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"I make all my cards for every occasions and for scrapbooking."
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"really great for scrapbooking iphone pics and sharing them."
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"So glad I found it going to use for scrapbooking."
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"I would compare it more to digital scrapbooking."
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"It's like scrapbooking in every frame."
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"Otherwise the best and most authentic looking scrapbooking app out there."
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"I get mine for scrapbooking and project life."
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"This app is PERFECT for scrapbooking and cropping images."
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"It brings digital scrapbooking and framing into one app."
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"I have been searching all over for a good scrapbooking app."
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"I've bought all of his scrapbooking apps for iPad & iPhone."
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Top Scrapbooking App Apps

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#1. Pic Collage - Video & Photo editing in a snap - ranked #1 for collage app, #1 for organize pictures, #1 for collage maker, #2 for photo collage,
"Great to add more than 1 pic for scrapbooking :" - "over 30 million people love PicCollage! PicCollage lets you instantly arrange your photos into frames - or get creative with freeform collages, cutout...
#2. imikimi Photo Frames & FX - ranked #1 for photo art, #1 for selection of frames, #3 for photo enhancer, #3 for different designs,
" Great for scrapbooking pictures" - "Did you just take the perfect photo? Want to make it look the best it can be before you share it? With over 3 million frames and 30+ great effects, it'...
#3. imikimi Photo Frames FREE - ranked #1 for frame app, #1 for photo frame, #1 for cool frames, #3 for picture lovers,
"It's great for scrapbooking and cards" - "Use Imikimi frames to enhance the meaning and beauty of your photos. The Imikimi community makes new frames every day. There are already millions to ch...
#4. Rhonna Designs - ranked #2 for pic editing, #5 for graphic design, #11 for cute frames, #16 for cool designs,
"It is digital scrap booking made for your phone" - "Love to add personality to your photo edits? With Rhonna Designs App, you’ve got all the tools right at your fingertips to uplift and inspire!Vi...
#5. Diptic - ranked #3 for frame options, #4 for creative options, #6 for photographers, #6 for picture lovers,
" It's like scrapbooking for me" - "Former App Store App of the Week, Diptic helps you create and share beautiful photo collages."A simple, elegant way to use pictures to tell your story....
#6. ScrapPad - Scrapbook for iPad - ranked #1 for scrapbooking app, #19 for capture memories,
"scrappad is the most user friendly scrapbooking app for ipad" - "• As seen on the TODAY show.• An App Store Essential app, hand selected by Apple.• Professionally print your scrapbooks, powered b...
#7. GrooveBook
"They are perfect for scrapbooking " - "The Groovebook offers you the most inexpensive way to create a personalized photo book with pictures you take with your iPhone.For only $2.99 a month i...
#8. Crop&collage papelook photo edit and free pic app
"Great for Scrapbook Lovers" - "With over 6 million downloads and counting, papelook is a collage & photo crop application, popular among models. Now we are developing new version...
#9. Printicular: Print Instagram, Facebook, Flickr & Photos, and Order Pictures for Pickup or Free Delivery Worldwide - ranked #10 for square format,
"great for scrapbooking " - "Prints of your local and online photos delivered to your door worldwide or ready for local pick up at Walgreens and Duane Reade in about an hour. Direc...
#10. BubbleFrame - ranked #34 for photo lovers,
" Digital Scrapbooking " - "Take framing of your pictures and videos to a whole new level. BubbleFrame 2 now gives you more creative control than ever before with intuitive featur...
#11. Scrap It HD - ranked #3 for scrapbooking app,
"This is an excellent scrapbooking app " - "Scrap It redefines digital scrapbooking. The best user experience, high quality art, and unparalleled control makes the art of scrapping even more fun....
#12. Scrap It - ranked #29 for different fonts,
"ALL DIRK BOST SCRAPBOOKING APPS ARE AHHHH-MAZING" - "As shown on AppAdvice's AppGoneFree app, FREE for a limited time. Note: If it crashes at start up, please update with iOS 6.Redesigned from the ground ...
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