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"Period Tracker Lite allows me to track my cycle and my flow."
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"It's the best period tracker app that I've come across."
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"Perfect period tracker and very cute backgrounds as well."
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"I like this the best out of all the period tracker apps."
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"I absolutely love this app as a period tracker."
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"It is easier to use than the other period tracker apps."
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"This is the best period tracker /predictor I have used."
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"It's better than those fancy looking apps like period tracker."
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"This is the best free period tracking app I have found."
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"Probably the best period tracker app out there."
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Top Free Period Tracker Apps

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#1. Period Tracker Lite - ranked #1 for period tracker, #1 for cycle tracker, #2 for plan ahead, #2 for young girls,
"I've been using Period Tracker Lite for about 2-3 years" - "===========================For even more features and functions, check out the FULL version of this app: Period Tracker Deluxe!========================...
#2. Period Tracker ! - ranked #3 for period tracker, #5 for girly app, #8 for cycle tracker, #8 for symptom tracker,
"This is the best period tracker app I've used yet" - "The best period tracking app for iOS 7!This app offers a classy, pleasant and discrete interface to track your periods, daily moods, health symptoms, n...
#3. Period Diary (Period, Fertile & Ovulation Tracker) - ranked #1 for diary app, #1 for tracking my cycle, #1 for keeping track of my cycle, #1 for keep track of my menstrual cycle,
"The most accurate period tracker app I have ever used" - "Period Diary is a unique, fully animated and the most complete period and ovulation tracker. This sophisticated and unique product makes your everyday ...
#4. Pink Pad Period & Fertility Tracker Free - ranked #1 for young girls, #1 for pink pad, #1 for fertility days, #1 for drink water reminder,
"A lot more accurate then other period tracker apps " - "TRUSTED BY MILLIONS OF WOMEN - TENS OF MILLIONS HEALTH RELATED QUESTIONS & ANSWERS - BY THE MAKERS OF BABYBUMPPink Pad is a period and fertility tr...
#5. iPeriod Period Tracker Free - Menstrual Calendar - ranked #1 for irregular periods, #5 for know what to expect, #8 for teens, #8 for valuable information,
"This is the best period tracker out there" - ""A must-have Personal Assistant" - GLO.MSN.COM"Top iPhone App for Busy Women" - FORBES"...a simple yet ingenious application"- POPULAR SCIENCE"Health R...
#6. Monthly Cycles - Period Tracker, Menstrual Calendar & Ovulation / Fertility Diary - ranked #3 for menstrual calendar, #3 for keep track of my moods, #5 for tracking my cycle, #10 for plan ahead,
"This one is more accurate than my other period tracker " - "Monthly Cycles is a personalized and easy to use tool to track, monitor and manage your monthly menstrual cycles. The program calculates your fertile d...
#7. My Days - Period & Ovulation ™ - ranked #2 for chat room, #2 for cycle tracker, #2 for tracking device, #3 for husbands,
"Best and easiest period tracker I have found to dated" - ""*** ABSOLUTLY LOVE IT ***, I came pregnant after 2 Month using it ! Thanks 2 My Days"Easy tracking and predicting period, ovulation and fertility. Now...
#8. Free Menstrual Calendar - Period Tracker and Ovulation Calculator - ranked #1 for women's app, #1 for menstrual calendar, #3 for keep track every month, #5 for plan ahead,
"I only use this as a period tracker " - "Free Menstrual Calendar is an easy to use calendar to record and predict your periods and fertile days.With this App you can: * Record and predict y...
#9. Period Plus (Menstrual, Fertile, Ovulation, Calendar, Tracker, Affirmations & POPSUGAR for Deluxe Women Cycle Lite) - ranked #6 for period diary, #10 for menstrual calendar, #13 for pink pad, #26 for plan ahead,
"I downloaded a few free period apps" - "JOIN OVER ONE MILLION PERIOD PLUS USERS. "7 Amazing apps for a teenage girl to keep her busy…" - AllWomenStalk.comPeriod Plus is exactly what yo...
#10. My Cycles Period and Ovulation Tracker - Fertility Calendar and Diary for Women Seeking to get Pregnant or Track your Menstrual Cycle with this Woman’s Health App - ranked #5 for cycle tracker, #5 for symptom tracker, #7 for cycle app, #7 for young girls,
"This is the best period tracker I've had" - "Get the best period and ovulation tracker now! My Cycles takes all the guesswork out of tracking your period and predicting your fertile window. Trying...
#11. Clue - Period Tracker - ranked #13 for cycle tracker, #17 for cycle app,
"Definitely the best period tracker I have had" - "CLUE IS A BEAUTIFUL AND EASY-TO-USE PERIOD & OVULATION TRACKER.Whether you want to get pregnant, be prepared for your next period or understand you...
#12. Period Tracker, Fertility & Ovulation Calculator, Women's Health & Wellness Diary, Irregular Menstrual Calendar & Journal App Designed to Track Female Monthly Cycle, Monitor Moods & Symptoms, PMS, Pregnancy Planning & Birth Control Reminders - LifeCycle - ranked #18 for keeping track of my cycle,
"Definitely the best period tracker app with sleek ui" - "Lifecycle is the best women's health app on the App Store. Track your period, predict your fertile days, keep a diary, and so much more.USER REVIEWS&#x...
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