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"And the ability to schedule recurring tasks is very helpful."
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"I appreciate the recurring tasks for things like weekly chores."
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"Also does recurring tasks and has helped me manage multiple projects."
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"Easy to create context specific smart lists and recurring tasks."
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"Without an alarm or a way to have recurring tasks."
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"I cannot get the mobile notifications to work for recurring tasks."
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"it in maintaining recurring tasks."
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"The voice to task feature is brilliant and well executed."
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"I've been a recurring task writing fool since this release."
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"The only suggestion is allowing recurring tasks."
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"and would like more choices/options for recurring tasks."
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"Make recurring tasks a little more transparent or configurable 5."
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Top Recurring Tasks Apps

Use Your Handwriting ratings, reviews, and more.
Wunderlist: To-Do List & Tasks ratings, reviews, and more.
Errands To-Do List ratings, reviews, and more.
Remember The Milk ratings, reviews, and more.
Todo Lite ratings, reviews, and more.
AppBox Pro ratings, reviews, and more.
#1. Errands To-Do List - ranked #1 for errands app, #1 for organizer app, #1 for developers, #1 for manage my time,
"One very nice update to this app is for recurring tasks " - "Errands is a task manager with a pleasing design and is easy to learn and use. Crafted with a blend of basic and advanced features: Folders, Checklists...
#2. 2Do - ranked #1 for todo app, #1 for calendar task, #1 for automatic sync, #1 for password protect,
"I'm looking forward for more updates like recurring tasks " - "Be convinced! Checkout our video tutorials, showcasing various features: https://www.youtube.com/user/The2DoApp2Do lets you take a completely different...
#3. Alarmed ~ Reminders + Timers - ranked #1 for alarm app, #1 for alarm reminder, #1 for nag feature, #1 for morning alarm,
"Variety of settings and options for one time and recurring tasks " - "The awesome reminder + timer app that is alarmingly great!• Pop-up reminder alerts with robust repeat scheduling, flexible snooze and full custo...
#4. Remember The Milk - ranked #1 for gtd tool, #1 for web interface, #2 for task list, #2 for get things done,
"The ability to repeat recurring tasks is fantastic" - "Take your to-do list anywhere with this feature-packed app; never forget the milk (or anything else) again. Remember The Milk (RTM) for iPhone, iPod to...
#5. Awesome Note (To-do/Calendar/Reminder/Memo) - ranked #2 for note keeping, #2 for note organizer, #2 for password protection, #3 for google docs,
"Once it has the recurring tasks I'll be ecstatic" - "*** BEST ALL-IN-ONE ORGANIZER APP EVER ***Notes, Calendar, To-do list, Diary, Reminder, Anniversary reminder, Shopping list, Travel Diaries ...Experien...
#6. Todoist: To-Do List | Task Manager - ranked #6 for task list, #6 for email reminders, #7 for task management, #10 for gtd tool,
"I love being able to have recurring tasks on different intervals" - "The perfect to-do list app is there wherever you need it: on your iPhone, iPad, desktop, browser, Gmail, and more. Join 2+ million people who are doing...
#7. Clear – Tasks, Reminders & To-Do Lists - ranked #1 for list making, #1 for ui design, #1 for color scheme, #4 for list maker,
"I've wanted recurring tasks " - "Save 40% through December 26th with App Santa! Discover more great apps at up to 80% off at AppSanta.coOver 2.5 million people de-clutter their lives w...
#8. Orchestra To-do - ranked #1 for family organization, #1 for voice input, #1 for collaboration tool, #2 for assign tasks,
" Recurring task feature is sophisticated and elegant" - "App Store Productivity App of the Year iPhone App of the Week LifeHacker’s #1 iPhone To-Do App Orchestra is your to-do list, connected with ev...
#9. gTasks - Tasks Manager for Google Tasks, GMail, Todo list & Reminders - ranked #1 for tasks app, #1 for gtasks app, #1 for google tasks, #2 for google sync,
"The recurring task feature improvements are really cool" - "A SINGLE PURCHASE COVERS ALL YOUR IPHONE AND IPAD DEVICES.Sync your tasks with Google and across your iPhone & iPad devices.Never liked your tasks ...
#10. Calendars+ by Readdle - ranked #1 for gcal app, #1 for google cal, #2 for busy families, #2 for color options,
"Set recurring tasks " - "Calendars+ is the most elegant and easy to use calendar application available on the App Store. It works perfectly with Google Calendar and built-in iO...
#11. OmniFocus for iPhone - ranked #1 for get things done, #2 for gtd program, #6 for desktop program, #9 for gtd tool,
"where are the recurring tasks " - "OmniFocus for iPhone brings task management to your fingertips. Keep track of tasks by project, place, person, or date. With OmniFocus for iPhone, you'...
#12. EpicWin - ranked #16 for todo list, #64 for task management, #85 for gamers, #104 for role playing,
"- Add weekday/weekend functionality for recurring tasks " - "EpicWin is an iPhone app that puts the adventure back into your life. It’s a streamlined to-do list, to quickly note down all your everyday task...
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