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"As a fitness instructor/personal trainer/ yoga and pilates instructor."
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"Kristin's yoga and pilates apps can be compared to having private lessons."
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"Love this wonderful Pilates app."
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"This is by far the best pilates app available."
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"Kira's Ballet and Pilates App is SO easy to follow."
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"The best Pilates app I have used."
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"This app helped me find all the closest Yoga and Pilates studios."
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"Best Pilates app out there."
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"pilates abs workout how to tone your abs with pilates exercises."
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"pilates exercises for beginners one leg circle pilates exercise."
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"pilates exercises for beginners pilates exercise single leg teaser."
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"get your how to pilates learn pilates workouts amp."
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#1. FitnessBuilder - ranked #3 for fitness program, #9 for workout buddy, #12 for gym buddy, #15 for fitness app,
"It even has yoga and pilates moves" - "**November 3 2013 - Bodyweight Core plan just added!** There's nothing in the world like FitnessBuilder. And now, there's a completely FREE trial for y...
#2. Yoga & Pilates with Kristin McGee
"clear video yoga and pilates instruction by one of NYCs top yogis" - "Award winning S3 Strong, Sexy, Svelte now available on the app!! "Hottest Workout of 2013" Fitness Magazine"5 Remotes" Prevention.com"Top Ten Celebrity...
#3. Pilates Workouts 24/7 with Kira - ranked #7 for streaming video, #16 for home workout, #18 for workout apps, #20 for helpful tips,
"The Perfect Pilates app " - "The App features full Pilates video workouts for you to do in your own home - about 160 minutes of exercise sessions! Excellent way to improve your fit...
#4. Pilates Interactive
"Most informative Pilates app I've seen" - "A Pilates workout session for people on-the-go, with detailed explanations, custom routines and a comprehensive mat repertoire performed and cued by ma...
#5. Ballet Fitness & Pilates Workouts
"This Pilates app is awesome" - "Ballet Barre offers such a unique way to work your muscles using isolation and physics to lengthen and tone. In Ballet Barre and Pilates Workouts you h...
#6. Studio Darien Pilates by Darien Gold
"Excellent Pilates App " - "This presentation of the Intermediate mat work is intended to educate students about the original mat exercises and the progressions needed to advance ...
#7. om finder
"Local yoga and pilates studio schedules" - "Use our om finder app wherever you are in the world to find yoga near you. We created this app so you can discover new teachers, classes, and studios, ...
#8. Pilates - ranked #11 for basic workout,
"Best Pilates app " - "Welcome to Pilates for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. This is a complete original series of workout movies with voice instruction performed by Penny Val...
#9. Pilates Gym Ball & Resistance Bands Workouts
" pilates exercises pilates exercises mid back thera band series" - "This app has 147 easy to follow video lessons on Pilates Gym Ball, Resistance Bands and more.Lessons include:The Best Beginners Abs Workout with Stabil...
#10. Pilates & Balance Ball Workouts
" pilates exercises for beginners pilates exercise corkscrew" - "This app has 115 tuitional Pilates & Balance Ball (Gym Ball) workouts.There is something here for every Pilates enthusiast.Lessons:Pilates Butt Bur...
#11. Keepfit With Pilates
" pilates exercises for beginners pilates exercise bicycle kick" - "Keep Fit With PilatesThis is a great introduction to the ever popular "Pilates" and is aimed at the beginner to intermediate.These lessons will show yo...
#12. How To Pilates: Learn Pilates Workouts & Exercises
"how to pilates learn pilates workouts amp" - "***How To Pilates: Learn Pilates Workouts & Exercises Launch Special. 50% Off For The Next 72 Hours! Buy Now Before Price Goes Back Up!!***"The ess...
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