BulldozAIR - Construction app for your team collaboration between the field and the office


BulldozAIR - Construction app for your team collaboration between the field and the office

BulldozAIR - Construction work made easy for your team: contractor, architect, factory. Manage your punchlist, plans, blueprints, RFI, construction project, building sites. Winner of the Innovation Trophy at BATIMAT World Construction Expo BulldozAIR is a free construction app for your team. It enables owners, contractors, architects, project managers, superintendents, manage their construction projects. BulldozAIR keeps all the plans, blueprints and project documentation in one place. An issue is spotted on a note with pictures, drawings, sketches, measures, localisation. BulldozAIR is used in RFIs, punchlist, checklist, markups, sites supervision, maintenance, building construction, infrastructure, audit, quality control, security controls, and works for all companies during all the project duration and not only at the end. SORT: You can sort your site notes easily with personalised keywords EXPORT: Reports can be automatically generated into a Microsoft Word file that you can copy in your own template or convert in PDF report. You can share or attribute your notes, documents, plans with other persons. Features: - PDF plan viewer - PDF plan drawer - TAGs to sort all your notes - Task planning and calendar tool - Automated reporting in Microsoft Word - Insert web links in tasks - Insert pictures in tasks - Insert localisation in tasks - Upload your project documentation PDF, Word, Excel, pictures, ... For further questions, please email us at support@bulldozair.com and visit our website http://www.bulldozair.com Built by construction and software professionals Our team of construction and civil engineers is here to help you: we have combined experiences in architecture project management, project management, refurbishment, infrastructure construction, interior design, mechanical and electrical, structure, real estate… BulldozAIR is developed by Blockbase http://www.blockbase.com

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