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"You can still make free skype to skype calls and messaging like always."
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"Great call quality when you have a strong Internet connection."
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"The video calls and multiplayer games makes it outstanding."
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"Awesome app love not having to call and order."
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"Way better than having to call and being placed on hold."
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"Test video calls on 3G and Wifi to Skype worked great."
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"Listening to Police calls helps u to understand how hard they work."
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"narrow down by neighborhood and make reservations without having to call the restaurant."
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"Awesome I always think of getting close calls in other games."
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"I can text and call people without having an actual phone."
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"When people dont answer the face calls or the voice calls."
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"Also try textplus calls where you can call for free."
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Top Free Calls Are Apps

Skype for iPhone ratings, reviews, and more.
Skout - Meet, Chat, Friend ratings, reviews, and more.
Facebook Messenger ratings, reviews, and more.
IM+ Instant Messenger ratings, reviews, and more.
WhatsApp Messenger ratings, reviews, and more.
fring ratings, reviews, and more.
#1. Skype for iPhone - ranked #1 for make videos, #2 for video chat, #4 for voip app, #11 for hands free,
"Perfect voice quality for skype to skype in the states" - "Say “hello” to friends and family with an instant message, voice or video call on Skype for free. There’s so much you can do, righ...
#2. Viber - ranked #1 for voip app, #1 for communication app, #1 for voice call, #1 for sound clarity,
" Great call quality and excellent for text and sharing photos" - "With Viber, everyone in the world can connect. Freely. More than 200 million Viber users text, call, and send photo and video messages worldwide over W...
#3. Tango Text, Voice & Video - ranked #1 for call log, #1 for send videos, #1 for video call, #1 for video quality,
"Best app for video calls for travelling people" - "Best Communication App - 2013 Appy AwardsBest Texting App - 2013 About.com Reader's Choice AwardsMust Have Apps List - 2013 Verizon WirelessTango gives...
#4. Domino's Pizza USA - ranked #1 for dominos app, #1 for ordering pizza, #1 for pizza lovers, #1 for place an order,
" Love not having to call and place an order" - "Did Domino’s just launch an iPhone app? Oh Yes We Did! You can now use your iPhone or iPod touch to order. It’s convenient, easy and fun!...
#5. Pizza Hut - ranked #1 for pizza hut, #3 for user friendly, #4 for dominos app, #4 for ease of ordering,
"Way better than having to call and talk to an employee" - "We've made the #1 killer app for your appetite even more amazing with some exciting new updates! Features:• The full Pizza Hut menu offers all y...
#6. fring - ranked #2 for video call, #4 for make videos, #9 for sip phone, #11 for chat client,
"Thank you for the opportunity of free video calls " - "Free Texting, Calls, Video and Group calls* FREE VOICE & VIDEO CALLS* FREE Group Calls (Voice / Video) with 4 friends at the same time* FREE text m...
#7. 5-0 Radio Police Scanner Lite (Free) - ranked #1 for police radio, #4 for air traffic control, #7 for live radio, #8 for avoid traffic,
"0 most every day and enjoy listening to police calls in our area" - "Tap into the largest collection of live police, firefighters, aircraft, railroad, marine, emergency, and ham radios. Be the first to know about importa...
#8. OpenTable - ranked #1 for restaurant app, #1 for finding restaurants, #2 for last minute, #3 for local places,
"you can make a reservation at your own leisure without having to call " - "OpenTable is the only app that helps you make reservations at over 20,000 restaurants in the US, Canada, and Mexico. Explore great restaurants, find av...
#9. Highway Rider - ranked #6 for motorcycle game,
"And I keep getting " close calls " without seeing anyone" - "Enjoy the new characters and tap on unlocked ones to change their skins!Speed junkies, slap on your helmet and experience some high-octane action! Zoom...
#10. TextNow Classic - Free Text + Calls : Free Texting Picture Messaging and Phone Calling - ranked #1 for text call, #2 for sms app, #6 for send mms, #8 for group messaging,
"I can text and call without a phone and it's free" - "FREE TEXTING, PICTURE MESSAGING, CALLING, AND VOICEMAILDEDICATED PHONE NUMBERGive your friends your very own phone number!UNLIMITED TEXT AND PICTURE ME...
#11. ooVoo Video Call, Text and Voice - ranked #1 for video chat, #1 for video call, #7 for long distance relationships, #9 for communication app,
"This is the bomb dot com voice calls are soooooo legit" - "With ooVoo you can make FREE video calls, voice calls, and send text chats to easily connect with friends and family. ooVoo is the highest quality vide...
#12. textPlus Free Text + Calls : Free Texting + Free Phone Calling + Free International Messenger - ranked #1 for texting app, #1 for texting friends, #1 for quick reply, #3 for save money,
"On the textplus calls make any call free" - "textPlus gives you unlimited free texting to anyone in the US or Canada --- unlimited free texting & calling to any of the 60 million people who ha...
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