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"The Weight Watchers app for iPad is really great."
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"This app is better than Weight Watchers Online and less money."
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"Easier to use than weight watchers app better results very helpful."
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"Makes counting calories easier and is better than weight watchers online."
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"Wish I would have found this before trying the Weight Watchers app."
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"Better than weight watchers once u get used to it."
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"I'm a weight watcher member and this is a fantastic app."
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"it's very much the electronic Weight Watchers App for $30/ month."
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"It's better than Weight Watchers for which I had been paying $18."
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"Way better than weight watchers without the monthly cost."
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"Great for people tracking their points for Weight Watchers."
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Top Weight Watchers Apps

Starbucks ratings, reviews, and more.
Sati ratings, reviews, and more.
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SongFlip - Free Music Player ratings, reviews, and more.
Wish - Shopping Made Fun ratings, reviews, and more.
#1. Weight Watchers Mobile - ranked #1 for scanner app, #1 for activity tracker, #1 for tracking meals, #1 for weight tracker,
"The Weight Watchers app is quick and easy to use" - "We hear you. Weight loss isn’t easy. That’s why we created a weight-loss system for your body and a support system for your brain. The We...
#2. Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal - ranked #1 for diet app, #1 for health app, #1 for barcode scanner, #1 for calorie tracker,
" Better than weight watchers tool which you have to pay for" - "Lose weight with MyFitnessPal, the fastest and easiest-to-use calorie counter for iOS. With the largest food database by far (over 5,000,000 foods) and...
#3. Lose It! – Weight Loss Program and Calorie Counter - ranked #1 for reach my goal, #1 for counting calories, #1 for weight control, #1 for lose ten pounds,
"In fact I've started replacing my weight watchers app with this" - "Lose It! Join the millions of people who have lost weight using Lose It!. As the most successful comprehensive weight loss program, Lose It! makes it e...
#4. Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal HD - ranked #1 for losing weight, #1 for accountability tool, #1 for hold yourself accountable, #1 for diet aid,
" Better than weight watchers which charges you 30 a month" - "Lose weight with MyFitnessPal, the fastest and easiest to use calorie counter (now optimized for iPad!). With the largest food database of any calorie ...
#5. MyPlate Calorie Tracker - Your Diet and Fitness Calorie Counter for Better Health by LIVESTRONG.COM - ranked #1 for tracking calories, #1 for water tracking, #1 for keep my calories, #1 for control my weight,
"Omg I was paying for the weight watchers app $20 a month" - "IMPORTANT: THIS APP WILL BE RETIRED SOON – Download the free version for the same great calorie tracker with even more features!Please download ...
#6. iTrackBites - Points Calculator with Weight Loss Exercise Tracker and Calorie Lose Counter for Diet Food Nutrition Watchers - ranked #1 for keep track of my points, #1 for point system, #1 for ww alternative, #2 for points calculator,
"Great tool for weight watchers makes it so easy to do :" - ""Down 18 lbs in 2 months using just this app! Love It!" - Dianne Peters ◆◆◆◆◆"itrackbites community helps me stay ac...
#7. Calorie Counter PRO by MyNetDiary - with Food Diary for Diet and Weight Loss - ranked #1 for weight management, #1 for daily analysis, #2 for meet my goals, #2 for health tracking,
"I like it better than weight watchers point system" - "Lose weight and get healthier with MyNetDiary - the fastest, easiest, and smartest iPhone calorie counter and weight loss program. Millions of people h...
#8. Dotti's Food Score - ranked #5 for restaurant foods, #6 for restaurant guide, #11 for make better choices, #14 for make better decisions,
"Great source for weight watchers info I love it" - "Dotti's Food Score has a large database of over 680 Restaurants, as of this writing, and growing!Every restaurant on Dotti's Weight Loss Zone (dwlz.co...
#9. Calorie Counter and Food Diary by MyNetDiary - for Diet and Weight Loss - ranked #1 for dietary app, #1 for diet diary, #1 for weight chart, #1 for food selection,
"Way better than the $20/month Weight Watchers app " - "Make your New Year’s resolutions stick - achieve your weight loss and healthy eating goals with MyNetDiary! MyNetDiary helps you plan your diet,...
#10. Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker by Calorie Count - ranked #1 for food journal, #1 for food search, #1 for analysis page, #1 for analysis part,
"This app has worked wonders for me better than weight watchers " - "Leading calorie counting service with logging-by-voice, 5 million members, offline functionality (iPod Touch + iPhone), and a 100% editorially curated ...
#11. Tap & Track -Calorie Counter (Diets & Exercises) - ranked #1 for keep track of my intake, #1 for pie graph, #1 for huge database, #1 for exercise feature,
"Better than weight watchers for a fraction of the price" - "Contains the largest OFFLINE food database of any iPhone calorie counter (over 500,000 foods). Perfect for both, iPod Touch and iPhone users!-Recommend...
#12. Nutrition Menu - Calorie, Exercise, Weight & Water Tracking - ranked #1 for nutrition app, #2 for track my eating habits, #2 for brand name foods, #4 for food journal,
"Has everything I need to track for weight watchers " - " Supports PointsPlus and other diets! Recommended in Fitness magazine, Women's Health magazine, and The Doctors on CBS Selected as an Apple Staff Favor...
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