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"Best camera editing app I've ever used I highly recommend it to anyone."
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"Text Camera is the best camera editing app I have."
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"This is the best free camera editing app I've ever used."
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"This has always been my go-to camera editing app."
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"it has everything you could want with a photo editing app."
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"I love the camera and editing features."
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"the camera and editing functions are really easy to use."
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"I've tried some other movie editing app out on the Appstore."
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"Best camera editing app."
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"Great camera editing app."
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"ROOKIE, CAPTURE YOUR SENTIMENTSThe newest app from the creators of PicsPlay & MoldivRookie is the filter camera photo editor that empowers those wh."
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"Superb camera editing."
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Top Free Camera Editing Apps

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#1. Camera Awesome - ranked #1 for photo program, #1 for quality photos, #1 for effects filters, #1 for image stabilization,
"So far the best photo editing ap for your phone" - "Camera Awesome takes your photos to the next level by shooting faassst and taking sharper, better-exposed shots. Make your memories come alive with stu...
#2. Text Camera - ranked #1 for taking pics, #5 for picture effect, #5 for different fonts, #6 for cool filters,
"It's Another Good Camera Editing App For People" - "Text Camera is a new way to express yourself. Add real-time text and filters directly to your camera! In only a few seconds you can add captions, quote...
#3. Photo Editor by Aviary - ranked #1 for phone photo, #1 for basic editor, #1 for photo enhancer, #2 for editing tools,
"An excellent and simplistic free camera editing app" - "One of the New York Times' "Best Apps for iOS 7""50 Must-Have iPad App for 2013" - TIME Magazine"A solid, simple camera editing app." -USA Today*******...
#4. Camera360 Ultimate - ranked #3 for camera filter, #3 for camera editing, #5 for camera apps, #7 for photo lovers,
"This is the best camera editing app you can get" - "With over 100,000,000 users globally, Camera360 has become the most popular mobile camera app in the world. Together with HelloCamera, Movie360, and Pi...
#5. King Camera - ranked #5 for camera editing, #6 for camera software, #7 for camera replacement, #9 for post processing,
"This is a very powerful photo editing app very well done" - "- King Camera is simply the best All-In-One Photo App on the App Store.AND with direct INSTAGRAM sharing!Hard to Believe?See for yourself. It's FREE!.....
#6. TADAA – HD Pro Camera - ranked #2 for social photo, #2 for photo sharing, #3 for photo lovers, #3 for cool filters,
" Camera and editing are very good" - "• All effects FREE, super fast and HD• No forced sign-up• Save locally without having to posttadaa is the ultimate photo App ...
#7. VSCO Cam® - ranked #5 for iphoneography app, #6 for vintage feel, #7 for camera filter, #10 for basic photo,
"Great camera and editing in app all in one" - "VSCO CAM®The Standard of Mobile PhotographyVSCO Cam is the premier way to shoot, edit and share your photographs.VSCO GRIDVSCO Cam is integrated w...
#8. Lumify Video Editor - ranked #3 for movie editing, #4 for camera editing, #12 for video editing, #12 for make music videos,
"Thank you again and this is my favorite video editing app " - "Fast, powerful and easy to use, Lumify is back with a brand new look for iOS 7 and is fully optimized for the screaming fast 64-bit processor on the iP...
#9. LINE camera - Selfie & Collage - ranked #3 for photo taking, #5 for purikura app, #7 for cute frames, #14 for camera editing,
" Best cam app ever :" - "● We have over 70 million users from 210 countries worldwide!● LINE camera got featured in App Stores of 114 different countries!●...
#10. ElementFX - Pimp Your Photos With Colorful And Bokehful Effects - ranked #1 for cool effects, #1 for picture effects, #2 for photo fx, #3 for edit pictures,
"Great camera editing app" - ""The #1 FX Photo App"IMPRESS YOUR FRIENDSUse ElementFx to take your photos to the next level within seconds! ElementFx is filled with amazing effects ...
#11. Rookie - Photo Editor - ranked #11 for variety of filters, #29 for edit pictures,
- "ROOKIE, CAPTURE YOUR SENTIMENTSThe newest app from the creators of PicsPlay & MoldivRookie is the filter camera photo editor that empowers those wh...
#12. Superhero Camera for iOS 7
"Superb camera editing " - "There must be a hero lives in everyone's heart , and now, you are a hero! We now introduce a new App nam...
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