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"Would like improvements to do more complex option trades - risk reversals."
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"I have been using TOS since 2005 exclusively for option trading."
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"Bad for Options Trading."
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"While I wish more OTC and other options trading were available."
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"The touch and add option is a killer interface for options trading."
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"quickly analyze and act on options trading opportunities."
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"Can do option trading from anywhere :."
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"This should change the way people look at options trading forever."
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"than choose your binary options trading strategy either call or put."
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"the best binary options trading platform for your iphone."
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"24option binary options trading goes mobile."
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"these signals are created with binary options trading in mind."
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Top Options Trading Apps

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#1. TD Ameritrade Mobile Trader - ranked #2 for trading app, #2 for active traders, #2 for trading tool, #6 for investment app,
"Login process is improved & I can make simple stock & option trades " - "Whether you are a bull or a bear, trade anywhere with the world’s most powerful trading platform in the palm of your hand. TD Ameritrade Mobile...
#2. thinkorswim Mobile - ranked #1 for trading app, #1 for active traders, #1 for trading tool, #6 for forex app,
"One of the best platform for option trading " - "Whether you are a bull or a bear, trade anywhere with the world’s most powerful trading platform in the palm of your hand. thinkorswim Mobile&#...
#3. E*TRADE Mobile for iPhone - ranked #3 for trading platform, #4 for financial application, #8 for investing app, #9 for stock tracking,
" Options trading " - "Easy to use. Impossible to beat.E*TRADE Mobile for iPhone and iPod touch is one of the most powerful mobile trading applications ever. You get the same...
#4. Robinhood - Free Stock Trading - ranked #6 for trading app, #10 for investment app, #44 for financial tool, #115 for checking accounts,
"hoping for margin account and options trading coming soon :D" - "Zero commission stock trading. Stop paying up to $10 for every trade.Robinhood is a free app that allows people to buy and sell stocks with zero commis...
#5. OptionsHouse - ranked #304 for customization options, #2488 for customer service,
"especially for options trading " - "You can now try the OptionsHouse App with a virtual account. With a virtual account you can simulate trades, test strategies and explore our platform b...
#6. TradeStation Mobile - ranked #2 for trading platform, #19 for stock quote, #121 for investors,
" options trading " - "Get the power of TradeStation – in the palm of your hand.Free to all TradeStation brokerage customers, TradeStation Mobile lets you access core ...
#7. Zecco Mobile - ranked #7 for trading tool, #12 for trading platform, #110 for checking accounts,
" option trading " - "Trade stocks, options, and mutual funds from wherever you are with Zecco Mobile for iPhone and iPod Touch.Key features:• Trade stocks, options, ...
#8. dough.com mobile - ranked #136 for ui design,
"The best options trading app on the iPhone" - "dough makes trading options fast and simple.Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, dough’s revolutionary trader tools, educational ...
#9. EZTrader - Binary Options Trading - ranked #7 for trading platform, #10 for trading app, #10 for investors, #316 for get my finances,
"This is a fast and advanced binary options trading platform app" - "Binary options trading on EZTrader can provide up to 95% return in just one trade, when your option expires "in the money". EZTrader is here to help yo...
#10. anyoption
"want to know more about binary options trading visit www" - "Binaries go mobile! The best binary options trading platform for your iPhone.anyoption is the world's pioneer and market leader in binary options tradi...
#11. 24option – Binary Options Trading
"binary options trading goes mobile" - "24option binary options trading goes mobile! 89% payouts, 100% execution policy, revolutionary expiries, 24/7 binary options trading. Don't miss a tr...
#12. Trusted Binary Options Signals
"binary options trading signals" - "Social Signals: Binary Options app helps you to profit from trading binary options with LIVE trading signals sent directly to your iPhone and/or iPad, ...
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