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"I have created multiple custom workouts for different days."
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"or download custom workouts from http sworkit."
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"I use this app all the time to create new workouts."
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"All I know to do is create a new workout with new labels."
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"I love being able to create my own workouts."
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"This app is perfect to create a workout plan."
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"create custom workouts directly in the app."
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"quickly and easily create your own workouts."
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"The ability to create your own workouts."
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"create a new workout and hold then drag particular exercises to the workout."
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"wellness4one Personal Fitness provides a lightweight interface to the free wellness4one.com health and fitness community. This application gives you ac."
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Top Free Create Your Own Workouts Apps

#1. FitnessBuilder - ranked #3 for fitness program, #9 for workout buddy, #12 for gym buddy, #15 for fitness app,
"Setting up custom workouts are brilliantly fast and easy" - "**November 3 2013 - Bodyweight Core plan just added!** There's nothing in the world like FitnessBuilder. And now, there's a completely FREE trial for y...
#2. Sworkit - Daily Circuit Training Workouts and Yoga, for Beginner to Insanity Levels - ranked #1 for excercise app, #4 for variety of exercises, #6 for home workout, #14 for personal trainer,
"With this app I've done some custom workouts " - "Sworkit takes you through 5-60 minute circuit training workouts requiring no equipment.Just choose what part of the body to workout and for how long. O...
#3. JEFIT Workout - Personal Trainer, Workouts Plan, Exercise Journal & Fitness Tracker & Gym Log - ranked #1 for weight training, #1 for exercise database, #2 for bodybuilders, #2 for bodybuilding app,
" New workout technique give you a cutting edge" - "The JEFIT iPhone Workout and Bodybuilding App is designed by serious bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts to improve an individuals workout in the gym,...
#4. Strong - Workout Tracker and Training Log for Bodybuilding, Weightlifting, Fitness and Strength Routines - ranked #1 for gym partner, #4 for workout logging, #4 for data export, #8 for gym buddy,
"just hit new workout " - "Strong is the definitive workout tracker on the App Store, downloaded over 40,000 times worldwide and with over 250 5 Star Reviews.(Strong has been ran...
#5. Yoga Free for iPad - ranked #11 for yoga app,
"I like being able to create my own workouts " - "More than 3,000,000 people worldwide are using our yoga apps! All-in Yoga is now available on the Mac App Store!✭✭✭ Rich content: ...
#6. Lifter - Weightlifting & Fitness App for the Gym
" Create a Workout Plan" - "The app for people who know how to workout.- Make your weightlifting workout & exercises the way you want.- Name your exercises & lifts the way...
#7. Kinetic inRide
"automatic laps when doing a custom workout " - "The Kinetic inRide App works with our next-generation watt meter, The Kinetic inRide. The system uses the new Bluetooth Smart™ communication pro...
#8. Fitness HD: 700 exercises, yoga poses and ready-made workouts
"conveniently create your own workouts " - "More than 3,500,000 people around the world are using our Fitness apps! *** Over 700 exercises for men and women plus 50 YOGA poses! Photos, text instr...
#9. Fitness Point - Workout Exercise Journal & Personal Trainer + Body Tracker - ranked #2 for excercise app, #2 for workout tracking, #9 for gym buddy, #10 for control my weight,
"The ability to create your own workouts " - "Fitness Point PRO is available for $1.99! Price drop from $4.99! Only today!Over 2.500.000 downloads! Optimized for iOS7!Best usability and design on t...
#10. Virtual Trainer Bodyweight : Home & Travel Fitness Workouts - ranked #13 for full body, #18 for home workout,
" create a new workout and hold then drag particular exercises to the workout" - "Optimise your results with Virtual Trainer Bodyweight! - Be inspired by 46 exercises presented in sharp HD video. - Create your own personal workout.- ...
#11. PumpNlog - Workout Log, Journal & Planner for Bodybuilding, Gym, Weight Lifting & Powerlifting, Strength, Motivation & Progress - ranked #6 for lifting app, #6 for workout tracking,
"possibility to create custom workouts and exercises" - "97% of people fail in their fitness goals in their first year. Be those 3% who track their success at the gym!PumpNlog app lets you feel and track your...
#12. wellness4one Personal Fitness - ranked #12 for workout logging,
- "wellness4one Personal Fitness provides a lightweight interface to the free wellness4one.com health and fitness community. This application gives you ac...
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