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"The clock has a nice big display &nice current weather info."
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"Very nice an big display of the numbers and functions."
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"I love having the BIG display I can see from anywhere :."
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"It has nice big button and big display."
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"Big display is a major advantage'."
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"Extremely simple and it has a nice big display."
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"Was looking for a big display and this delivers."
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"big display and nifty functions."
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"Great big display."
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"Big display and seems to be fairly accurate."
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"Definitely kool and useful big display is a plus."
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Top Free Big Display Apps

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#1. Alarm Clock Free - ranked #1 for alarm clock, #1 for basic alarm, #1 for rooster sound, #2 for snooze option,
"Love everything especially the nice big display " - "Alarm Clock Free turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a beautiful digital clock and alarm clock for free! It even displays live, local weather conditio...
#2. Calculator for iPad Free - ranked #1 for calculator app, #1 for scientific calculator, #1 for big keys, #1 for large keys,
"Nice to have a calculator with a big display " - "***** THE FREE CALCULATOR FOR IPAD *****Calculator for iPad Free combines the Normal and Scientific calculator for Free! FEATURES* History Tape: All ca...
#3. Alarm Clock HD - Free - ranked #1 for alarm apps, #1 for color options, #1 for crystal drops, #1 for wake to music,
"The big display is easy to see during the night" - "Alarm Clock HD brings Music to your Bedroom and keeps your iPhone&iPad Connected to the News and your Social Media Friends!With built-in Weather in...
#4. Calculator‰ - ranked #1 for big buttons, #1 for big numbers, #1 for basic calculator, #2 for big keys,
"Nice big display and keys" - "This calculator has a perfect design that maximizes the size of the buttons and display, with a great layout for fast and easy calculations. Retina Di...
#5. Nightstand Central for iPad Free - Alarm Clock with Weather and Photo Wallpapers - ranked #2 for different alarm sounds, #3 for variety of alarm, #4 for travel alarm, #4 for weather feature,
" Big display " - "Note: This is an old version. You're probably looking for Nightstand Central 4.x. It has a blue icon with a centered moon.Featured by CNN, Business Ins...
#6. Compass° - ranked #2 for big display, #8 for large print, #21 for find my way, #64 for reading at night,
"A THUNDERING BIG DISPLAY " - "This app is a super simple compass that is very easy to read with a huge display showing you the direction and heading....
#7. Stopwatch‰ - ranked #1 for stop watch, #5 for big display, #5 for large screen, #9 for large numbers,
"A decent timer with big display " - "This stopwatch has a perfectly simple design. With a large display and only two big buttons, users can easily operate it.Download now and enjoy the sim...
#8. iDigital Big2 Alarm Clock HD - ranked #1 for big clock, #3 for big numbers, #4 for find my iphone, #5 for large display,
"I love the super big display " - "*** This is the Biggest Digital Display Time available anywhere for iPad/iPhone - UNIVERSAL APP - Download it once and use it on all apple devices ***D...
#9. Calculator XL - ranked #4 for large screen, #5 for large keys, #5 for large buttons, #8 for big keys,
"I love the big display " - "Calculator XL is a great free calculator that takes advantage of the iPad's large screen and support for all orientations. It has all the common calcu...
#10. Alarm Clock HD Free - ranked #3 for basic alarm, #4 for variety of alarm, #6 for big clock, #7 for travel alarm,
"very big display " - "The classic alarm clock on iPad! The HD version of the No.1 alarm clock app on the app store! Alarm Clock HD Free turns your iPad into a beautiful digi...
#11. Speedometer» - ranked #4 for speedometer app, #13 for gps signal, #13 for large display, #19 for large numbers,
"Very big display so easy to ready" - "This a simple speedometer that tells you your current speed in mph or km/h.-Retina Display-Huge Indicators*The less transparent the indicator the bette...
#12. Alarm Clock - Best Alarm Clock Free - ranked #2 for set of options, #3 for alarm wakes, #5 for alarm clock, #5 for snooze button,
"Definitely kool and useful big display is a plus" - "The Free Alarm Clock is even Better! Alarm Clock, Digital Clock, Music Clock, Music Alarm, iPad Clock, iPhone Clock, Reminders, Everything is here so y...
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