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"This is the best movie maker there has ever been."
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"Could also be put to good use by amateur movie makers."
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"Beats windows movie maker and ITS AN APP LOL."
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"It's better than the iMovie and windows movie maker."
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"I swear this is better than windows movie maker for your computer."
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"Anything you could really ask for in a video/ movie maker."
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"The best video/ movie maker I've used on the iPhone."
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"Best movie maker I made so many great movies my favorite app."
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"I would highly recommend this app for all movie makers."
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"Funny Movie Maker works okay and provides a lot of laughs."
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"Pretty much like Movie Maker on the computer."
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"By far the best movie maker app I've used."
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Top Free Movie Maker Apps

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iMovie ratings, reviews, and more.
Draw Something Free ratings, reviews, and more.
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#1. Magisto - Magical Video Editor - ranked #1 for movie maker, #2 for video editor, #5 for make music videos, #11 for capture memories,
"This is the best movie maker I have ever used" - "Magisto is a fun and easy way to automatically edit videos and photos and share them with your friends and family. Magisto will turn your video and pho...
#2. Action Movie FX - ranked #1 for novelty app, #3 for movie editing, #3 for funny videos, #3 for really funny,
"Easy to use - even for novice movie makers " - "Apple's App of the Year 2012ACTION MOVIE FX lets you add Hollywood FX to iPhone AND iPad movies that YOU shoot!All the action is better! Your previous ...
#3. MakeMyMovie free - Professional slideshow movie maker - ranked #2 for slide show, #6 for movie maker, #9 for movie editing, #13 for animated background,
"This movie maker app is pretty good" - "Make My Movie (MakeMyMovie in IOS App Store) App will turn your photos into sensational movies by adding beautiful animations and music to it for Free....
#4. Video Star - ranked #1 for make music, #1 for movie making, #4 for cool effects, #4 for awesome effects,
"This is the best movie maker app ever" - "Video Star makes you and your friends the stars of awesome music videos. There's no other app like it!Select from hundreds of built-in effects. Then ad...
#5. Splice - Video Editor and Photo Slideshow Maker - ranked #1 for transition effects, #3 for music video, #3 for video editor, #3 for movie maker,
"it's cheap and is almost like windows movie maker with ur iPod" - ""With all the...not so great apps out there...it was a breath of fresh air to try your app." - AppAdvice.comSplice together HD photos and videos in an ...
#6. VStudio Free - Video Editor and movie maker studio for Vine, Instagram - ranked #29 for video editor, #61 for make your pics, #66 for uploading pictures, #305 for change my life,
" Best movie app I've downloaded in awhile" - "VStudio is an easy video editor with comfortable editing options, filters and many other effects for your videos.

1. Tri...
#7. Animoto Video Maker - ranked #1 for slide show, #3 for photo video, #3 for photo gallery, #5 for movie maker,
"Everything works well Easy to be a movie maker " - "Make fun videos wherever you are, with photos and video clips from your Camera Roll. Choose from one of our sleek video styles, add a song, and you...
#8. Video Editor FREE - ranked #3 for video editor, #4 for make music videos, #14 for movie maker, #25 for video camera,
" BEST movie maker ive worked with yet" - "*Add PHOTOS, MUSIC, VOICES, and TRANSITIONS to your video to create unique photo slideshows for just 99 cents!*The FAST and EASY TO USE video editor th...
#9. Video Merger FREE - Combine Multiple Videos into One Video - ranked #11 for make music videos, #25 for video editing, #47 for video quality, #265 for get gift cards,
"Great 4 movie makers " - "Want to Merge Videos? then Download our Free Video Merger app to your iPhone, iPod or iPad, and easily merge videos on your device. Instagram app recen...
#10. Funny Movie Maker - Replace Your Face - ranked #5 for movie maker, #373 for get gift cards, #815 for taking pictures, #838 for spend my money,
"Omg funny movie maker is so much fun I just love it" - "Instantly create hilarious movies to share with friends. Choose any face — photos of friends, celebrities, politicians or yourself — and ...
#11. Video Maker Free - Create Video Slide show for FREE - ranked #29 for video effects, #110 for video editing, #180 for make videos, #441 for editing photos,
"just use our app as a movie maker " - "VideoMaker App will turn your photos into sensational movies by adding beautiful animations and music to it for Free. It allows you to selectthe Theme/...
#12. Replay Video Editor - Make Movies with editing effects and music - ranked #5 for video clips, #6 for video editing, #10 for video effects, #16 for movie maker,
"-mini movie maker " - "**** UK App of the Year 2014 ****Make amazing videos! Super easy, really fast. Add up to 200 photos/videos. 22 beautiful Video Styles. Join 4M people w...
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