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"The pedometer app gives you all kinds of useful stats."
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"Works better than many other pedometer apps plus many other features."
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"A full-featured pedometer app that has everything I could want."
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"Works as advertised…the best Pedometer app available."
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"It's the most precise and accurate pedometer app I have used."
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"What you would expect out of a free pedometer app."
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"This is one of the best pedometer apps on the market."
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"This is easily the best pedometer app available."
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"This is great FREE pedometer app with a sleek layout."
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"simple pedometer apps and I think I've found it."
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"We hear you. Weight loss isn’t easy. That’s why we created a weight-loss system for your body and a support system for your brain. The We."
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Top Free Pedometer Apps

#1. Walk with Map My Walk - GPS Walking, Jogging, Step and Activity Tracking, Running, Coaching, Heart Rate, and Workout Tracking for Diet Weight Loss - ranked #1 for walkers, #1 for keep track of distance, #1 for exercise tool, #1 for walking companion,
"Definitely the best pedometer app I've come across" - "Start walking with the MapMyWalk community. Record GPS-based activities to view detailed stats; connect with 400+ devices to import and analyze all you...
#2. Pedometer FREE - ranked #1 for pedometer app, #2 for walking companion, #5 for keep track of distance, #7 for gps map,
"This is the best free pedometer app out there" - "More than 5,000,000 people around the world are using our pedometers!✭✭✭ Measurement of 6 parameters and easy-to-use interface...
#3. Pacer - Pedometer plus Weight and BMI Management and Blood Pressure Tracker - ranked #5 for sync option, #7 for pedometer app, #11 for sync capability, #11 for activity tracker,
"Someone pointed out pedometer apps as a great way to go" - "*** Now syncs your data to Apple Health automatically ***Get Active, lose weight, lower your blood pressure, live longer, and feel better. Download no...
#4. Pedometer FREE GPS + - ranked #3 for running walking, #4 for pedometer app, #5 for gps map, #5 for map option,
"This has been the easiest pedometer app I have found" - "More than 5,000,000 people around the world are using our pedometers!➤ Pedometer FREE GPS + turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a powerful GPS ...
#5. Pedometer Ultimate GPS + - ranked #1 for fitness partner, #2 for gps map, #3 for gps function, #3 for walking companion,
"This is the best pedometer app period" - "More than 5,000,000 people around the world are using our pedometers! Pedometer Ultimate GPS + incorporates the amazing features of iOS to turn your mo...
#6. Argus - Pedometer, Run, Cycle achieve your fitness and weight loss goals with the ultimate activity tracker by Azumio - ranked #2 for health tracker, #5 for activity tracker, #5 for drink more water, #6 for timeline feature,
"I like argus because it's a pretty swell pedometer app " - "Featured in Apple's new TV Ad - Strength! and all over the web and on Apple's home page. You DON'T need a dedicated pedometer to know how many steps yo...
#7. Runtastic Pedometer Step Counter & Walking Tracker - ranked #6 for point system, #8 for pedometer app, #10 for fitness pal, #19 for auto pause,
"why runtastic pedometer app features include" - "The only pedometer that works anywhere on your body - download it now! No set up needed, just push a button, start walking & get healthy. What ...
#8. Walkathon + Fitness Games by Striiv - ranked #3 for competitive nature, #11 for pedometer app, #13 for fitness app, #17 for fitness tool,
"This is the best pedometer app I've seen" - "Every step with Striiv counts as a donation to charity at no cost to you. We've partnered with GlobalGiving, so when you walk to lunch or go shopping, ...
#9. Pedometer++ - ranked #9 for pedometer app, #23 for ui update, #43 for week view, #53 for proof of concept,
"This is the best pedometer app I've found" - "Take advantage of the step counting capabilities in your iPhone to improve your health. Pedometer++ lets you easily keep track of your daily and weekly...
#10. Moves - ranked #4 for data export, #6 for health tracking, #10 for activity tracker, #15 for battery saving,
"A great pedometer app that also tracks" - "Moves automatically tracks your everyday exercise, commuting and time spent in important places. Just carry your phone in your pocket or bag. NEW IN MO...
#11. Breeze - Pedometer, walk tracker, activity log and movement coach made simple - ranked #2 for visual design, #10 for pedometer app, #10 for activity tracker, #24 for challenge yourself,
"There are lots of pedometer apps out there now" - "Breeze helps you effortlessly improve your fitness by giving you guidance and motivation to be more active every day, using your iPhone 5S. Breeze unl...
#12. Weight Watchers Mobile - ranked #1 for scanner app, #1 for activity tracker, #1 for tracking meals, #1 for weight tracker,
- "We hear you. Weight loss isn’t easy. That’s why we created a weight-loss system for your body and a support system for your brain. The We...
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