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"It is still goo though because of the in video zoom."
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"special feature light video zoom view."
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"Been waiting for a video zoom app."
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"Video zoom works perfectly and the quality is great."
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"high quality and smooth video zoom."
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"now with video zoom clarify and noise reduction."
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"com us app video zoom 2 id406643501 mt 8."
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"features unique to video zoom that are absent in other apps."
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"video zoom amp."
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"the iscope video zoom app allows users to video amp."
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"video zoom function."
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Top Video Zoom Apps

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Camera Zoom 4 ratings, reviews, and more.
Camera+ ratings, reviews, and more.
Talking Bacteria John, John & John ratings, reviews, and more.
Video Star ratings, reviews, and more.
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#1. Camera Zoom 4 - ranked #10 for camera software, #19 for video recording, #28 for make videos,
"The in App Video Zoom works great on my 3Gs" - "Top Sellers of the Year - AppleWe now have over 2.5 million users!Zoom in/out with your iPhone Camera!With Camera Zoom, you can now zoom in and out in ...
#2. Best Flash Light! - Torch Flashlight• - ranked #1 for camera view, #1 for front camera, #2 for screen light, #2 for balls of fire,
"Especially the video zoom " - " Best Front Camera Flash Light With Video Zoom - Free For Limited Time Fastest Front Camera Zoom Light♥ Paid Apps Gone Free From RV Studios App...
#3. Video Camera and Editor - Videon - ranked #1 for zoom feature, #2 for video camera, #4 for video editor, #6 for video recording,
" Video zoom is amazing" - "Videon contains all the features necessary to record great videos - from capture to editing to viewing. The goal is simple - perfect videos! We combine...
#4. ProCam XL - ranked #7 for time stamp, #13 for camera replacement, #36 for taking pictures, #36 for photo manipulation,
"This iPad camera app is now a VIDEO ZOOM dream" - "ProCam XL 2 for iPad now available on the App Store: ◉ ProCam XL for iPad has been redesigned from the ground up to perfectly compliment iOS 7 w...
#5. Video Zoom Pro: HD Camera with Live Zoom, Effects, Pause and Video Sharing - ranked #17 for camera roll,
"Great video zoom for iPhone 4G" - "iFast Video Zoom Pro is the FIRST video camera app that supports pause/resume, snapshot, switching between back & front camera during video recordi...
#6. MoviePro : Video Recorder with Pause, Zoom, 3K resolution, Frame Rate, Secret Mode, Slow motion, and Multiple Recording Options with Fastest Performance - ranked #2 for shutter sound, #2 for video recording, #8 for image stabilization, #15 for pause feature,
" Video Zoom with pause button" - "MoviePro - the most powerful video recording & film making app with innumerable options (switch cameras while recording, pause, zoom, adjust Frame ...
#7. Top Camera - HDR, Slow Shutter, Video, Photo Editor LITE - ranked #15 for hdr app, #19 for picture quality, #24 for self timer, #24 for variety of filters,
"I love the video zoom " - "* iOS6, iPhone 5 fully supportedNow with VIDEO ZOOM, CLARIFY and NOISE REDUCTION! Sample movie with zoom: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJ-vlyUgUp0 Cr...
#8. Original Video Zoom Update
" video zoom 2 url" - "#Do Not Buy this app, instead search "Video Zoom 2" in app store and purchase that version. This update is meant to be a free update for users who have...
#9. Video Zoom 2 - ranked #24 for post processing,
"check out customer made videos of video zoom 2" - "To capture the other end of the room, Use the always reliable Video Zoom. Check out customer made videos of Video Zoom 2- http://www.youtube.com/watch?...
#10. PhotoVideo Cam - REAL TIME EFFECTS
" video zoom " - "Video Zoom & effects in real time such as Comic, Tilt Shift and many more for photo & video! Breaths your shots on the fly to new life. Create ...
#11. iScope Video Zoom
"Best video zoom app on the market" - "The iScope Video Zoom app allows users to video & zoom at the same time live in HD resolution. Now take smooth videos without jitters or jumps whil...
#12. PhotoVideo HD Cam - REAL TIME EFFECTS - ranked #31 for cool filters,
" video zoom amp" - "▶▶▶ Video Zoom & effects in real time such as Comic, Tilt Shift, InstaWho and many more for photo & video! Breaths your sh...
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