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"couldn't figure out why google voice app didn't work."
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"Meaning Google voice kept breaking up during a business call."
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"I've actually had less bugs using Line 2 than google voice."
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"This app works a million times better than the Google Voice App."
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"Finally we get the official google voice app for the iPhone."
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"I used google voice for a yr before finding this app."
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"I'm using this with Google Voice + Gizmo5 + sipsorcery."
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"You have a much better transcriber than Google Voice."
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"ported my number to Google voice for $20 one time fee."
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"Rebtel outweighes google voice by levels in voice clearity."
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"I like this app better than google voice."
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"This is what google voice should have done long time ago."
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Top Free Google Voice Apps

#1. Talkatone - Free Text Messages, SMS Texting and Phone Voice Call App with Facebook - ranked #2 for voip calling, #2 for speed internet, #3 for voip app, #4 for gv app,
"I've been waiting for a google voice app for months" - "Free calls & texts via WiFi or cellular data, no cell minutes usedFree inbound calls, free SMS texting, free monthly outbound minutes Unlimited fre...
#2. Skype for iPhone - ranked #1 for make videos, #2 for video chat, #4 for voip app, #4 for video call,
"I have google voice forward calls to my Skype number" - "Say “hello” to the new Skype for iPhone.Remastered to put your conversations with the people who matter most at your fingertips.Stay in t...
#3. Line2 - Second Number on Your Phone - ranked #2 for call block, #3 for wifi connection, #5 for google voice, #9 for save money,
"Works like a charm - better than Google Voice " - "Get a second phone line on your iPhone! Line2 is a VoIP phone service that lets you call & text from a separate phone number via WiFi or 3G/4G/LTE....
#4. Vlingo - Voice App - ranked #1 for siri alternative, #3 for dictation app, #3 for speech recognition, #7 for sending sms,
"the App is amazing and blew the google voice app away" - "Looking for a voice activated virtual assistant on your iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4? Look no further. In addition to search, messaging, voice dialing and ...
#5. Google Voice - ranked #1 for voip calling, #1 for gv service, #3 for gv app, #17 for voice to text,
"There's a lot of potential to an official google voice app " - "Access your Google Voice account right from your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.Send free text messages to US phones and make international calls at very ...
#6. Text Me! - Free Texting + Free Phone Calls + Free Video Call - ranked #2 for free calling, #9 for texting friends, #11 for video chat, #16 for watching videos,
"Beats out google voice " - "The Best FREE TEXTING App on the Store with FREE VOICE and VIDEO CALLS now optimized for iOS8NEW - GET FREE CREDITS TO CALL OR TEXT ANY NUMBER IN 200 C...
#7. Nimbuzz Messenger - ranked #2 for skype app, #3 for landscape keyboard, #4 for voip calling, #4 for chat application,
"Works great for sip calling and google voice " - "Free messages, Free Calls. Unlimited! Now, call and send messages as much as you want!Nimbuzz Messenger combines the power of internet and smart phone ...
#8. YouMail Visual Voicemail - ranked #1 for vm app, #1 for voicemail app, #1 for visual voicemail, #1 for call block,
"You're getting closer to competing with Google voice " - "YouMail turns your iPhone into your Personal Assistant – Nearly 5 Billion Calls Answered! Over 6 Million users have saved precious time, provide...
#9. RingCentral - ranked #2 for small business owners, #2 for fax feature, #4 for visual voicemail, #12 for cloud based,
"Why Apple allowed this and didn't allow Google Voice " - "Download the RingCentral app for iPhone and iPad — the essential application to your RingCentral business phone system. Manage your phone system...
#10. Cheap International Calls & SMS | Rebtel - ranked #1 for international calling, #2 for calling card, #4 for quality calls, #5 for sending sms,
"This will give an edge over google voice and Skype" - "Call mobiles and landlines abroad with Rebtel. Rebtel converts international calls to local calls so you can talk at the world's cheapest rates.Why Use...
#11. Text Free: Free Calling App + Free Texting App with Textfree - ranked #6 for texting app, #10 for texting friends, #14 for ipod users, #20 for google voice,
"I like this better than google voice " - "FREE CALLING + TEXTING APP for both the US and Canada.Choose your own local number for FREE. Others force some random number on you and make you pay f...
#12. magicApp Free Calls - ranked #1 for dropped calls, #1 for wifi connection, #13 for google voice, #19 for text feature,
" Google Voice serves their purposes well and admirably" - "Make FREE unlimited calls over WiFi or 3G/4G/LTE to the U.S. and Canada with magicApp. Call family and friends worldwide and save money on internation...
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