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"Best collage maker I have ever used in my life."
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"Best collage maker in the App Store easy customizable and fast."
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"I'm not one to usually use a collage maker."
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"this is the best free collage maker out there."
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"Best picture collage maker out there."
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"Best collage maker and also best picture editor."
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"great photo collage maker."
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"Started using the Fotor collage maker online."
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"There's even a collage maker."
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"The best photo editing and collage maker ever."
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"Best collage maker I've downloaded."
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Top Free Collage Maker Apps

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#1. Pic Collage - ranked #1 for collage app, #1 for organize pictures, #1 for collage maker, #2 for photo collage,
"The best collage maker app that I've ever used" - "over 30 million people love PicCollage! PicCollage lets you instantly arrange your photos into frames - or get creative with freeform collages, cutout...
#2. Photo Grid - Video & Collage Maker - ranked #2 for collage maker, #5 for photo collage, #11 for organize pictures, #33 for photo manipulation,
"This is the best collage maker I have tried" - "Convert your photos collection into amazing collages, share them via instagram, facebook, twitter, email and weibo.With PhotoGrid you can convert your ...
#3. InstaCollage Pro - Pic Frame & Photo Collage & Caption Editor for Instagram FREE - ranked #1 for picture lovers, #1 for creative options, #1 for variety of options, #2 for collage app,
"This is an excellent photo collage maker " - "FREE FOR A VERY LIMITED TIME. DOWNLOAD NOW!*****Over 30 million users love to use InstaCollage! Join InstaCollage now!*****Tell the world your story vi...
#4. Pic Stitch - ranked #2 for keep memories, #3 for creative options, #3 for variety of options, #5 for photo lovers,
"The best collage maker I've ever installed" - "Quickly combine multiple photos into one beautifully framed picture.Pic Stitch packs a simple design with a powerful editor to give you everything you ...
#5. Moldiv – Collage Photo Editor - ranked #1 for picture sharing, #2 for frame options, #3 for photo collage, #8 for variety of frames,
"Love this photo collage maker " - "Another Masterpiece from the creators of PicsPlay Pro!Moldiv lets you combine and edit multiple photos to make amazing collages. Moldiv has fantastic f...
#6. Photo Collage Creator - ranked #3 for collage maker, #6 for make my photos, #11 for collage app, #18 for posting pics,
"When I looked around for collage makers " - "Create amazing collages of you and all of your friends!👦 👧 👩 👨👶 👵 👴 👱👲 👳...
#7. Snap Collage - Frame, Arrange in Grid, Caption, Crop, Edit, Save to Album and Share yr Photo Creations - ranked #11 for background options, #16 for variety of frames,
"BEST collage maker in the known universe" - "Amaze your friends, family and Instagram followers with beautifully framed collages with captions, created in seconds.iTunes reviews (US)****Omg i love...
#8. Pic Jointer – Picture Collage, Camera Effects plus Photo Editor - ranked #1 for group pictures, #2 for frame app, #3 for picture collage, #4 for foto app,
"best collage maker " - "* FREE FOR A VERY LIMITED TIME! *#1 in over 50 countries! Big thanks to all of the fans! Pic Jointer satisfies your greed to share multiple photos with...
#9. Fotor Photo Editor – Photo Collage, Picture Captions, Photo Effects, Filters and Frames - ranked #2 for photo editting, #9 for variety of options, #12 for pic editor, #12 for editing tools,
"The best collage app ever and photo editing" - "***2 big new features! Combine up to 8 FX Effects in a single photo, and add text with lots of great fonts for the ultimate in creative control!*** Mas...
#10. Photo wonder - ranked #6 for photo editor, #36 for make pictures,
"It has collage maker " - "● Hitting 100 million users all over 218 countries!● The best App award in App Store!● Among the top five in photo and video apps ...
#11. FotoRus - Instagram companion - ranked #1 for foto app, #1 for pic editing, #9 for photo enhancing, #13 for cool effects,
"Does everything you need in collage maker " - "The coolest All-In-One photo app for all of us! FotoRus is the coolest All-In-One photo app that features Pro Edit, Collages, Magazine-style collages, ...
#12. Photo Collage ∞ - ranked #9 for photo collage, #14 for collage maker, #21 for group pictures, #22 for bloggers,
" Great collage collection" - "* FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME! *Photo Collage helps you combine multiple photos and share them at a time.- 120+ types of frames to choose from!- easy to ch...
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