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"the ability to text without being confined to a small keyboard."
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"This is really great I can text without calling them."
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"the developers should make itt so you can text without wifi."
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"if you could find a way to send a text without wifi."
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"This app allows me to text without worrying about text limits."
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"This app so awesome can finally text without paying anything."
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"quick button for texting without leaving the the app."
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"You get the emotion side of texting without typing."
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"It allows me to send emojis and text without switching screens."
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"Good now I can text without enny one hacking me."
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"It allows my wife and I to text without charges."
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"maybe consider allowing to add text without borders around the photo."
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Top Text Without Wifi Apps

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#1. Go TextMe International - Free Texting with SMS, MMS and IM messenger - ranked #1 for texing app, #2 for texting friends, #3 for free calling, #6 for video chat,
"You could send text without trading to include other people" - "Winner - Best Texting App 2012 on About.ComThe Fastest Free Texting App now with Free calls● FREE Unlimited Text and Pic messaging to any phone ...
#2. textPlus Free Text + Calls : Free Texting + Free Phone Calling + Free International Messenger - ranked #1 for texting app, #1 for texting friends, #1 for quick reply, #3 for save money,
"Finally I can text without the hassle of a carrier" - "textPlus gives you unlimited free texting to anyone in the US or Canada --- unlimited free texting & calling to any of the 60 million people who ha...
#3. Text Free: Free Texting App + Free Calling App + SMS with Textfree - ranked #1 for ipod users, #3 for texting app, #4 for facebook chat, #10 for talk to my friends,
"It feels so good to text without worrying about limits" - ""The fastest, most reliable and easiest to use." - New York Times UNLIMITED FREE TEXTS AND PICS Textfree gives your iPhone or iPod touch free unlimited...
#4. TextNow Classic - Free Text + Calls : Free Texting Picture Messaging Phone Calling and Phone Number - ranked #1 for text call, #2 for sms app, #6 for send mms, #8 for group messaging,
"I really enjoy it becuz i can text without all day" - "FREE TEXTING, PICTURE MESSAGING, CALLING, AND VOICEMAILDEDICATED PHONE NUMBERGive your friends your very own phone number!UNLIMITED TEXT AND PICTURE ME...
#5. Text Free with Pinger: Free Texting + Calling App - ranked #1 for voice mail, #1 for texting alternative, #7 for texting friends, #19 for talk to my friends,
"Being able to text without paying a fee is great" - "FREE SMS PLUS CALLING TO ANY PHONE Pinger gives your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch free unlimited text messaging and free calling to any phone, including ...
#6. Text Free: Free Calling App + Free Texting App with Textfree - ranked #10 for texting app, #10 for texting friends, #20 for google voice, #30 for talk to my friends,
"Make it to where you can text without wifi or 3G network" - "The original free texting app now with a fresh new look. Get a free real phone number, send unlimited free texts, plus get free unlimited incoming call...
#7. Artext
"quick button for texting without leaving the the app" - "Art made out of text and what do you have...Artext for SMS texting, emails, facebook, and more. This app is creative art for the iphone made completely...
#8. HeyTell - ranked #1 for husbands, #1 for short messages, #1 for communicate while driving, #1 for push to talk,
"It's like texting without having to use your hands" - "HeyTell® is a cross-platform voice messenger that allows you to instantly talk with friends and family. No account needed—just start the ap...
#9. Emoji Keyboard 2 - Animated Emojis Icons & New Emoticons Art App Free
"It allows me to send emojis and text without switching screens"
#10. Private Life Texting (Free Reader Edition) - Secret SMS messages
"Good now I can text without enny one hacking me" - "KEEP YOUR TEXT MESSAGES PRIVATEReceive secure SMS messages with this FREE version.Upgrade to the FULL VERSION so you can reply or send your own private...
#11. WhatsApp Messenger - ranked #1 for msging app, #1 for messaging app, #1 for contact friends, #1 for cross platform,
"It's very nice to text without any charges" - "WhatsApp Messenger is a smartphone messenger available for iPhone and other smartphones. WhatsApp uses your 3G or WiFi (when available) to message with...
#12. Typic
"maybe consider allowing to add text without borders around the photo" - "Featured on the iTunes Home Page in 105 places!"Typic iPhone app gives you everything most would want and need for the amazingly low price of free." - ...
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