AscBinHex is a simple, powerful tool to help those of us starting out in programming or working with raw data occasionally. The app works in two simple ways: 1) It quickly and easily allows you to enter a number in any one of the supported number bases and immediately lets you see the value in all of the supported number bases and additionally as a pair of ASCII characters 2) It quickly and easily allows you to find and select one or two characters and see their values as ASCII codes in Hexadecimal and Binary, as well as their composite value in Decimal This app also shows the negative equivalent (Two's Complement) of the entered value in decimal when an input sets the MSB (Most Significant Bit); this can be used for reference. AscBinHex is great for helping to debug code, writing code to build character strings, reading data from memory dumps / disk blocks, calculating colour codes for HTML pages, etc. Features - Decimal to/from Binary - Decimal to/from Hexadecimal - Binary to/from Hexadecimal - ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) table lookup and input - Special Binary and Hexadecimal keyboards to aid data entry and avoid errors - Quick dial character lookup - 16 Bit (2 Byte) input and output for ease

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