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"This provides the easiest way to pray the liturgy of the hours."
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"Great way to pray the rosary while doing anything like walking."
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"Probably the best app for prayer times and includes adhan alarms."
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"User friendly and very convenient way to pray the rosary throughout the day."
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"This Is The Best app I've Seen Or Used For Prayer Times."
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"Great way to pray my way through the transition."
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"Download it and never be without a way to pray."
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"Pray the rosary with the audio on my morning drive to work."
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"Now I can remember to pray during my friend's surgery."
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"This app has helped me a beginner to pray the liturgy of the hours."
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"I have just started to pray the Liturgy of the Hours."
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"I do wish its call to prayer could be extended a bit."
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Top Paid Pray Apps

Rosary Deluxe for iPhone/iPad ratings, reviews, and more.
iRosary (Catholic Rosary) ratings, reviews, and more.
Scriptural Rosary ratings, reviews, and more.
Art Image Rosary Classic ratings, reviews, and more.
Mary ratings, reviews, and more.
Scriptural Rosary Lite ratings, reviews, and more.
Speedtest.net Mobile Speed Test ratings, reviews, and more.
Numberbook ratings, reviews, and more.
Snickets ratings, reviews, and more.
iBreviary Pro Terra Sancta ratings, reviews, and more.
#1. Divine Office - Audio Prayer - Liturgy of the Hours of the Roman Catholic Church - ranked #1 for daily prayers, #1 for prayer companion, #3 for spiritual tool, #6 for get closer to god,
"This app is an effortless way to pray the liturgy of the hours" - "The Divine Office App is The Best Catholic iPhone and iPad App [About.com Reader's Choice Awards 2011]. This app is an opportunity for you to participa...
#2. Holy Rosary Audio - ranked #3 for audio part, #4 for spiritual tool, #12 for get closer to god, #13 for background sounds,
"This is a great way to pray the rosary during my morning walk" - "Deluxe Version with complete text and audio of Rosary, Divine Mercy and Litany is on sale on iTunes now. Holy Rosary Audio is the world's first Rosary...
#3. iPray: Prayer Times & Qibla Compass - ranked #1 for salat app, #1 for prayer app, #3 for adhan app, #3 for muslims,
" For prayer time and locating Qibla this app is the best" - "iPray is the ultimate tool to get accurate prayer timings for your selected cities along with accurate Qibla direction from anywhere in the world. iPra...
#4. iRosary (Catholic Rosary) - ranked #1 for rosary app, #2 for prayer companion, #30 for art work,
"A wonderful way to pray and contemplate our Holy Mother" - "You are connected to the world around you with e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Instant Messaging, and more. Are you connected to God? If you are like most...
#5. Islamic Compass: Prayer Times & Athan Alarm - ranked #1 for adhan app, #4 for prayer times, #10 for compass feature, #14 for muslims,
"The best prayer times and athan application on appstore" - "Islamic Compass, the prayer application for all Muslims! Islamic Compass will give you the most accurate prayer times and the Qibla direction on a sing...
#6. iMissal Catholic (Mass Reading, Calendar, Lectionary) - ranked #1 for catholic app, #2 for church tool, #2 for daily bread, #2 for news section,
"This was a wonderful way to pray during lent" - "With over 4,000 5-Star Reviews, we hope that you will agree that iMissal is the #1 Catholic App. iMissal has been granted an official Imprimatur from ...
#7. Prayer 2000+ Catholic Prayers by DivineOffice.org - ranked #1 for divine office, #1 for collection of prayers, #2 for prayer app, #2 for selection of prayers,
"I'm so glad that I found this way to pray " - "2000+ CATHOLIC PRAYERS in English, Latin, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, FrenchEasy-to-use, multi-language Christian Prayers database. The ultim...
#8. Rosary Deluxe Audio - ranked #20 for prayer app,
"My wife and I pray the rosary together to end our day" - "Rosary Deluxe Audio is the only application with complete text and audio of Rosary, Divine Mercy and Litany on iTunes. The graceful touch screen interf...
#9. Pocket Prayer Pro - Prayer Journal for Christian - ranked #8 for prayer app, #15 for backup restore,
"Go from Pray-er to Prayer Warrior with this app" - "Great news! Thank you so much for supporting Pocket Prayer Pro. Your support has bring more features and functions to the latest updates.It's finally h...
#10. Evening Prayer, Vespers - Audio Liturgy of the Hours by DivineOffice.org - ranked #4 for divine office, #7 for daily prayers,
"Thank you for making the Liturgy of the Hours available on iTunes" - "The Divine Office App is The Best Catholic iPhone and iPad App [About.com Reader's Choice Awards 2011, 2012 and 2013]. This app is an opportunity for y...
#11. Universalis
"Wonderful Aid to Prayer " - "Join the thousands of people who use Universalis daily!Daily psalms, prayers and readings from the Catholic Liturgy of the Hours, seven times a day: Mo...
#12. Athan Pro – Prayer Timings and Tracking - ranked #35 for muslims,
"My children want to pray now" - "Get accurate prayer timings and log your prayers! Athan app will help you achieve prayer discipline in your busy life by providing a fun and easy way t...
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