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"Best online/offline GPS and topo map app for iOS currently."
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"Any Topo map you need… with amazingly useful tools."
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"Consider that every paper Topo map you buy is like $7."
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"Having spent over $1000 on usgs topo sheets over the years."
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"com has ALL the USGS topo maps available for free download."
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"I have downloaded the USGS Topo Indices as PDFs."
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"This is easily the best topo map viewer I have found."
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"You can download multiple USGS topo maps and high quality aerial photos."
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"5 minute topo maps with stunning relief shading for the usa."
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"print topo maps overlaid with waypoints routes amp."
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"I compared to USGS topo maps its pretty close."
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"The perspective view and Topo maps are quite nice."
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Top Usgs Topo Maps Apps

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#1. Gaia GPS - Topo Maps, Trails, and Tracker for Hiking, Biking, Camping, and Hunting Offline - ranked #1 for offline gps, #1 for gps signal, #2 for topo app, #3 for ease of downloading,
"I have reviewed and tried several of the topo map apps" - ""Best Smartphone App 2014"Trailrunner - http://bit.ly/1fjsQ94"Gaia GPS can get you where you want to go, no matter where you are."FOXNews, TappedIn - h...
#2. Topo Maps for iPad - ranked #26 for hikers,
" Topo Maps for iPad has full-resolution quads" - " The iPad is a fantastic map viewer, and Topo Maps for iPad gives it access to over 70,000 USGS and Canadian topographical maps. Ideal for hiking and...
#3. Offline Topo Maps - ranked #3 for topo maps,
"This is the best topo map app anywhere" - "Offline Topo Maps (OTM) is a simpler version of our full-featured backcountry app, Gaia GPS. OTM is the best simple topo app on the App Store, with the...
#4. MyTopo Maps by Trimble Outdoors - ranked #3 for topo app, #3 for topo map, #3 for google earth, #10 for hunting tool,
"This topo map met and exceeded my expectations" - "Explore like never before. MyTopo Maps is a mapping and trip planning app to organize all your outdoor and backroad adventures. View more than 68,000 t...
#5. Topos2Go Free - ranked #11 for topo maps, #11 for selection of maps,
"Real topo maps and it's free" - "Topos2Go Free is a free version of Topos2Go. Topos2Go Free allows you to view topographic maps. You can download freely available maps and store them o...
#6. Topo Maps - ranked #1 for topo app, #1 for hikers, #1 for topo map, #4 for google earth,
"These are the best resolution USGS topo maps " - "* View over 70,000 Natural Resources Canada 1:50,000 and USGS 1:24,000 topographical maps on your iPhone or iPod touch. * Ideal for hiking and other b...
#7. Trimble Outdoors Navigator - ranked #5 for topo maps, #13 for google earth, #13 for offline mode,
"Really enjoy the access to usgs topo maps " - "+ Offline maps for your iPhone. Save topo maps and aerial images on your iPhone then go anywhere.+ Keep track of your exact location in remote areas us...
#8. Trail Maps by National Geographic - ranked #6 for topo maps,
"The main feature is offline access to USGS topo maps " - "ON SALE! Limited time price drop for National Parks Week, April 20-28, 2013!“It's basically command central for any hiking trip.” –...
#9. Topo Maps+ - ranked #9 for topo maps,
"I have spent countless hours toying with other topo maps " - "Download USGS and Thunderforst Topo maps for offline use while deep in the backcountry."Topo Maps+ is your best backcountry companion" -- TUAW (The Uno...
#10. iHikeGPS - USA Topo Maps with Full Navigation - ranked #13 for topo maps, #16 for safety feature,
"latitude 50k national resources canada topo maps " - "Makes your iPhone or WiFi+Cellular iPad into a high-performance GPS receiver with USA topo maps, even where there is no cell signal!The only topo app w...
#11. Travel Altimeter Lite - GPS Altitude & Map Elevation - ranked #31 for handy tool,
"I compared to USGS topo maps its pretty close" - "View your altitude or elevation on stunning landscapes that adjust with the time of day.5-Star Reviews:"I love this app, wherever I go snowmobiling or ...
#12. Maps 3D - GPS Tracks for Bike, Hike, Ski & Outdoor - ranked #5 for tracking feature, #6 for hikers, #7 for mapping software, #16 for storage space,
"The perspective view and Topo maps are quite nice" - "PRICE DROP: 25% off! Get Maps 3D now for $2.99 instead of $3.99 for limited time only!Imagine a GPS app designed for all outdoor activities: the perfec...
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