Beast Hunter


Beast Hunter

Shoot everything that moves in this action-packed game… And it’s completely for FREE! As the Beast Hunter, you must defend the portal that separates us from the Underworld. Do you have what it takes to be mankind’s last resort? Take your BIG GUN and ridiculous amounts of ammo out for a spin, as you take on the evil hordes. GET READY FOR SOME BEASTLY ASS-KICKING AT THE OTHER SIDE OF TOWN. DESCRIPTION This game includes 4 chapters with 40 exciting levels to shoot your way through. - 40 LEVELS OF PURE THRILL: Explore the Count's Castle, Ancient Egypt, Frankenstein's Lab and the Wicked Swamp in this epic quest to stop the evil forces! - LOTS OF WEAPONS IN YOUR ARSENAL: While a shotgun with silver bullets may help you get rid of the undead, you may also want to try a Sun Mirror or the hell raising Nuke Blaster! - FULL SOCIAL INTEGRATION: Complete Achievements and show off your top scores across a variety of Social Networks. - INSANELY CREEPY BOSSES: Do you think Count Dracula is tough? Wait until you meet the Scorpion King, Dr Frankenstein, the Swamp Monster and many other vicious characters.

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