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Blast Monkeys Free

FREE 9+ iphone & ipad In-app purchase
Overall Satisfaction click me 91
My 2 year old loves to play and he's actually good at it.
My son loves this game it actually caught my interest too.
I really love this game it's soooo addicting and fun.
I love monkeys that why I got this game it rocks.
monkeys I do not love monkeys.
I love playing this game it's really awesome And entertaining.
Dang better than angry birds and cut the rope.
One of the best games I've played even better than angry birds.
Fun & Engaging click me 91
I really love this game it's soooo addicting and fun.
this game is fun and challenging at the same time.
This is a very fun game I recommend for children.
Blasting monkeys is an awesome game very addictive.
This game is super addictive once you get the hang of it.
This game is sooo fun it really download worthy to me.
This game is awesome because I like to play this game all the time.
It's so fun and great for the on the go days.
Usefulness click me 94
play it everyday trying to get mokie coins :.
This game is so much fun I play it everyday.
Family Friendly click me 89
I love playing this game it's really awesome And entertaining.
It is a great game that works for kids and adults.
This game is fun for the whole family love it for killing time.
Awesome to have the whole family loves to play.
Even me grandkids love love love it.
Replay Value click me 86
3 this game Wishing and waiting for more levels.
this game is fun and challenging at the same time.
Submitting a review so I get my credits to unlock new levels.
Try getting all the bananas to make it more challenging.
could be better if it was more challenging.
I love this game it never gets old.
Lots of twists and turns in this strategic game.
Ease of Use click me 82
You really want to beat you're own best score.
Awesome yet simple game that is a mirror of angry birds.
It took me only 30 minutes to finish all the levels.
Very simple concept yet very challenging game.
Starts out easy builds up.
Updates & Support click me 87
I only wish it had more levels without having to buy the full version.
Make a new update.
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★ Dowloaded over 11 million times across all versions! ★

"Blast Monkeys is a game you should play."
-Jeff Marchiafava , Game Informer
"This is one of the most entertaining puzzle games I’ve played in quite a while"
-Eric Pankoke, Technobrains (Highly Recommended)
Moki is a hungry monkey, and only one thing can fill his rumbling belly. BANANAS! Help Moki fly through fun and creative obstacles in search of a giant bunch of bananas. In order to make him really full, and to get the highest score possible, collect the three elusive individual bananas on each level.
★ FREE ★
Blast Monkeys Free is a free version of the full game Blast Monkeys powered by ads and MokiCoin. Meaning it's an alternative, not a demo.
Moki's path is not always going to be clear. Getting bananas is hard work. Sometimes you're going to have to use your wicked fast fingers to help Moki move through spinning platforms and more canons than you can shake a banana at. Make sure to avoid the pesky spikes as you make your way to banana bliss.
*****Game features*****
- 12 worlds full of puzzles and fun. (360 levels!)
- Hours of gameplay, with more to come soon!
- A nice and easy set of introduction levels.
- Interesting puzzles that are easy to complete and challenging to perfect.
- Retina graphics
:: Have a Blast! ::

My daughter loves playing the " monkey game ". found in 124 reviews
Dang better than angry birds and cut the rope. found in 46 reviews
This is a very fun game I recommend for children. found in 92 reviews
Addicting & fun for all ages --even my 5 year old. found in 34 reviews
This game is fun for the whole family love it for killing time. found in 19 reviews
Blast monkeys is the best second best game in the world. found in 20 reviews
I live this game kinda reminds me f cut the rope. found in 15 reviews
Super fun game and it makes time fly when you're bored. found in 9 reviews
I recommend it as an alternative to Angry Bird. found in 9 reviews
Great for a rainy day and keeping kids occupied. found in 7 reviews
I love it because it is fun and adicting. found in 7 reviews
This really helps pass the layover time in the airport. found in 7 reviews
The kids love this game and the new challenges each level brings. found in 37 reviews
I am going bananas over this game. found in 11 reviews
Awesome addicting game for all ages and monkeys. found in 13 reviews
Fun game my baby cuz got me hooked on this game. found in 5 reviews
play it everyday trying to get mokie coins :. found in 13 reviews
Pretty cool game when you're bored. found in 12 reviews
Great game every one should get it but it gets boring. found in 17 reviews
Standard graphics ok way to waste time can become repetitive. found in 15 reviews
Kind if reminds me of a mini donkey kong country. found in 7 reviews
I like the game a lot but it needs more ways to earn coins. found in 30 reviews
I love this game I just wish the full version was free. found in 4 reviews
The game isn't the best but its ok. found in 3 reviews
Awesome but kinda boring. found in 6 reviews
It's fun but kinda hard. found in 3 reviews
The game is both awesome and frustrating at the same time. found in 4 reviews
Cant listen to music my music while playing app. found in 4 reviews
It isn't too challenging but still keeps my interest. found in 4 reviews
As it says great but short. found in 1 reviews
just wish there was an easier way to get coins. found in 10 reviews
THIS GAME STINKS. found in 3 reviews
Worst game ever it would not let e play it. found in 3 reviews
Being forced to review. found in 2 reviews
rated better for passing time.   rated better for fun casual.  
rated better for levels coming.   rated better for silly fun.  
rated better for free levels.   rated better for game definitely.  
rated better for coins to unlock.  
rated better for both kids.   rated better for mindless fun.  
rated better for entertaining and challenging.  
"This semi-scary and interesting machine puzzle solving game is amazing."
"surreal puzzle solving game with mystery and horror elements."
"trainyard is a puzzle solving game unlike any that you've ever played."
"Great puzzle solving free game great download."
"Takes concentration and puzzle solving skills."
"Great game for short timeline puzzle solving fun."
"Definitely a way to entertain yourself and a friend."
"Great way to entertain kids and older people alike."
"I downloaded this app to entertain a toddler."
"This app is so entertaining for the kids."
"highly entertaining for kids boys and girls."
"Lots of fun and a good way to burn time when bored."
"A really fun game that is a good way to burn time."
"Very simple premise and a great way to burn time."
"It is addictive and a quality way to burn your battery down."
"Fun to play and a good way to burn some time."
"Very addicting and a great way to burn time."
28,380 total

This app is popular with:
  • Great game for long car rides or waiting in line at an amusement park.
  • I Love The Bonus Rounds they are the Best.
  • Good game to entertain kids.
  • Even me grandkids love love love it.
  • Love this game and so does my little boy.
  • It's fun easy and a great thinking game.
  • Quiet game to play at work.
  • Great game for killing time.
  • Lots of twists and turns in this strategic game.
  • Easy for my young kids to catch on to quickly.
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