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"Really nice crisp HD wallpapers keep adding more regularly."
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"The other wallpaper apps i donloaded didnt have celibrities in it."
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"Has some cool wallpapers and best of all it is free."
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"000 wallpapers because it has high heels."
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"This app is one of the best wallpaper apps I've found."
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"500 new hd wallpapers added everyday."
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"This app is the best wallpaper app on the app store."
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"All wallpaper apps should look to the gelaskins team for guidance."
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"I would recommend this app to anyone who wants cute wallpapers."
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"The best wallpapers rule."
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"oh my gosh this is the best wallpaper app I've ever gotten."
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"Great app lets you make your own wallpaper excellent app good job."
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Top Free Wallpaper Apps

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#1. Wallpapers HD for iPhone, iPod and iPad - ranked #1 for hd pictures, #2 for hd photos, #2 for wall paper, #2 for quality pics,
"Amazing hd wallpapers only app I use for wallpapers" - "Wallpapers HD - The only app available with thousands of high definition wallpapers for you to download for any iOS device.Our artists have been workin...
#2. CoolPapers - The Best Wallpapers & Backgrounds - ranked #5 for cool images, #6 for selection of pics, #8 for hd photos, #8 for quality wallpapers,
"This is one of the better free wallpaper apps available" - "CoolPapers is the ultimate wallpaper app providing you with 5 free downloads. Unlimited downloads are available easily via an In App purchase. CoolPape...
#3. Icon Skins for iOS7 FREE - ranked #1 for back grounds, #1 for selection of skins, #2 for cool designs, #3 for cool icons,
"There are some pretty cool wallpapers on here" - "All content is updated and optimized for iOS7 parallax effect, without stretching the images you are getting tailored, qualitative and FREE backgrounds...
#4. 10000+ Wallpapers HD - ranked #4 for hd wallpaper, #4 for wall paper, #6 for awesome wallpapers, #11 for wp app,
" 000 wallpapers for better selections" - "10,000+ Wallpapers! All Retina! All High Quality! Pimp your screen... for FREE! Attention iOS 6 Users: Some users report that they can't save wallpaper...
#5. HD Wallpapers Stand - ranked #1 for variety of pictures, #5 for icon skins, #34 for picture quality,
"It is the best wallpaper app I have downloaded yet" - "This app is optimized both for iPhone and iPad! Wallpapers are 640x960 for iPhone/iPod Touch and 1024x1024 for iPad!Features:● Clean and stunnin...
#6. HD Wallpapers & Backgrounds – Cool Free Retina Home Screen Images for iOS 7 & iOS 6 - ranked #4 for hd wallpapers, #5 for awesome wallpapers, #7 for hd photos, #8 for hd pics,
" HD wallpapers and Backgrounds" - "●●● Featured in iTunes in 30+ Countries ●●●The #1 Ranked (in more than 50 countries) Best Wallpaper app with ...
#7. All-IN-1 Wallpapers Box HD & Retina Backgrounds Free - ranked #13 for hd wallpapers, #20 for wall paper, #22 for cool wallpapers, #23 for personalize your phone,
"This is the best wallpaper app on the app store" - "With 11,000+ of 640x960 HD wallpapers specially for iPhone 4 Retina display, and more every day, Retina Wallpaper HD is the most full-featured, versati...
#8. Wallpapers by GelaSkins - ranked #24 for wallpaper apps,
"different from all the other wallpaper apps out there" - "We at GelaSkins are proud purveyors of artist-designed, removable covers for iPhone, iPad, iPod and many more devices. We created this app so you can e...
#9. CocoPPa - Japan Kawaii (cute) icons&homescreen - ranked #2 for personalize your iphone, #3 for girly app, #4 for customize your phone, #15 for cool designs,
" Cute wallpapers / icons and easy to figure out" - "Decorate your home screens for FREE!You can download shortcut icons and wallpapers!!New Cute Customization Packs of Hello Kitty, SNOOPY are now availab...
#10. Glow Backgrounds - ranked #28 for personalize your phone,
"The best wallpaper ever" - "******************The ORIGINAL and Most AMAZING GLOW BACKGROUNDS!Hit #1 Top Paid US Entertainment App (Pro Version)Download it TODAY for FREE!*********...
#11. Love Quotes Wallpapers - ranked #1 for walpaper app,
"this is a wonderful wallpaper app " - "All kinds of love quotes wallpapers in the palm of your hands.If you have comments or suggestions to help us make it better, please let us know by leav...
#12. CoCoBokeh Wallpaper for iOS7 Xmas Special Edition - ranked #12 for cool backgrounds, #14 for background options,
"I love all the chooses it give you to make your own wallpaper " - "In order to thank everyone for the support of CoCoBokeh, This version we strongly launched a iPad version of dream wallpaper! In addition to adding new...
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