Appcelerator API Document


Appcelerator API Document

The Titanium Mobile SDK lets you develop native, hybrid and mobile web applications from a single codebase. Many Appcelerator developers cite the speed of development, native UI, and JavaScript skill set needed as reasons why they choose to use Appcelerator. Appcelerator Titanium Mobile is one of several phone web based application framework solutions allowing web developers to apply existing skills to create native applications for mobile devices. Yet, while using the familiar JavaScript syntax, developers will also have to learn the Titanium API, which is quite different from familiar web frameworks such as jQuery. Appcelerator API Document is a handy tool for appcelerator developers, which provide off-line api docs of modules, objects, properties, methods and events, also example codes. By searching or browsing api doc using this smart tool, you may learn Appcelerator SDK or get more details in the development. The app has a simple and powerful design, thanks to the api json file provided by

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