the biggest waste of time downloading."
  • "Only launches a web browser."
  • "Doesn't play tv shows."
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