Borderlines is a fun game that makes you smarter by combining speed, brain power and world geography. With more than 150 countries to identify, are you ready to become a geography pro? Once you start the game, you’re given a limited amount of time to start correctly identifying as many countries as possible. The more countries you identify, the more time is added, and the more chances you get to improve your score. Oh, and each time you play, the order of countries will change. Keep on playing Borderlines to improve your high score and sharpen your world geography brain power! Features of this app include: • Blazingly fast gameplay thanks to a completely custom rendering engine. • Elegant, meticulously crafted graphics throughout the game and app. • Intuitive game controls that make it fun and easy for kids to play. • Choices and country algorithms designed to encourage retention AND entertain the player at the same time. • High scores list to keep track of your progress and impress your friends. • Ability to turn sounds “on” or “off” in an easy to access Settings menu. • An informative walk-through that shows you exactly how to play. • An in-game pause button with a detailed pause screen that summarizes your time elapsed and correct, incorrect and max in-a-row answers. • Automatic gameplay pausing for incoming calls and anytime you close the app. • Subtle stats displayed in the top part of the screen that show your progress through the game. • Six different color patterns to help structure recognition and aid in selection. • Easy to pick up for the beginner and challenging for the advanced player. We’ve spent two years building and refining Borderlines. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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