60 Presentation Tips from Ethos3


60 Presentation Tips from Ethos3

Six Voices and Tapstack are Powered By CPRIME. Learn more at http://bit.ly/getcprime. Today we live in a business culture that abuses the art and science of public speaking everyday. We power up our computers and present poorly prepared and hideously designed presentations to audiences who want to be inspired but never get fulfilled. Were you bored with your last presentation? Did it motivate and change lives? Perhaps, it ended lives. Let’s end the abuse of PowerPoint today! The 60 Presentation Tips Tapstack will give you groundbreaking ideas and insights from proven presenters that will revolutionize your next public speaking engagement. Each tip comes from Scott Schwertly, Ethos3's CEO and presentation mentor to such organizations as Pepsico and the United States Air Force. Ethos3 is all about helping companies build, design, and deliver better presentations through storytelling. The 60 Tips Tapstack gives you everything you need on easy-to-remember cards that will help you get raving fans with your next presentation. After all, you don’t want to be the next victim! About Tapstack Six Voices' Tapstack format offers a unique and surprisingly fun way to explore your favorite books. By distilling them down to a selection of engaging "cards" like only the iPhone could provide, Tapstack offers you a great way to read on-the-go. Swipe, shake, rotate and spin your way through the most important points from top-selling titles. The question you need to address today is simple: Do you want to inspire people around you and thus change the world? Get the 60 Presentation Tips from Ethos3 and Six Voices and you will be well on your way to doing so. Join the presentation revolution!

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