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"Love it so much I want to take piano lessons."
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"Really enjoy the app make me want to take piano lessons."
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"It was so great cause now i get to take piano lessons."
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"I would have loved this when I was taking piano lessons."
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"and it could lay the groundwork for piano lessons later."
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"The piano lessons is great I love it."
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"Always regretted stopping piano lesson when I was young."
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"Bringing back my early childhood when I took piano lessons."
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"Helps people who wants to learn beginning piano lesson."
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"strong points of piano lesson pianoman."
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"good piano lessons for kids and adults alike."
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"After sending all of my children to piano lessons."
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Top Piano Lessons Apps

Tiny Piano ratings, reviews, and more.
AutoRap by Smule ratings, reviews, and more.
Piano Free with Songs ratings, reviews, and more.
Guitar! by Smule ratings, reviews, and more.
Piano ? ratings, reviews, and more.
#1. Magic Piano by Smule - ranked #1 for magic piano, #1 for list of songs, #1 for song selection, #1 for variety of songs,
"Reminds me of my piano lessons with my mother" - "From Bruno Mars to Mozart, play the hottest songs effortlessly on the #1 piano game, also available in HD for iPad and iPad mini! Get free songs every ...
#2. Tiny Piano - ranked #1 for cool songs, #1 for tiny piano, #2 for piano app, #2 for magic piano,
"This such a cool app now i want to take piano lessons " - "The easiest way to play piano, guaranteed. Have fun with 250 songs. Play with your eyes closed and fool your friends! Touch anywhere on the piano to pl...
#3. Piano Free with Songs - ranked #1 for piano app, #1 for play piano, #1 for learning piano, #1 for falling notes,
"I've always wanted to take piano lessons as a child" - "Piano Free offers the largest song catalog of any piano on the app store. With over 800 songs to choose from, you are sure to find hundreds you love! ...
#4. Virtuoso Piano Free 2 HD - ranked #1 for piano player, #3 for piano apps, #22 for key board,
" Piano lessons when I was a kid were miserable" - "Be the maestro with Virtuoso Piano Free, a new iPod touch, iPhone and iPad instrument. Learn and play the piano anytime and anywhere.**No. 1 Free Musi...
#5. Virtuoso Piano Free 3 - ranked #1 for piano sound, #2 for piano lovers, #2 for pitch pipe, #2 for split keyboard,
"I can practice my piano 4 piano lessons on the go" - ""Another free gem" - Engadget"Producing a surprisingly realistic sound as you tap away" - The Sunday Times"New and Noteworthy" - AppleVirtuoso, the wor...
#6. Guitar Free with Songs - ranked #1 for guitar app, #1 for learning guitar, #3 for learning new songs, #3 for guitar player,
" Piano lessons " - "Check out this free guitar with real strumming and fretting, and you can learn songs on it! There are over 700 awesome songs! Rock out to todayȁ...
#7. Piano Complete with 500+ Songs - ranked #2 for play piano, #2 for learning piano, #2 for falling notes, #5 for piano lovers,
"I have 2 years of childhood piano lessons under my belt" - "Piano Complete is a complete piano with the ability to learn to play songs. There are over 500 songs in a variety of categories, from Christmas Classi...
#8. Piano ∞ - ranked #2 for piano apps, #2 for piano sound, #2 for piano player, #4 for beginner tool,
"This really helped me on my piano lessons " - "Piano Infinity is everything you will ever need in a piano. Get access to five instruments with recording, jamming, and learning features. Piano inf...
#9. Christmas Piano with Free Songs - ranked #2 for christmas songs, #4 for play piano, #5 for music program, #6 for learning piano,
"She is not in piano lessons at this point" - "Play along and sing along to Christmas carols on a real piano right on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch! Guaranteed to get you in the Christmas spirit...
#10. Piano Lesson PianoMan - ranked #3 for piano lesson, #26 for piano app, #32 for collection of songs, #37 for classical music,
"Best piano lesson app I've tried" - "Greatly popular The online mode BATTLE ARENA!Connecting via a network, you can play against 4 people on a piano battle!Enjoy the PianoMan player and th...
#11. Piano * - ranked #3 for positive comments, #6 for piano app, #6 for play piano, #10 for piano lovers,
"I feel like a kid at piano lessons again" - "Special Sale Price!Now all 100+ songs unlocked!Thanks for making us the number one music app in dozens of countries!! Featured in Apple's New and Notew...
#12. Piano Tutor for iPad - ranked #2 for learn to read, #4 for midi keyboard, #7 for play piano, #8 for piano app,
" PIANO LESSONS HAVE NEVER BEEN MORE FUN" - "Piano Tutor for iPad is the best companion to your music lessons!! "This is a great app to keep my piano students productive while they wait for their ...
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