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"It's got some really cool wallpapers and the cutest as well."
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"Has some cool wallpapers and best of all it is free."
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"Get this coolest wallpapers."
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"Very user friendly and lots of great wallpapers to choose from."
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"This app is really great with making really cool wallpapers."
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"Awesome app can make ur own stuff and get really cool wallpapers."
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"This has the coolest wallpapers of love and feelings."
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Top Free Cool Wallpapers Apps

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#1. Wallpapers HD for iPhone, iPod and iPad - ranked #1 for hd pictures, #2 for hd photos, #2 for wall paper, #2 for quality pics,
"This is a great App that has some really cool wallpapers " - "Wallpapers HD - The only app available with thousands of high definition wallpapers for you to download for any iOS device.Our artists have been workin...
#2. Icon Skins ™ : New look for your iPhone - ranked #1 for back grounds, #1 for selection of skins, #2 for cool designs, #3 for cool icons,
"There are some pretty cool wallpapers on here" - "All content is updated and optimized for iOS7 parallax effect, without stretching the images you are getting tailored, qualitative and FREE backgrounds...
#3. HD Wallpapers & Backgrounds – Cool Best Free Retina Lock Screen & Home Screen Themes & Skins for iOS8, iOS7 & iOS6 - ranked #4 for hd wallpapers, #5 for awesome wallpapers, #7 for hd photos, #8 for hd pics,
"I've found many cool wallpapers on here" - "●●● Featured in iTunes in 30+ Countries ●●●The #1 Ranked (in more than 50 countries) Best Wallpaper app with ...
#4. 10000+ Wallpapers for iOS 8, iOS 7, iPhone, iPod and iPad - ranked #4 for hd wallpaper, #4 for wall paper, #6 for awesome wallpapers, #11 for wp app,
"It's so Awsome because they have my cool wall paper" - "10,000+ Wallpapers! All Retina! All High Quality! Pimp your screen... for FREE! Attention iOS 6 Users: Some users report that they can't save wallpaper...
#5. Backgrounds - ranked #1 for different backgrounds, #1 for variety of backgrounds, #3 for cool backgrounds, #5 for high quality images,
" Coolest wallpapers " - "iPhone 5 640x1136 Hi-Resolution Retina Backgrounds* 10,000+ Backgrounds from 100+ Artists and our Design Team. New Backgrounds added daily - check back...
#6. iWallpapers Free - Best Wallpaper & Background with Glow Effects - ranked #2 for wallpaper background, #3 for variety of wallpapers, #6 for large selection, #9 for justin bieber,
"Some cool wallpapers in here and a variety" - "With 160,000+ fantastic wallpapers and 400+ glow effects, and more every day, iWallpapers is the most full-featured, versatile and functional app you&#...
#7. Icons Skins 2 for iPhone FREE - ranked #2 for backgrounds app, #3 for icon skins, #6 for cool backgrounds, #7 for back grounds,
"This is a really good app and has cool wallpapers " - "SHOW TO YOUR FRIENDS HOW COOL YOUR iPHONE CAN BE !!!Second version of the most popular home screens app Icon Skins!!IMPORTANT: Home screens are NOT wor...
#8. HD Wallpapers Stand - ranked #1 for variety of pictures, #5 for icon skins, #34 for picture quality,
"This app has a variety of wallpapers to choose from" - "This app is optimized both for iPhone and iPad! Wallpapers are 640x960 for iPhone/iPod Touch and 1024x1024 for iPad!Features:● Clean and stunnin...
#9. Monogram Lite - Wallpaper & Backgrounds Maker HD with Glitter themes
"Costumize a cool wallpaper that fits your style"
#10. FancyLock - pimp your lock screen and customize it with new colorful themes and styles
"It's so fun and cool and gives cool wallpaper "
#11. Zebra Wallpapers - 50000+ Retina Background for iPhone5S/5C/5,iPhone4S/4,Support iOS7 - ranked #5 for nice wallpapers, #13 for beautiful backgrounds, #36 for cool pictures,
"this app had some really cool wallpapers " - "This is a carefully crafted professional wallpaper application with multi-themed massive high-definition wallpapers for your use! Support iPhone5S/5C/5...
#12. Quotes Wallpapers & Backgrounds 25,000+ - ranked #1 for quotes app, #2 for inspirational quotes, #4 for backgrounds app, #7 for awesome wallpapers,
"This app has the coolest wallpapers ever" - "All the quotes wallpapers, Enjoy! A lot of funny, love and famous quotes wallpapers in the palm of your hands. Become smarter and wiser every second b...
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