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"I know my price per sq ft is the lowest."
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"000 sq ft home."
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"So happy to see sq ft listed as well."
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"I'd love to have a $/ sq ft filter."
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"price per sq ft compared to mine."
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"with my 5000 sq ft plan."
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"Welcome to the newest Apartment Guide app for iOS. Get this FREE application to search thousands of apartments for rent, view photos and floor plans an."
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"I want sq ft."
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"immediately see price full size photos sq ft beds baths etc."
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"Could use sq ft criteria."
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Top Sq Ft Apps

#1. Real Estate by Zillow – Homes & Apartments, For Sale or Rent - ranked #1 for realty app, #1 for house hunt, #1 for search tool, #2 for map feature,
"Wish you could sort by price per sq ft " - "Winner of the Best “Search Tools” App of the Year, Appy Awards 2013Is that home for sale? What is it worth? Where can I find foreclosures...
#2. Houzz Interior Design Ideas - ranked #1 for find ideas, #1 for homeowners, #1 for home design, #1 for home decorating,
- "Called the "Wikipedia of interior and exterior design" by CNN, Houzz has the largest database of home design ideas on the net, with over 2,000,000 high...
#3. Real Estate - Homes for Sale, Apartments for Rent - ranked #1 for finding homes, #1 for window shop, #1 for map feature, #1 for house hunting tool,
"by price per sq ft " - ""Best way to house hunt, hands down!""Great app, very useful and easy to use""Must have app for the home buyer or renter"Trulia’s top-rated real...
#4. Realtor.com Real Estate - Homes for Sale and Apartments for Rent - ranked #1 for realtors, #1 for area scout, #1 for map search, #1 for draw feature,
"= 8000 sq ft etc" - "You’re looking for a new home. Get there fast and find it first with the easy to use, top-rated realtor.com® real estate app for homes or a...
#5. Real Estate by Redfin - Search Houses, Condos & Homes For Sale - ranked #1 for house hunter, #1 for find my dream home, #1 for search nearby, #3 for real estate tool,
" sq ft etc like on redfin" - "Get the best real estate app available with the tools you need for a faster, smarter home search on the go! With Redfin Real Estate, you'll never miss ...
#6. Homesnap Real Estate & MLS Homes for Sale - ranked #2 for realtors, #3 for sellers, #13 for investors, #28 for taking pictures,
" sq ft " - "Simply snap a photo of any house, townhouse, or condo to reveal tons of real estate info: REALTOR data, interior photos, estimated values, bedrooms, ba...
#7. Floorplans Pro - ranked #21 for pdf files,
"2000 sq ft +" - "Floorplans is the most powerful and user-friendly floor plan creation tool available for the iPad. Its intuitive, polished, and seamless interface mak...
#8. Apartments for Rent by Apartment Guide - ranked #3 for picture viewer, #5 for find my new home, #5 for apartment finder, #13 for map option,
- "Welcome to the newest Apartment Guide app for iOS. Get this FREE application to search thousands of apartments for rent, view photos and floor plans an...
#9. Zillow Rentals – Apartments & Homes for Rent - ranked #1 for rental app, #3 for draw feature, #4 for filter feature, #4 for apartment finder,
"I want sq ft " - "Need a rental? Find your next apartment, condo or house rental with Zillow’s Rentals app, developed by mobile real estate leader Zillow. This ap...
#10. Shop For A Home - MLS Real Estate Search
"instantly see price photos sq ft and more on the go" - "The Service You’ve Been Missing! Search MLS, the site Realtors use. (Our information is always up to date with the most current MLS feed). Ins...
#11. Trulia Rentals - Find Homes and Apartments for Rent - ranked #1 for renters, #1 for ease of access, #3 for apartment finder, #4 for find my new home,
" sq ft " - "“This has saved me so much time and energy!” “This app works. No other way of putting it. Try it out and you won't be disappointed...
#12. Lovely Rentals - Apartments & Houses for Rent - ranked #1 for apartment finder, #8 for home search, #10 for alert feature, #21 for search craigslist,
"Could use sq ft criteria" - "Find your next home with Lovely & pay rent in one tap! Search the largest marketplace of available home rentals, and land your new home in just a f...
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