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"My five year old is learning state capitals and the shapes of states."
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"5 year old is learning phonetic information about letters while having a blast."
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"My 22-month old is learning word recognition with this app."
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"and my six year old is learning it in kindergarten."
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"My four year old is learning things like crazy with this app."
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"My 2 yr old is learning and recognizing so many things."
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"My 20 month old is learning her letters and words."
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"My 4 year old is learning basic state info."
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"Love this app my two year old is learning from these songs."
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"My 2year old is learning his sounds from this app."
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Top Year Old Is Learning Apps

Candy Crush Saga ratings, reviews, and more.
Bejeweled Blitz ratings, reviews, and more.
Bejeweled ratings, reviews, and more.
Lumosity Brain Trainer ratings, reviews, and more.
Farm Heroes Saga ratings, reviews, and more.
Fruit Pop! ratings, reviews, and more.
#1. Stack the States™ - ranked #1 for grown ups, #1 for learn facts, #1 for elementary kids, #1 for fun learning,
"Even my 4 year old is learning the shapes of the states" - "▸ Voted Best Kids App for iPad! -Best App Ever Awards▸ Voted Best Educational Game App - iEAR.org▸ "If you have children who are e...
#2. Endless Alphabet - ranked #1 for alphabet app, #1 for grandkids, #1 for learn letters, #1 for selection of words,
"My 5 year old is learning to sound out words with this app" - "** 2013 App of the Year Runner-Up ** ** App Store's Editor's Choice ** *From the team at Originator - the creators of Sesame Street's Monster at the En...
#3. Preschool EduKidsRoom-Free 7 Amazing Logic Learning Educational Games For Toddlers and Preschool Kids To Teach Time,Organizing,Colors,Shapes, Alphabets,Letters,Math,Geometry, Memory! Quiz App For Brain and IQ-Baby Toddler and Preschooler Education Game! - ranked #1 for learning apps, #3 for toddlers, #3 for preschool app, #5 for educational game,
"This game is good my 3 year old is learning alot" - "Amazing Fun Educational Games To Learn Colors, Shapes, Numbers, Letters, Time, Sorting and Much More!▶▶Thank You For Your Support! More T...
#4. Funny Animals for baby and preschool toddler - Play and learn - ranked #1 for toddlers, #2 for infants, #6 for bright colors, #8 for Ages 1-2,
"My 2 year old is learning words thanks to this game" - "A Baby must application (6 months – 3 years).Funny Animals is an application which will take you or your child to the magical world of animals. ...
#5. Stack the Countries™ - ranked #1 for learning geography, #3 for learn facts, #3 for educational game, #4 for educational apps,
"My 6 yr old is learning a lot and having fun too" - "- Featured on the TODAY show!- Editor's Choice Award! - Children's Technology Review - "Stack the Countries is worth every penny and this is an educati...
#6. TeachMe: Kindergarten - ranked #1 for reward system, #2 for educational apps, #3 for Ages 5-6, #7 for fish tank,
- "***** About.com Best Educational App Readers' Choice Awards 2013 - 2nd Place! ***** SmartAppsForKids.com 2012 Readers' Choice Top 10! ***** 2010 Best A...
#7. Agnitus Academy - Learning Through Play - ranked #1 for report card, #1 for progress reports, #5 for learning game, #8 for educational apps,
- "+ Winner of the 2014 Family & Parent Choice Award, Kappi Gold Award, NAPPA Gold Award & TeachersWithApps Award+ 100+ curriculum based preschool...
#8. Endless Reader - ranked #2 for early readers, #4 for learn letters, #6 for sight word, #10 for educational apps,
"Even my 2 year old is learning the words" - "** App Store's Editor's Choice ** *From the team at ORIGINATOR - the creators of the beloved Endless Alphabet and Sesame Street's Monster at the End of...
#9. Stack the States™ Lite - ranked #2 for geography game, #2 for learn facts, #4 for Ages 10-12, #4 for learning game,
- "- "If you have children who are elementary school aged this is a fantastic educational app that’s also a hoot." - The iPhone Mom.comStack the St...
#10. Baby Flash Cards : 450+ flashcards app for babies, preschool & kindergarten - Kids learn first words with sounds, colors and pictures - ranked #2 for real pics, #15 for flash cards, #17 for quiz mode, #19 for voice option,
"My 2 year old has learned so much" - "Building a strong first words vocabulary has never been so exciting for preschoolers and toddlers!Baby Flash Cards by EFlashApps has: *** Ranked in Top...
#11. Nursery Rhymes From BaBaBear | Music And Animation For Babies With Lyrics - ranked #24 for music videos, #115 for calm down, #2433 for toddlers,
"My two year old is learning from these songs" - "Sing aloud! Introduce your toddler to the world of music! BaBaBear offers 30+ the best favorite nursery rhymes videos, and many more – it plays ...
#12. Starfall ABCs - ranked #4 for educational program, #9 for alphabet app, #9 for reading tool, #70 for learn letters,
"5 year old is learning letters fast" - "The "ABCs" section of Starfall.com's well-loved website is now available as a universal application for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Our activit...
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