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"By far the best hypnosis app I have ever tried."
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"Look no further -- start here w/ your self hypnosis apps."
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"This is one of my best hypnosis apps."
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"UPDATE: May 21, 2013. Bug fixes. The pzizz sleep alarm has been fixed, alarm preview and retina support have been added. Thank you very much for you."
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"Its the only weight loss hypnosis app you need."
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"I am soundly asleep before the end of the hypnosis session."
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"I look forward to future hypnosis apps from him."
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"Love the main hypnosis session and the ambient tracks."
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"I also purchased his Healing Hypnosis app."
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"learn the benefits of self hypnosis."
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Top Hypnosis App Apps

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Smoke FREE - Finally Non Smoking ratings, reviews, and more.
Quit Smoking with Andrew Johnson ratings, reviews, and more.
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#1. I Can Be Fearless - Relax, remove fear and Anxiety - ranked #1 for hypnosis app, #1 for sleep so well, #2 for clear my mind, #3 for relaxation tool,
"By far the best hypnosis app I've used" - "Now get hold of popular learning programs directly on your iPhone, iPod or an iPad.Their “I Can Be Anything” catalog is certainly quite i...
#2. Free Hypnosis - ranked #2 for hypnosis app, #17 for wake up,
"This is the most effective hypnosis app that I've found" - "Free Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy and Self Development Audios by Joseph Clough - Celebrity Hypnotherapist, Trainer and Hay House Author.125 (over 50 hours!) F...
#3. Deep Sleep and Relaxation Hypnosis by Mindifi - Focus, Relax, Lower your Stress, and Cure Anxiety with Meditation - ranked #8 for hypnosis app, #12 for wake up early, #32 for relaxation app,
"This app is the best hypnosis app i have ever used" - "Celebrating over 1 Million Mindifi Listeners! #1 Medical app in the U.S. and 45 other Countries! See for yourself why so many people are using Mindifi'...
#4. Hypnosis Customizable Pack - ranked #7 for hypnosis app, #20 for get to sleep fast,
" Best hypnosis app I've found" - "This customizable Hypnosis pack allows you to be the controller and architect of your Hypnosis session. You get to choose over 6 unique ways of enterin...
#5. pzizz sleep - ranked #9 for ambiance app, #15 for helps me sleep,
- "UPDATE: May 21, 2013. Bug fixes. The pzizz sleep alarm has been fixed, alarm preview and retina support have been added. Thank you very much for you...
#6. Easy Weight Loss - ranked #5 for hypnosis app,
"By far the best hypnosis app " - "Winner of Best Fitness App at the 2013 Best Mobile App Awards, this powerful App combines four state of the art audio hypnosis sessions by Da...
#7. Sleep Deeply - ranked #16 for trouble sleeping, #28 for fall to sleep, #39 for clear my mind,
"2 sleep deeply hypnosis session " - "Would you like to clear your mind, relax deeply and drift off to sleep quickly and easily? Sleep Deeply is the winner of Best Medical App :: Best App E...
#8. Visualize Healing with Andrew Johnson - ranked #3 for weight lose,
"I have 5 of Andrews hypnosis apps " - "This application is intended to help people through meditative visualization.Andrew Johnson is a Clinical Hypnotherapist based in Ayrshire on the West ...
#9. Relax Now - Hypnosis for Deep Relaxation - ranked #2 for value compared, #15 for weight loss program,
"2 spoken personal hypnosis sessions " - "" I found Max Kirsten's "Relax Now" app to be totally relaxing, rejuvenating and refreshing, and I know you will too." Joseph Fiennes (Actor) in the 'F...
#10. Weight Loss Hypnosis 2 by Mindifi - Lose Fat Quick and Easy, Live a Balanced, Healthy Lifestyle through Mindful Eating, and Quickly Gain the Motivation to Exercise with Meditation for Men and Women
"This is a really interesting weight loss app"
#11. Freedom From Negative Feelings - ranked #9 for hypnosis app,
"The best hypnosis app " - "Let go of negative thoughts and feelings and silence unnecessary inner criticism with this powerful, hypnotic self development app.“The Ultimate...
#12. iCan Stop Drinking
- "Learn the benefits of Self HypnosisProblems with alcohol are a common occurrence in today’s culture and can range in intensity from strong cravi...
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