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"These pics are great - much better than other wallpaper apps."
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"Really nice crisp HD wallpapers keep adding more regularly."
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"Well made app with awesome HD wallpapers you can download anytime."
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"The other wallpaper apps i donloaded didnt have celibrities in it."
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"This is the best wallpaper app that I've ever downloaded."
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"Has some cool wallpapers and best of all it is free."
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"This app is one of the best wallpaper apps I've found."
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"This app gives you free wallpapers and cool games to play."
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"This app is the best wallpaper app on the app store."
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"Best wallpaper app on the app store guaranteed."
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"I have downloaded 3 wallpaper apps in April."
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"I love this app you can make really cool wallpapers with it."
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Top Free Wallpaper Apps

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#1. Backgrounds - ranked #1 for different backgrounds, #1 for variety of backgrounds, #3 for cool backgrounds, #5 for high quality images,
"And it's better than any of the other wallpaper apps " - "iPhone 5 640x1136 Hi-Resolution Retina Backgrounds* 10,000+ Backgrounds from 100+ Artists and our Design Team. New Backgrounds added daily - check back...
#2. Wallpapers HD for iPhone, iPod and iPad - ranked #1 for hd pictures, #1 for wallpaper choices, #2 for high quality images, #3 for cool choices,
"Amazing hd wallpapers only app I use for wallpapers" - "Wallpapers HD - The only app available with thousands of high definition wallpapers for you to download for any iOS device.Our artists have been workin...
#3. HD Wallpapers & Backgrounds - Lock Screen & Home Screen Themes & Skins - ranked #1 for variety of wallpapers, #3 for awesome wallpapers, #4 for selection of pics, #5 for hd photos,
" Hd wallpapers is THE BEST place to get your favorite wallpapers" - "●●● Featured in iTunes in 30+ Countries ●●●The #1 Ranked (in more than 50 countries) Best Wallpaper app with ...
#4. CoolPapers - The Best Wallpapers & Backgrounds - ranked #5 for high quality wallpapers, #6 for cool images, #7 for selection of pics, #9 for hd photos,
"This is one of the better free wallpaper apps available" - "CoolPapers is the ultimate wallpaper app providing you with 5 free downloads. Unlimited downloads are available easily via an In App purchase. CoolPape...
#5. 10000+ Wallpaper for iOS 8, iOS 7, iPhone, iPod and iPad - ranked #2 for hd wallpaper, #4 for anime app, #4 for wall paper, #4 for awesome wallpapers,
"This is the best wallpaper app I ever Downloaded in ages" - "ALL NEW UPDATED APP. Get it now!10,000+ Wallpapers! All Retina! All High Quality!Pimp your screen... for FREE!Now works for both iOS 8 & iOS 71) En...
#6. Icon Skins ™ : Wallpapers for your iPhone - ranked #1 for icon skins, #1 for back grounds, #1 for selection of skins, #2 for cool backgrounds,
"There are some pretty cool wallpapers on here" - "High quality, original and unique Icon Skins optimized for iPhone. You get top quality, free, seasonal wallpapers for your device every week! Downlo...
#7. HD Wallpapers Stand - ranked #6 for icon skins, #7 for hd pics, #7 for quality wallpapers, #8 for variety of pics,
" One of the best wallpaper apps I have ever used" - "Big boom! Wallpaper HD just released a new version. New UI, better service, greater experience.*Tons of wallpapers, there are always some which will to...
#8. PINK Nation - ranked #1 for pink nation, #9 for awesome deals, #9 for photo filters, #16 for online shopping,
"And one of my favorite free wallpapers here and there" - "Introducing the all-new Victoria’s Secret PINK Nation iPhone® app! Completely revamped with even more exclusive content and instant access ...
#9. All-IN-1 Wallpapers Box HD & Retina Backgrounds Free - ranked #6 for backgrounds app, #14 for hd wallpapers, #26 for wall paper, #31 for personalize your phone,
"This is the best wallpaper app on the app store" - "With 11,000+ of 640x960 HD wallpapers specially for iPhone 4 Retina display, and more every day, Retina Wallpaper HD is the most full-featured, versati...
#10. Icon Skins Builder FREE - Create Custom Home Screen Backgrounds and Wallpapers - ranked #2 for zebra print, #3 for icon skins, #7 for customize your phone, #10 for cool backgrounds,
"It's better then the ones on wallpaper apps " - "Personalize your iPhone home screen with: Icon frames, Shelves, Decorations and Backgrounds and show to friends how cool and OUTSTANDING your iPhone lo...
#11. 10,000+ LockScreens with ActiveBlur for iOS 8 - ranked #8 for hd pics, #8 for selection of images, #10 for image quality, #21 for variety of pictures,
"Better than most wallpaper apps " - "Unlock a hidden collection of over 10,000+ lock screen wallpapers on your iPhone or iPad... Outstanding Lock Screens and Home Screens. The revolutionar...
#12. Unique Locks Free - Pimp Out a Custom Wallpaper for Lock Screen - ranked #1 for cool themes, #3 for cool designs, #8 for back grounds, #12 for lock screen,
"It has really good quality and really cool wallpapers " - "Customize your lock screen with UniqueLocks!We meticulously designed the most exquisite LockScreen wallpapers for you!Included Features:- Unique Lock S...
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