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Awesome Note (To-do/Calendar/Reminder/Memo)

$3.99 4+ iphone & ipad
Overall Satisfaction click me 78
This is by far the best note app out there.
The only feature keeping this app from perfect is iCloud sync.
Please add iCloud sync and I will add four more stars.
Thank you to the developers for updating this app and making it better & better.
Needs Push.
There are many things to love about this in this program.
Better than Evernote in my opinion.
Fun & Engaging click me 72
Awesome Notes has everything I need nicely integrated.
Another feature is that Awesome Notes doesn't have iCloud sync STILL.
I've been using Awesome Note for six weeks and truly love it.
I love this app and use it all the time for everything that I do.
Usefulness click me 81
I use it for everything from bill reminders to song lyrics.
otherwise I would love it and use it for everything.
This app is so helpful for me to keep track of everything.
The goggle sync makes it even more useful.
The best apps and I am using it every day.
So versatile and useful.
Production Values click me 77
Notes and to do's in one visually stunning app.
It's well organized and visually stunning app.
Ease of Use click me 72
This is a very attractive app for simple notes.
simple notes.
Reliability click me 21
Security & Privacy click me 86
and more importantly that the password protected folders be encrypted.
Please make it password protected.
The ability to password protect sensitive files is invaluable.
Reliably syncs with my Evernote account.
Updates & Support click me 85
Idownloaded the lite version and immediately upgraded to the paid version.
What happened to the lite version.
I tried the Lite version of this app first and loved it.
Thank you for such a great app and outstanding customer service.
Nothing like horrible customer service to ruin a great product.
Click blue bar for explanation of rating.


Notes, Calendar, To-do list, Diary, Reminder, Anniversary reminder, Shopping list, Travel Diaries ...
Experience the most innovative All-in-One Life Organizer.
Awesome note is the only application that combined Note-taking and To-do list which helps you to organize your life with the ability to keep everything.
Especially integrated iOS Calendar and Reminder will gives you to tracking your life plan much easier than before.
Notes, Diary, Birthdays reminder, To-do list, Shopping list, Travel Diaries, Ongoing Project and more with attachable photo, map and drawing.
You can carry out all these features with synchronization in wherever you go.
It has simple and gorgeous graphics, optimized UI for the users, easier and more convenient to use.
- Create a Note with the attachment features
- Managed by separating folder (Category)
- Support sync with built in Calendar
- Support sync with built in Reminder
- Manage the built in Calendar or Reminder list as a folder
- Support To-dos & Anniversary Note & Diary Note
- Attach Photos, Map and Drawing
- Quick Memo (Quickly add memos & notes)
- Sync & Transfer to Google Drive/Evernote
- Supports Backup with Wi-Fi Web Sharing & iTunes File Sharing
- Create, edit and save notes into categories.(folders)
- Customize folders by your own color & unique icons
- Passcode protection in start-up screen and for each folder
- Alarms (Notifications)
- Display To-do Badges on main screen
- No Internet connection required
[Additional Features]
- Manage To-dos with Drag & Drop
- Support Tags for each note
- Supports Full Text Search
- Clickable links (web / email address / phone number) in read-only mode
- Capable of Drawing on map
- Transfer notes among the Awesome Note users
- Send notes via text message (SMS)
- Email notes directly from the app
- Print notes (Air Print)
- Visibility filter for calendar view
- Edit your own note title
- Cut, copy, paste and undo / redo
- Choose font & font size for each note
- Set Different views in folders
- A wide variety of theme & backgrounds
[Multiple View and Sort]
- Thumbnail / List / To-do / Detail / Diary / Photo View mode for each folder
- Sort notes into Name, Date Created, Date Modified, Due date and Priority
[Intuitive User Interface]
- Supports full landscape mode
- Supports Screen rotation fix option
** Transferring Note data **
Previous Sync users of Evernote or Google Drive may continue to use the Sync features and the rest can create .anb file to transfer data by using iTunes file sharing.
Backup and Restore in iPhone or iPad and get it loaded to other iPhone or iPad by using Wi-Fi Backup and Restore features.
Be aware that Syncing after using Wi-Fi Backup/Restore feature might cause the
note to be duplicated. Visit to find more information: )
More features will be updated in the future, and we will continue innovate for the users.

This is by far the best note app out there. found in 311 reviews
Extremely user friendly and easily customizable. found in 76 reviews
This is by far the best organizer app. found in 21 reviews
Love having notes and todos inside a single app. found in 16 reviews
There are a lot of customization options including changing tab colors. found in 13 reviews
Good note keeping and shopping list app. found in 7 reviews
6 weeks of using it intensely and I'd be lost without it. found in 7 reviews
This app is so helpful for me to keep track of everything. found in 11 reviews
I love this app but it desperately needs iCloud sync. found in 54 reviews
Needs push notifications and ability to sync with Outlook. found in 25 reviews
Sorely needs iCloud support and a desktop version to be competitive. found in 20 reviews
It would be perfect if it could sync with Outlook. found in 16 reviews
but as other reviewers have mentioned it needs alarms. found in 11 reviews
The sync doesn't really sync across devices from iPad and iPhone. found in 10 reviews
This app is useless for me till I can sync between iPhone and iPad. found in 17 reviews
Love the app but it needs to sync with dropbox Great Job. found in 6 reviews
Please add push notifications based on to do schedules. found in 19 reviews
please add subfolders - that is a huge limitation of this app. found in 4 reviews
Not a separate purchase between iPhone and iPad. found in 17 reviews
but the Google Sync capability is subpar. found in 29 reviews
Would like to see voice recorder like all-in note. found in 7 reviews
Great app but sync is broken. found in 3 reviews
Repeating task function needs fixing. found in 3 reviews
Please optimize it for the new iPhone. found in 3 reviews
It does not sync with my iPad and that is VERY frustrating. found in 3 reviews
This app is absolute trash without the ability to sync properly. found in 235 reviews
but for me any task manager needs to sync with Google calendar. found in 98 reviews
Google Drive sync worked fine until I updated Awesome Note. found in 82 reviews
New Update still crashes while syncing to Google drive. found in 79 reviews
Please add iCloud sync and I will add four more stars. found in 54 reviews
Another feature is that Awesome Notes doesn't have iCloud sync STILL. found in 46 reviews
The iPad and iPhone apps should be fully compatible with each other. found in 35 reviews
Auto sync through iCloud for sure--Evernote constantly crashes the app. found in 29 reviews
Google sync still not working. found in 29 reviews
The implementation of Evernote sync is and has always been idiotic. found in 28 reviews
Great but needs iCloud sync. found in 20 reviews
No Sync Feature to IPAD/IPHONE. found in 19 reviews
Can NOT sync notes with pictures to Google doc's. found in 14 reviews
No syncing between iPad n iPhone. found in 14 reviews
1 star bash for lack of ipad/iphone universal app. found in 12 reviews
rated better for todo list.   rated better for completed items.  
rated better for get things done.   rated better for drag and drop.  
rated better for user friendly.   rated better for notes and reminders.  
rated better for get things done.  
rated better for use evernote.   rated better for google calendar.  
rated better for handwritten notes.   rated better for evernote account.  
"I have been using the Google docs app heavily for two years."
"providing a decent text editor with a straightforward ability to sync with Google Docs."
"Access all my google docs and files seriously fast."
"Access to Google Docs alone makes it indispensable."
"Saves tons of time with the capability to send to Google Apps."
"I went looking for another note keeping app and found Evernote."
"Forget all the other note keeping apps."
"Perfect for note keeping for various purposes."
"An amazing journal/ note keeping app."
"Notebooks remains the most feature-rich and useful note keeping."
"-------- fulfills a need uniquely among iPad " note keeping " apps."
"This calendar/ organizer app is a lifesaver."
12,951 total

This app is popular with:
  • You would think Apple themselves would have designed this productivity app.
  • Have had many ToDo Apps and Love this one the best.
  • I highly recommend it for anyone looking to stay organized.
  • from a diary to collecting quotes to organizing gift ideas.
  • Perfect app its much much better than the standard note pad.
  • Helps me organize my thoughts while laying in bed at night.
  • And it syncs with google docs and other file sharing apps.
  • It's easy to customize and I love the password feature.
  • I personally should use this more often to organize my life better.
  • Very few people purchased this app to use for grocery lists.
  • but it has a great synthesis between notes and task management.
  • "Why doesn't everyone wake up and repeatedly ask for this."
  • "Updates to the latest version broke the Sync function."
  • "the the alarm function on this app is mediocre at best."
  • "Nothing like horrible customer service to ruin a great product."
  • "Dropbox support would be cool too."
  • "Syncing between devices is terrible."
  • "The search function is a joke."
  • "Can you guys please get this application to sync with outlook."
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