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"It allowed me to program in the Weight Watchers Points Plus formula."
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"I especially like that it gives the Weight Watchers points plus values."
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"This is an excellent resource for figuring out weight watchers points."
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"This is a great substitute for the Weight Watchers points plus tracker."
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"Helps me with counting my weight watchers points correctly."
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"STILL NEEDS- A Weight Watchers Point Calculator."
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"Works with weight watchers points without the monthly fee."
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"Calculates points plus and tracks like the written meeting trackers."
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"Very convenient with weight watchers points tracking."
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"This app makes it so incredibly easy to track weight watchers points."
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"A must have tool when you are doing weight watchers points."
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"Awesome app very helpful when counting calories or counting weight watchers points."
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Top Weight Watchers Points Apps

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#1. Nutrition Menu - Calorie, Exercise, Weight & Water Tracking - ranked #1 for nutrition app, #2 for track my eating habits, #2 for brand name foods, #4 for food journal,
"I've configured this app to journal my weight watchers points " - " Supports PointsPlus and other diets! Recommended in Fitness magazine, Women's Health magazine, and The Doctors on CBS Selected as an Apple Staff Favor...
#2. Fooducate - Healthy Weight Loss, Food Scanner & Diet Tracker - ranked #1 for health nuts, #1 for change my eating, #1 for make smart choices, #1 for keeping track of food,
"Very helpful when figuring out Weight Watchers points plus values" - "Eat better. Lose weight. Be healthy. Let Fooducate be your diet toolbox! Lose weight with REAL food, track your progress, and get motivated by the comm...
#3. Dotti's Food Score - ranked #5 for restaurant foods, #6 for restaurant guide, #11 for make better choices, #14 for make better decisions,
"Very help with Weight Watchers Points Plus " - "Dotti's Food Score has a large database of over 680 Restaurants, as of this writing, and growing!Every restaurant on Dotti's Weight Loss Zone (dwlz.co...
#4. iTrackBites - Points Calculator with Weight Loss Exercise Tracker and Calorie Lose Counter for Diet Food Nutrition Watchers - ranked #1 for keep track of my points, #1 for point system, #1 for ww alternative, #2 for points calculator,
"Love to be able to use the weight watchers points plus function" - ""Down 18 lbs in 2 months using just this app! Love It!" - Dianne Peters ◆◆◆◆◆"itrackbites community helps me stay ac...
#5. Tap & Track -Calorie Counter (Diets & Exercises) - ranked #1 for keep track of my intake, #1 for pie graph, #1 for huge database, #1 for exercise feature,
"This app will track calories OR weight Watchers points " - "Contains the largest OFFLINE food database of any iPhone calorie counter (over 500,000 foods). Perfect for both, iPod Touch and iPhone users!-Recommend...
#6. Restaurant Nutrition - ranked #12 for make healthier choices, #29 for make better decisions, #52 for plan meals, #66 for food choices,
"It's a must have for weight watchers or anyone" - "Stay in the Know on the Go! - Loaded with over 250 Restaurants, 60,000 food items!- Points Plus Calculated for you! (Paid Version)- Go AD FREE with RN ...
#7. Ultimate Food Value Diary Plus - ranked #1 for scanning capability, #1 for weight loss partner, #2 for keep track of my points, #2 for ww alternative,
"Incredible app for counting Weight Watcher points" - "“I’m now 35lbs lighter and still losing weight thanks to this app and exercise, It’s fabulous, cheap, clever etc. Can’t rec...
#8. ProTracker Plus WW Watchers Nutrition and Exercise Value Tracker, Database and Calculator - ranked #3 for ww alternative, #3 for points calculator, #10 for tracking your diet, #10 for restaurant guide,
"Love to be able to use the weight watchers points plus function" - ""This app works great! I've lost 12 pounds in 10 days!" - ◆◆◆◆◆So you've got a few pounds to lose and you've tried e...
#9. HealthyOut - ranked #7 for make healthier choices, #8 for local restaurants, #16 for make better choices, #25 for meal planning,
"And for identifying Weight Watcher friendly meals" - "Find & order healthy restaurant meals for delivery, takeout or browse for healthy dish suggestions when you're dining out.-As seen on Good Morning ...
#10. Edibles - Diet Journal - ranked #1 for weight loss tracker, #5 for journal your food, #10 for exercise database, #19 for food diary,
"Google Edibles weight watchers for helpful info on how to customize" - "Edibles is the most reliable and intuitive calorie journal available for iPhone and iPod Touch. It comes with everything you need to achieve a healthy...
#11. Pts. Plus Diary, Weight Goal Watchers and Calculator - ranked #1 for point tracker, #2 for point system, #4 for food search, #4 for ww alternative,
"Highly recommend this app for weight watcher style dieting" - "750+ 4.5 star reviews! Do you want a weight tracker, MASSIVE food database, HUGE restaurant lookup and barcode scanner? Do you want to track activity, ...
#12. Fast Food Nutrition Calories Plus Calculator for Weight Loss and Calorie Watchers Mobile App - ranked #3 for nutritional info, #6 for making decisions, #7 for restaurant foods, #11 for make healthier choices,
"Very helpful with staying on track with Weight Watcher " - "BEST nutrition eating out guide AND food score calculator in one app !Old and new food score already calculated for each meal !If you are in a restaura...
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