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MyPlate Calorie Tracker - Your Diet and Fitness Calorie Counter for Better Health by LIVESTRONG.COM

$0.99 4+ iphone & ipad
Overall Satisfaction click me 81
Best food database & ease of use I've found yet for iPhone.
The food database is confusing and often incorrect.
By far the best calorie tracker I've found yet.
You'd be better off downloading a free calorie tracker app until.
Love being able to track on the go and that it sync's to website.
Still waiting for a barcode scan option for entering foods.
It needs a barcode scanner to quickly identify foods.
Worth every cent - THANKS LIVESTRONG - from one cancer survivor to another.
Need more exercise values for kettlebell water walking / aerobics.
I wish the fitness section included more exercise choices.
It is even better than weight watchers and absolutely free.
Pretty much the most useful health app on my iPhone.
Fun & Engaging click me 61
Need more exercise values for kettlebell water walking / aerobics.
They could have more exercise classes and machines loaded.
I wish the fitness section included more exercise choices.
The website is awesome too and extends the value of the app.
I use it every day and the Livestrong website is awesome.
Tracks everything and had an awesome food db.
this app is an awesome food journal tracker.
Usefulness click me 74
It finds almost everything I eat and it's really accurate.
It really helps me make better choices and stay on track.
It helps me stay focused and aware of my calorie intake.
It's very helpful in keeping track of your food diary and also fitness.
Excellent app makes you aware of what you eat every day.
I have to constantly search for items I sometimes eat every day.
a very helpful tool for getting in better shape and tracking progress.
having to enter everything I eat and my workouts def help.
An essential tool for anyone serious about getting fit.
Production Values click me 58
I miss some of the functionality of the web interface.
It's a great addition to the web interface.
problems syncing properly with the web interface.
Ease of Use click me 72
Broad range of foods in their food library makes it easy to track calories.
Can't even track calorie intake by protein/carbs/fat.
It's easy and effective.
This app makes it super easy to track calories in and exercise out.
Simple app Fits what i need and use it for.
Easy interface with the whole livestrong site.
Easy to use and super convenient to use anywhere you go.
Reliability click me 20
Security & Privacy click me 68
Almost easier than using my livestrong account on my computer :.
Love how it syncs with my online Livestrong account.
Updates & Support click me 38
Contacted customer service and they told me to reinstall app.
Not sure why people are complaining about customer service.
99 app and can at least view with the Lite version.
I was using the lite version of this app.
Do not upgrade from the Lite version.
the browser- based version still beats iOS in many ways.
Easy to use and syncs with the web based version.
Click blue bar for explanation of rating.

IMPORTANT: THIS APP WILL BE RETIRED SOON – Download the free version for the same great calorie tracker with even more features!

Please download the free version of the LIVESTRONG.COM MyPlate Calorie Tracker. It has all the great features of this app plus many more such as macronutrient information, integration with Apple’s Health and a more robust Progress section with detailed charts and graphs.
Moving forward, there will be a single FREE version of the LIVESTRONG.COM MyPlate Calorie Tracker loaded with new and exciting features! Focusing all of our attention on a single app will allow for more frequent updates to add many of the great features and improvements suggested by the community! All the features you currently enjoy in the paid version of MyPlate are currently available in the Free version plus more.
Please download the free version of the LIVESTRONG.COM MyPlate Calorie Tracker. As a former paid app user, the app will automatically upgrade you to an ad-free experience as soon as you log in to your LIVESTRONG.COM account.
1. We recommend that you manually sync your data in the paid app before downloading the Free app, and that you wait to delete the paid app from your device until you're able to pull all of your data into the Free app. (You MUST be signed in to your LIVESTRONG.COM account to "Force Sync" via the Profile tab in the app.)
2. Download the free MyPlate Calorie Tracker app. Find it by searching for MyPlate and pick the one with the orange icon.
3. Start the app and log in with your LIVESTRONG.COM username and password.
That's it! Once you log in, your account will sync and you'll have the exact same ad-free experience as before plus some great new features.
For support, contact Customer Support at:
Or simply email:

The large database of foods makes it easy to keep up my tracking. found in 588 reviews
This app and live strong program really works. found in 444 reviews
Broad range of foods in their food library makes it easy to track calories. found in 2161 reviews
Great app for tracking food you eat during the day and stay on track. found in 242 reviews
Lost 15 pounds my first month and I'm continually motivated. found in 143 reviews
A great way to track calories with nutritional facts already available. found in 2161 reviews
The Livestrong app has helped me lose weight several times. found in 283 reviews
This is a great app for keeping track of calories and exercise daily. found in 226 reviews
This is extremely helpful for tracking food and exercise for people on the run. found in 139 reviews
Great weight loss tool I use myself and to my patients. found in 1047 reviews
This app keeps me honest and inspires better choices. found in 127 reviews
Already lost 8lbs with this app and crossfit. found in 105 reviews
Surprising detail and variety of foods - and brands - in the database. found in 79 reviews
Best application for weight management and calorie tracking. found in 66 reviews
I would recommend it to anyone looking for a great tracking tool. found in 76 reviews
Keeps me accountable and is quite reasonable for intake amounts. found in 71 reviews
Great for tracking your nutritional and fitness goals. found in 98 reviews
It helps me stay focused and aware of my calorie intake. found in 49 reviews
Pretty much the most useful health app on my iPhone. found in 44 reviews
Keeps me motivated and on track with the weight loss chart. found in 54 reviews
Barcode scanner for nutritional info would be great. found in 220 reviews
Having the food log right on my phone is great. found in 78 reviews
Needs graph/stats for daily totals for fats/carbs/protein. found in 77 reviews
I really think it needs a barcode scanner like myfitnesspal. found in 107 reviews
Can't wait to finish eating so I can log my food in. found in 35 reviews
Needs more exercise work out and machine selections on the fitness tab. found in 55 reviews
but I wish that the verified foods were more accurate. found in 25 reviews
Major problem is there are only calorie totals & remaining on app. found in 38 reviews
Needs barcode scanner & more restaurant foods. found in 9 reviews
Would love to see big name gym equipment under exercise log. found in 14 reviews
Would like to see ability to save custom entries. found in 36 reviews
The app does not sync automatically like it's supposed to. found in 18 reviews
I wish I could enter some of my own foods & calorie counts manually. found in 17 reviews
slow Internet connection speed and being a total dick-loser-pc. found in 28 reviews
Also to have the total calories broken down for each daily. found in 20 reviews
only thing is you cannot erase if you make a mistake. found in 13 reviews
If it weren't for the customer service incompetence. found in 45 reviews
Wish the exercise portion had more options for types of exercises. found in 16 reviews
Bar code scanner would be a good addition also. found in 69 reviews
The only thing really missing is the barcode reader. found in 15 reviews
Frequently eaten foods listed is grossly incomplete and inconsistent. found in 321 reviews
Recently eaten foods for example doesn't early show you that. found in 224 reviews
Works great except you can't adjust serving sizes except by halves. found in 171 reviews
doesn't help you track the calories per meal. found in 59 reviews
This App is horrible and so is the customer service. found in 45 reviews
and snacks even after repeated "Force Refresh" and "Perform manual sync ". found in 41 reviews
showing me a calorie total that is too low. found in 38 reviews
- It no longer has it's spell check feature. found in 25 reviews
No calorie breakdown. found in 25 reviews
All of my weight progress has disappeared. found in 22 reviews
You can't scan food barcodes. found in 21 reviews
Can't save meals and have it show it on iPhone. found in 21 reviews
but since it doesnt track carbs and protein. found in 20 reviews
you can't manually add the calories you burned. found in 19 reviews
rated better for fitness pal.   rated better for breakfast lunch.  
rated better for breakfast lunch dinner.   rated better for web version.  
rated better for glasses of water.   rated better for fat percentage.  
rated better for loss plan.  
rated better for brand name foods.   rated better for achieve my goals.  
rated better for custom entries.   rated better for food db.  
"It makes tracking calories and macro nutrients incredibly easy."
"The ability to track calories and exercise really helps us to transform."
"LoseIt makes tracking calories and nutrients incredibly simple."
"It makes tracking calories and protein consumption so easy."
"This is the greatest app I have found to track calories and exercise."
"Works great for tracking calories and bar code scanning."
"It provides useful tools to increase my ability to control my weight."
"A very useful application that helps me control my weight."
"I really hope this app would allow me to control my weight."
"I can control my weight with this tools."
"I've lost ten pounds in a little over three weeks."
"I have used this for 1month and lost ten pounds."
"I've lost ten pounds in 6 weeks and am feeling great."
"I have lost ten pounds right off the bat."
74,112 total

This app is popular with:
  • This app coupled with the livestrong website will change your life.
  • It's a great reality check - calories in.
  • Easy to use & helps me stay on track to reach my goals.
  • Makes tracking caloric intake and expenditure very simple and convenient.
  • Lost ten pounds my first week simply by tracking what I eat.
  • Great fitness and health tool.
  • Really easy to use and stay in shape with the program.
  • This app is an excellent way to keep track of your daily nutrition.
  • Part of any weight loss program Is keeping a food diary.
  • This is an incredible health and fitness tool.
  • This helps me keep my nutrition and exercise program under control.
  • The most incredible diet tool I have ever owned.
  • Wish I would have found this before trying the Weight Watchers app.
  • It's really helping me loose weight and eat healthier.
  • It really helps me make better choices and stay on track.
  • "App can't connect to servers and no response from tech support."
  • "It's more aesthetically pleasing but fitness pal is way better."
  • "Do not upgrade from the Lite version."
  • "and it doesn't let you classify the meal by time of day."
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