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"Makes me feel like I'm in vegas playing real slot machines."
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"I recommend it to anyone who likes playing the slot machines."
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"I think it must be very similar to real slot machines."
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"Love playing these types of slot machines in the Bahamas."
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"You do that enough at the real slot machines."
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"Fun way to play the slot machines without emptying ones wallet."
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"Always use the slot machine when I'm in unfirmiliar areas."
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"This simulation is excellent reproduction of slot machines found in casinos."
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"I love the monster and Forrest slot machines."
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"Nice selection of slot machines and a great bonus system."
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"This game has a variety of slot machines for your entertainment."
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Top Free Slot Machines Apps

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#1. Slotomania - Free Video Slots Games - ranked #1 for slot game, #4 for variety of slots, #7 for mindless entertainment, #10 for variety of games,
"Its fun and as tight like real slot machines at the casinos" - "Play Slotomania, the #1 social video slots game online! With over 55 slot games to choose from and tons of bonus features, you’re guaranteed non...
#2. Slots Journey - ranked #5 for gamblers, #6 for slot game, #7 for slot action, #21 for passing time,
"looks cool and does bonus games like real slot machines " - "slot simulator – absolutely FREE.◄NO PAY – JUST PLAY!►-Get 400 Coins for FREE after installation!-Grab FREE COINS as Hourly...
#3. Slotomania HD - Free Video Slots Games - ranked #2 for slot machine, #3 for variety of slots, #11 for killing time, #11 for mindless fun,
"Great number of different slot machines to play" - "Play Slotomania, the #1 social video slots game online! With over 55 slot games to choose from and tons of bonus features, you’re guaranteed non...
#4. Slots™ - ranked #1 for auto spin, #1 for slot action, #1 for slot machine, #1 for auto spin feature,
"I love the Slotomania Slot Machines and the money" - "Wow! Over 20,000 five star reviews worldwide! Thank you for your support!The #1 slot machine game with popular Vegas themes. Play FREE forever!The exci...
#5. Slots - Pharaoh's Way - ranked #1 for slot machine, #1 for slot game, #5 for auto spin, #5 for casino action,
"Just like the slot machines at the casino" - "••• Download the best multi-slot experience for free today! •••Fun, excitement and entertainment! Welcome to ...
#6. Slots - myVEGAS Free Las Vegas Casino & New Chips Bonus - ranked #14 for bonus rounds, #16 for get rewards, #22 for casino game, #34 for slot game,
"I recommend the game to anyone who likes slot machines " - "PLAY THE #1 FREE CASINO APP IN iTunes Great Games, Amazing Rewards! myVEGAS is a free-to-play casual slot game that offers players a chance to earn re...
#7. Urbanspoon - Restaurant & Food Reviews - ranked #1 for resturant app, #1 for food lovers, #1 for local food, #1 for travel aid,
"People also get a kick out of the slot machine interface" - "Can't decide where to eat? Urbanspoon can help. SHAKE your iPhone and the Urbanspoon slot machine will suggest a restaurant. DISCOVER great new places ...
#8. DoubleDown Casino - FREE Slots, Blackjack, Roulette & Video Poker - ranked #1 for casino game, #2 for slots game, #5 for video poker, #5 for slot action,
"Pretty cool slot machines & great bonus games" - "*Note* DoubleDown Casino is optimized for iOS 7. Please update your software for an optimal experience.Experience the BIG WIN of Las Vegas in the large...
#9. Big Fish Casino – Free Slots, Vegas Slots & Slot Tournaments! Plus Poker, Cards, 21 and more! - ranked #1 for big fish, #1 for casino action, #5 for play blackjack, #6 for texas holdem,
"Could use more mini games for slot machines " - "Get lucky and strike it rich in all your favorite Casino games in the #1 FREE to play Casino app in the world!Big Fish Casino gives you the chance to W...
#10. Hit it Rich! Free Casino Slots - ranked #7 for variety of slots, #9 for casino game, #29 for slot machine, #35 for selection of games,
"It's just like the slot machines in the casinos" - "Follow the yellow brick road to riches in THE WIZARD OF OZ™! Win big with THE TERMINATOR™! Go for glam in SEX IN THE CITY™! And ...
#11. Slots Journey HD - ranked #1 for odds of winning, #2 for past time game, #4 for slot game, #5 for slot machine,
"Love slot machines and the journey idea is great" - "#slot simulator – absolutely FREE. ◄NO PAY – JUST PLAY!► -Get 400 Coins for FREE after installation!-Grab FREE COINS as Ho...
#12. GSN Casino – Wheel of Fortune Slots, Ghostbusters Slots, Deal or No Deal Slots, Diamond Royale High Roller Slots, Video Bingo, Video Poker and more! - ranked #1 for slots game, #1 for wheel of fortune, #2 for auto spin, #2 for variety of games,
"Enjoying my slot machines in the comfort of my home" - "The world’s BEST casino app – free slots, bingo, poker, and blackjack! Wheel of Fortune Slots- Go for the JACKPOT! It’s a casino t...
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