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"Best and easiest money tracking app for the iPhone."
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"The best personal money tracking /management app for iPhone."
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"Does everything i need a simple money tracking tool to do."
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"I've tried many money tracking apps."
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"One of the best money tracking apps."
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"The combination of money tracking and protection is just awesome."
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"Great Money tracking app."
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"personal money tracking for iphone and ipod touch."
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"Best money tracking app."
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"Perfect money tracking app."
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"'CashFlow Free' is a simple asset management software.You can manage your daily cash income/outgo, bank, credit card accounts.Features of CashFlow Free."
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"The best App for money tracking."
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Top Free Money Tracking Apps

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#1. Mint Personal Finance - ranked #1 for get an overview, #1 for budgeting tool, #1 for web service, #1 for financial program,
"By far the best money tracking app out there" - "ACCOLADES – See why over 13 million people trust Mint.· App Store: Hall of Fame (2013)· CNN Money: Best Apps To Manage...
#2. Check – Bill pay, money, bank & credit card manager - ranked #1 for finance app, #1 for pay bills, #1 for checking accounts, #1 for email alerts,
" Money tracking bill alerts balances soo useful" - "Check is an award-winning app that stays on top of your bills & money for you, so you never miss a bill or get hit with overdraft & late fees a...
#3. Checkbook HD Free - Personal Finance - ranked #1 for checkbook app, #1 for tracking money, #1 for multiple accounts, #1 for electronic checkbook,
"Has all the features you'd want in a money tracking app" - "Checkbook HD Free offers you a quick and simple way of managing your personal finances. Luxurious iPad-oriented design (check the screenshots). Easy sy...
#4. Spending Tracker - ranked #1 for tracking spending, #2 for pie graph, #2 for personal finance tool, #3 for pie chart,
"Makes money tracking very simple" - "Spending Tracker is the easiest and most user friendly Personal Finance App in the store. And best of all, it's free! "Amazingly easy, and a great tool...
#5. iSpending - Expense Tracker - ranked #1 for track income, #2 for expense tracker, #2 for control my spending, #7 for personal financial,
"Of all the expense tracking apps " - "If you are looking for the best personal finance application, this is the app for you and it's free! Millions of downloads cannot be wrong!iSpending he...
#6. BillGuard - Money Tracker & Personal Finance - ranked #3 for monitor your credit, #6 for keep track of my spending, #7 for financial apps, #7 for personal finance,
"This is the best money tracking budget saving app to exist" - "TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR MONEY Stay on top of your spending, lower your bills at your favorite places, and protect your cards from unwanted charges with th...
#7. Goodbudget (EEBA Budget) - ranked #1 for envelope system, #2 for budget app, #2 for budgeting tool, #4 for keep my finances,
" Great money app" - "Stay on budget with virtual envelopes! EEBA, the Easy Envelope Budget Aid keeps you on track!** Leading online envelope budgeting tool on iPhone featur...
#8. Piggie - ranked #5 for finance tracking, #6 for money tracking, #31 for personal finance,
" Great money tracking app ever" - "Personal Money Tracking for iPhone and iPod Touch Featured in New and Noteworthy/What's Hot in 76 countries guardian.co.uk - consumer app of the week -...
#9. iXpenseIt Lite (Expense + Income = Cash flow & Budget) - ranked #6 for expense tracking, #12 for budget my money, #12 for finance tracking, #12 for pie chart,
"Best money tracking app " - " "Best iPhone apps" - CNN Money Magazine 50 Most Useful iPhone Apps (Best Expenses App) - LAPTOP Magazine. "Best iPhone Apps: Office and Personal Produ...
#10. LearnVest - ranked #4 for money management tool, #5 for managing your finances, #6 for budgeting tool,
"Perfect money tracking app" - "Make progress on your money:•Get step-by-step guidance from an expert•Track your spending and saving•Set goals and work towards th...
#11. CashFlow Free - ranked #9 for money management tool,
- "'CashFlow Free' is a simple asset management software.You can manage your daily cash income/outgo, bank, credit card accounts.Features of CashFlow Free...
#12. Money Monitor Free – Account, Budget, Bill, Checkbook and Cashflow Manager - ranked #4 for finance tracker, #8 for control my spending, #9 for bill reminder, #13 for organizing bills,
"The best App for money tracking " - "Get Money Monitor now, the most comprehensive personal finance management application!You can track and organize all your transactions, accounts, budge...
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