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"Though the quality of wifi calls were not great."
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"Works well with just wifi call and texting are excellent quality."
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"Wifi calling does work and is rather fun."
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"so this app is excellent for placing free domestic wifi calls."
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"Wifi calls go through loud and clear."
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"The easiest way to utilize VOIP WiFi calling."
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"This app had been my lifeline due to their wifi calling."
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"WiFi calling clear as day."
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"Wifi calls perfect."
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"The best app for wifi calls."
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Top Wifi Calls Apps

Viber ratings, reviews, and more.
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Tango - Free Text, Video & Voice Calling ratings, reviews, and more.
LINE ratings, reviews, and more.
BBM ratings, reviews, and more.
Junaroo ratings, reviews, and more.
Snapchat ratings, reviews, and more.
Soragi -Free voice,Chat ratings, reviews, and more.
Chaatz ratings, reviews, and more.
Microsoft Outlook ratings, reviews, and more.
Mailbox ratings, reviews, and more.
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#1. Viber - ranked #1 for voip app, #1 for communication app, #1 for voice call, #1 for audio quality,
"I also love the ability to make wifi calls " - "With Viber, everyone in the world can connect. Freely. More than 460 million Viber users text, make HD-quality phone and video calls, and send photo an...
#2. Talkatone - Free Text Messages, SMS Texting and Phone Voice Call App with Facebook - ranked #2 for voip calling, #2 for speed internet, #3 for voip app, #4 for gv app,
" Free wifi almost everywhere and now free phone" - "Free calls & texts via WiFi or cellular data, no cell minutes usedFree inbound calls, free SMS texting, free monthly outbound minutes Unlimited fre...
#3. WhosHere - ranked #1 for chatting app, #1 for block feature, #11 for meet someone, #13 for video chat,
"Wi- Fi call confirmation" - "WhosHere: for love, for friendship, for connections in any and every aspect of your life. WhosHere is the world’s only mobile friend finder with...
#4. Vonage Mobile – Voice, Text, and Video - ranked #2 for voip app, #2 for quality calls, #2 for voice clarity, #3 for video call,
" Wifi calls are great 3G there is breakup sometime" - "Text one, text all!Download Vonage Mobile® v2.8 and start a FREE group message with as many as 50 other users. Use Vonage Mobile from up to five ...
#5. Phone for Google Voice & GTalk, Free Local and International Calling & Texting - ranked #3 for google talk, #5 for voice call, #6 for international calling, #12 for ipod users,
"Great for making wifi calls " - "The TRULY FREE phone calls and texting app! Free calls & text to ANY phone number in US & Canada, or ANY GTalk users around the world, no hidde...
#6. Free Calls & Text by Mo+, Free Local and International Phone Calling and Messaging App - ranked #2 for google voice, #8 for gtalk app, #13 for internet connection, #16 for google talk,
"best free wifi calling app ever" - "Mo+ is the only app on the App Store that provides free calls & text to both phone numbers and other Mo+ users. Enjoy with friends for HD quality f...
#7. Cheap International Calls & SMS | Rebtel - ranked #1 for international calling, #2 for calling card, #4 for quality calls, #5 for sending sms,
"This is by far supreme to other wifi calling programs" - "Call mobiles and landlines abroad with Rebtel. Rebtel converts international calls to local calls so you can talk at the world's cheapest rates.Why Use...
#8. TextNow + Voice - Free Text & Calls : Free Texting Picture Messaging Phone Calling and Phone Number - ranked #5 for text call, #5 for free calling, #10 for group chat, #30 for ui design,
"Great way to make wifi calls " - "FREE TEXTING, CALLING, AND VOICEMAIL! All on a dedicated phone number you can send to your friends. UNLIMITED TEXT MESSAGINGYou can send as many text m...
#9. Dingtone Free Phone Calls & SMS Text Messages App for iPod and iPhone - ranked #6 for walkie talkie, #8 for voice clarity, #36 for communication app, #54 for talk to my friends,
"Best wifi call n text" - "Dingtone, the new way to talk, text and share:• Make FREE phone calls, FREE text messaging• Cheap or free international calls to anywhere...
#10. Vopium - Call the World - 15 Minutes Included! - ranked #2888 for customer service,
- "Great offer including 15 minutes call time to any mobile or fixed line Worldwide. Continue saving on your international calls by topping-up or call onl...
#11. fring - ranked #3 for make videos, #3 for video call, #8 for voice clarity, #10 for sip phone,
"The best app for wifi calls " - "Free Texting, Calls, Video and Group calls* FREE VOICE & VIDEO CALLS* FREE Group Calls (Voice / Video) with 4 friends at the same time* FREE text m...
#12. Upp Talk - Free SMS Text Chat, Call app, Unlimited Texting, Calling & Cheap International Phone Voice Calls for iPod, iPad and iPhone - ranked #131 for sending pictures, #719 for social networking, #806 for sound quality,
"Is pretty good for wifi calling " - "UppTalk is a cloud phone service that runs over internet without using your carrier minutes & texts. More than 6 million happy users worldwide. Mor...
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