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"Specifically: Terminal maps are so simple as to be almost useless."
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"Three feature requests: Add Admirals Lounge locations to terminal maps."
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"I also love the terminal maps."
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"and terminal maps adds more convenience to flying Delta."
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"The flight tracker app coupled with terminal maps is super handy."
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"while you'd need to upgrade FlightTrack for terminal maps."
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"terminal maps food and restaurants parking ground transportation and more."
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"terminal maps are not available for most of Asia."
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"The terminal maps and guide to food and restaurants are awesome."
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"The terminal maps and the transportation options are incredibly helpful."
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"gps terminal maps providing in terminal navigation."
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"itinerary updates and terminal maps."
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Top Terminal Maps Apps

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#1. FlightTrack Pro – Live Flight Status Tracker by Mobiata - ranked #1 for flight tracker, #1 for air travelers, #1 for boarding pass, #1 for flight status,
"The addition of SeatGuru and Terminal Maps is very useful" - "“Brilliant.” – New York Times“If you travel by air, you’re going to want this application.” – ForbesDo...
#2. American Airlines - ranked #5 for airline app, #8 for passbook integration, #9 for flight status, #27 for get things done,
"Cool new features and the terminal maps really help" - "Introducing the travel app that understands who you are and where you’re going. From where you’re departing and from what gate. Where you...
#3. TripCase - ranked #3 for organizing travel, #5 for flight status, #7 for import feature, #10 for real time updates,
"Love the terminal maps " - "TripCase is a traveler’s key to better trips. It’s an intelligent mobile app that guides you through every stage of your trip, making you...
#4. Fly Delta - ranked #1 for airline app, #7 for frequent fliers, #21 for travel companion,
" terminal maps and more" - "The award-winning Fly Delta app for iPhone now includes Facebook integration, domestic and international booking and the ability to add your eBoarding ...
#5. iFlyPro Airport Guide+Flight Tracker - ranked #8 for air travelers, #11 for flight status,
"hence the need to download all the terminal maps separately" - "iFly Pro Airport Guide + Flight Tracker with TripitGet the world’s largest airport app with over 700 airports, flight tracking and GPS-enabled i...
#6. Flight+ - Track Live Flights - Flight Board - ranked #2 for tripit integration, #5 for flight search, #5 for trip organizer,
"It has terminal maps to show you where your gate is" - "Flight+ is your ultimate travel companion. Track all available flights worldwide in real-time and display them in one intuitive interface. Weather, air...
#7. Airport Pro (All Airports) Flight Tracker + Packing List - ranked #9 for flight tracker, #16 for starting place,
"ground transportation and a great terminal map " - "Flight Tracker Premium. Packing List.Includes all airports in the world. For every airport (2500+) you get: +Live Arrival and Departure boards +Term...
#8. Flight+ for iPad - Track Live Flights - Flight Board - ranked #8 for flight tracker, #16 for flight status,
" terminal maps for major airports" - "!!! SALE - 75% OFF !!!Flight+ is Featured on Apple.com - Best ways to expand your iPad and iPad mini!This is your ultimate air travel companion! All fu...
#9. Airport (All) +Live Flight Tracker -all airports and flights in the world - ranked #11 for flight tracker, #15 for flight status,
" terminal maps " - "Flight Tracker Premium. For every airport (2400+) you get: +Live Arrival and Departure boards +Terminal maps +Food and restaurants +Parking +Grou...
#10. Airports by TravelNerd - ranked #8 for find good food, #19 for travel guide, #19 for flight tracking, #26 for tracking feature,
"like ride sharing and detailed terminal maps " - "Airports can be stressful and complex to navigate. Luckily, there’s Airports by TravelNerd. This app is perfect for on-the-go travelers who want...
#11. Airport Guide - iFly
" terminal maps and more" - "Free Version: iFly Airport Guide (Flight Tracker available in Pro version)Get the world’s largest airport app with over 700 airports and GPS-ena...
#12. Airport Life - ranked #7 for car finder,
"airport terminal maps " - "“The Airport Life® app flies high for its depth and breath – and would no doubt serve as a valuable companion on your next trip ...
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